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Posted: 20 Jul 7
Modified: 22 Jun 8
Accessed: 10 Jan 1


1.60 m

51 kg

Somerset, UK


I value open communication, integrity, and someone who lives life to the upmost. Looking for someone that has their own life, is outgoing, has a great sense of humour, and understands that life can be created. I enjoy trying new things, I am honest, sincere person.



Posted: 28 Jun 2004
Accessed: 00 Jan 1


1.61 m

55 kg

guangdong, China


I was born in a sunny morning in winter. My mum said it would bring me luck during my life. It is true; luck has been following me over the past years. Since I was small, may be because of good luck, my dreams came true one by one! For instance, I wanted to be a singer, I won many prizes in singing contests held by my schools and companies; I wanted to be an emcee in some programs, I was emcee for some balls held by schools and companies; I entered smoothly in the faculty of language in GuangZhou to study Japanese, after graduated, I became a successful Japanese Translator; I wanted to become a secretary of executive, I reached the goal by my effort and wisdom in an international enterprise company-Toshiba (Shenzhen) Corporation Limited. I wanted to have a true love and a warm family; I used to have a handsome and cutie son! When my dreams came true one by one, I really appreciate a lot with gratitude to God! I harbor the heart of treasure and appreciation, and live in Shenzhen, in Southern China. I have been living on my days happily with bliss. Until there was a day, in which, my marriage met an obstacle. Although the life had made a joke on me, but I still firmly believe that: I can evade from the bad luck luckily! I left the sadness in the past and wishes and happiness for today's everyday! I am now having my extended course in my mother school-Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. I am doing so, as I want to meet my present goal-I wish to have a kith lover to accompany me endlessly. We would have a walk hand in hand under sunset, and we would build our warm home heart in heart. Also, we would be live together happily with bless everyday, every hour, every moment...


Modified: 27 Jun 2006
Accessed: 29 Sep 7


1.63 m

50 kg

Beijing, China


Hi drop me a note and we shall meet--me, an interesting and intelligent lady, an understanding and charming partner, a well-educated professional businesswoman, and you, a single gentlman in Beijing or Shanghai, who is 35-50, emotionally stable, polite, successful, kind and caring. No english teachers please.


Posted: 06 Jun 9
Modified: 15 Jun 9
Accessed: 11 Oct 1


1.53 m

55 kg

London, UK


Hello, I am Linda. I recently come to London, so still my English is not good. I am looking for a genuine gentleman, any nationalities for a long term relationship. If you could speak Mandarin Chinese, would be great!! Please teach me English to get to know you better, thank you xxx


Posted: 04 Mar 8
Modified: 15 Mar 8
Accessed: 29 Aug 9


1.74 m

59 kg

Beijing, China


People say that I look like the model very much. I am 46Years, 174cm. Never marry and do not have any children. I am a very traditional Chinese woman and got well education from China. I want to build a family soon, to have a family full of love and laughter and hugs to come home to every evening. A wife that smiles every time she sees her husband because she is happy to have her best friend near would be happiness. she cannot sleep well without his arm around her holding her close at night. A lover that makes husband feel attractive. I can do any activities or interesting things with you together that you liked. The life is too transient. Love match-mathematics: you ×me = love⒉ you+me=everything! me-you=nothing! Life’s zero fun when I am not with you! Missing you! This photo was taken in San Francisco in October of last year.


Posted: 06 Nov 2004
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.65 cm

49 kg

Guangzhou, China


As I was brought up in a pure natural environment, I am innocent, nice, enjoying the goods in life. I am lively, optimistic, sincere, mature, tender, considerate, sometimes quiet and sometimes active. I love reading, traveling, ball games, English and joking. I am strong, independent, and dreaming for a stable, solid, healthy and filled life. If you are a single man who is honest, humble, wise, mature, humorous with sense of responsibility, please believe that: beautiful angel is abounding on the ground


Posted: 28 Mar 8
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 07 Jun 8


1.63 m

48 kg



I am a kindly, honest, friendly, carefully, considerate,organized, intelligent,health, loving. I like sing,


Posted: 21 Apr 2006
Accessed: 11 00 1


1.54 m

46 kg

Jatim, Indonesia


Cute and smart girl who loves to travelling, make frenz and learn much bout new things specially culture



Posted: 10 Jun 2004
Modified: 17 Apr 2006
Accessed: 13 Jan 1


1.68 m

52 kg

midland, UK


I am a university student in UK,I'm a kind of realiable, honest tender person.I love watching films and listening music.I would like to make more friends. If you interested please contact me.(Hope you are age(24-28),height over 1.75m)also honest,sincere,well aducated and have a sense of humour )May be can be best friends for ever.


Posted: 25 Aug 2005
Modified: 09 Jul 2006
Accessed: 13 Apr 8


1.65 m

53 kg

Guangzhou, China


I'm grow in Guangdong of China south.I'm well-educated,sweet and pretty,kind,and have tradition countfor of China.I loyalty self husband and devotion family. my interest extensive and can speak a little two children grown up good person and have their family. Now I looking for a good man make my husband and sincere instauratan family, who is a well-educated and well conduct and devotion family, health,sincerely, kind, active,noly can a spot of drinking and jot smoking .Frist let's each other communicate, and then, meet video and audio.Thank you reading my note,contact to me please. Beryl write for Guangzhou.


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