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Posted: 15 Nov 2003
Modified: 23 Sep 2006
Accessed: 11 Jan 8


1.60 m

45 kg

dalian, China


I am a chinese girl ,19 years old,now i am studying in a college in dalian,liaoning.i like making friends,eating deliciosu foods,buying beatuiful clothes,traling and so on.but i am a lasy girl.i like musci and movie , i like handsome boys very much.i like dog,especially big or fat the way ,i can play's a pure chinese instrument.i don't like it ,because when i was very very young,i had no choices..........that's all.i'm wish to be friends with you.


Posted: 23 Dec 7
Modified: 20 00 1
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.65 m

51 kg

Dongguan city, China


I am a Chinese woman seeking for a nice man to the rest of our life. let me introduce myself. I was born in a worker's family in Lianjiang city of Guangdong province. I have a younger brother. My parents love us very much. We are geting on well with each other. My brother and I were raised up in a very comfortable and happy family. I have many interests. I love climbing mountains, Every sunday morning, I love to climb up to the top of the mountain to breath the fresh air. I like listening to music, some classic or nostalgic songs, such as Casablanca, More than I can say. I love singing songs too, and some other activities, such as playing bowling, swimming, travelling and so on. I have been to Kongkong, Beijing, Hunan... Before, I love playing piano, chess, reading, drawing and so on. But now, travelling and climbing mountains are my two favorite activities. I expect to meet a gentleman who is mature, steady-going, loyal to love and loving his work. Let destiny tell us where we should go!I will be waiting for your letter!:)


Posted: 13 Oct 2004
Modified: 24 Apr 8
Accessed: 09 Jun 9


1.67 m

66 kg

Beijing, China


Hi, my english name is Ina. I am 35 years old, 167 cm tall and 66 kilos weight, divorced. I am traditional chinese women, warm heart, tolerant. But also I am interested in a colorful life. I have knowledge of Japanese,German, Russian and a little of English. I am interested in cultures of another nations and want really to do some thing to promote the culture exchange. I'll be very glad to read massage from a nice person. Thank You very much!


Posted: 02 Jan 1
Accessed: 52 Oct 1


1.60 m

55 kg

London, UK


My name is Cathy, i am goodlooking and slimming. kindness, caring, loyal. I like swimming, table tennis, cooking and traveling. Iam no smoking. I am looking for men beteen 40-65 years old.


Posted: 21 Sep 2006
Modified: 06 Mar 9
Accessed: 05 Mar 9


1.68 m

70 kg

Shanghai, China


hi!i come from china, enjoy travel, reading, music, sports,plants and so on,im looking for a friend help me to improve my english,who is good manners,the same enjoy with me,please contact me,thanks.


Posted: 27 Jul 2006
Modified: 28 Jul 2006
Accessed: 25 Jun 9


1.63 m

46 kg

Beijing, China


I like all the beautiful things in life. especially animals, music, novels as well as outdoor activities. all my friends think I am an easygoing and kind-hearted person.I value my friends and family ,and spend a lot of time with them. i enjoy going to the movies ,traveling and cooking at home. I'm very outgoing and openminded and would like to find someone the same as I . I'm not selfish and do not want to find someone who is only thinking about himself. he's someone I can depend on .and he will be my best friend and when we're too tired to run the race ,we lean on each other.


Posted: 14 Dec 7
Modified: 28 Dec 7
Accessed: 29 Dec 8


1.60 m

52 kg

Hunan, China


I am a traditional Chinese woman, I am virtuous, pure, tender and warm-hearted. I am honest to people, and always help others. In my spare time, I liking traveling, fishing, climbing, swimming and dancing. I also like listening to music, reading and walking after dinner.


Posted: 02 Dec 7
Modified: 04 Dec 7
Accessed: 08 Jan 8


1.57 m

45 kg

Guangxi, China


My name is Justyna. I am Polish but 3 months ago i moved to China, where i work as an English teacher. I wish to make friends in China since i would like to stay here for some time.


Posted: 09 Mar 7
Modified: 24 Dec 7
Accessed: 23 Dec 7


1.60 m

50 kg

Baise, China




Posted: 07 Sep 2005
Modified: 25 May 2006
Accessed: 20 Jul 8



58.5 kg

Shanghai, China


English teacher in a vocational college in Shanghai. Interested in science,computers,the Internet,nature,good chat,films and music, etc. Simple, Sincere, confident, optimistic. Seeking a soulmate with whom I can share the rest of my life. He is sincere, mature, confident and intelligent, does not smoke or drink or drink a little on social occasions,financially stable, preferably who has already got kids.Contact me if you are interested...


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