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Posted: 13 Nov 7
Modified: 24 Nov 7
Accessed: 17 Jan 9


1.60 m

50 kg

Zhuhai, China


广东省珠海市一贸易公司主管财务,有会计执照.秀气,性格活泼,苗条,身材好. 兴趣爱好广,喜欢音乐、运动、瑜伽、旅游、 为人实在豁达、善良贤惠、有爱心、做事认真、但较执着.希望能遇到忠实善良的男士共同享受美好的人生.谢谢你阅读我的留言. Hello, I am working as an experienced charted account.I have a good job and totally independent.I'm a warm hearted pretty lady, nice figure and personality. I have many interests, music, sports, Yuga, travel. I am serious, kind.I am family oriented. I wish to find my right husband to enjoy both of our life and happyly walk through our journey. Thanks for reading.


Posted: 19 Nov 9
Modified: 11 00 1
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.61 m

50 kg

Henan, China


I am easy going, honest and caring. Like reading, music and cooking. Currently living in China looking for serious relationship with a caring, responsible gentleman.


Posted: 01 Jul 2004
Modified: 11 Sep 2006
Accessed: 27 Dec 9


1.68 m

63 kg

Guangdong, China


i am a kind, warm ,caring and honest lady , as well with good temper. i am sincere here , i only would like to find a man who can be just like me and be sincere and serious to look for marriage here, no any games.if you don't want to have a long relationship , please go another way,


Posted: 28 Jan 2006
Modified: 22 Oct 2006
Accessed: 24 Oct 7


1.69 m

56 kg

Shanghai, China


I am a caring, honest, intelligence Shanghai lady. And I am a single parent. I love music, love movies, love sunset. I know the life is wonderful, and I think it is also a little bit hard for me sometimes. But I should toward it with my smiling. Are there someone would like to share your life with me together?  If you share sad with me, than sad will be half for me, if you share happiness with me, than we will be happy together.


Posted: 03 Nov 7
Accessed: 09 Nov 7


1.63 m

55 kg

Chengdu, China


Hi, i consider myself honest, ethusiasm and caring and i m very interested in western culture. i have traveled to France, German, Luxemburg,Belgium, and Holland. i m a straight-forward but also emotional woman.i like reading, walking and enjoying my life. now, i m looking for a British or Chinese boyfriend who is also loyal and responsible for the relationship. if he is interested in chinese culture, i ll prefer to knowing him.


Posted: 08 Sep 2004
Modified: 19 Apr 2005
Accessed: 11 00 1



47 kg

Guangzhou, China


I was born in a beautiful Southern city – GuangZhou. I am doing some office work in a hospital. I love my family so much, because of them, I became very bliss. I love my job so much, I get along well with my colleagues. Besides working, I take part in some extra extend courses, it is to equip myself, it is good for my job also. During leisure time, I like music,movie,traveling,reading books, cooking and so on. My dream partner should be the one who is optimistic, mature, nice, honest and humor. According to the fate, if we are met, I wish we can encourage each other, experience sweet and bitter times together, and love each other wholeheartedly.


Posted: 09 Aug 7
Accessed: 28 Apr 9


1.57 m

45 kg

Wuhan, China


I now single, I am very enthusiastic, very lively, like chatting with friends and lovers and music. My life is very simple and I value the quality of life and also believe that life is good, everything will be sad events of the past, and a new beginning of the day, I believe that fate, I believe a will be able to find a love me, love my husband!


Posted: 27 Feb 7
Modified: 01 Mar 7
Accessed: 12 Apr 7


1.74 m

66 kg

Guangdong, China


I am a nature woman,honest and kindness,I want to meet a right man who will be my soulmate ,friend , life partner.I hope he is honest, smart, educated and tall(as I am too tall then normal)I am willing to share future with you,if you are willing also.thanks


Posted: 24 May 2005
Modified: 30 Oct 1
Accessed: 30 Oct 1


1.60 m

50 kg

Xi'an, China


I am a kind and honest girl. I am loyal, self-discipline and humorous. You will never find yourself lonely when being with me. I like my life and the nature. I also like sports and tennis. I have the merits and qualities of the tradition and the modern.(I reject playing games) The fish said to the water,"I am crying, but you cannot see that as I am in the water." Water said to the fish,"I can see you are crying as you are in my heart."If you are a leaf, I will be a drip of dew with you. If you are a tree, I will be a bird to bring you happiness. If you hold my hands and look into your eyes then say you love me, so please don't change your name and go flirting on internet again. If you cannot do that, so please, don't say you love me and I am the only one to you. I wish you are real, mature, amiable, humorous, educated, loyal and family oriented. If you are chasing for a simple but interesting life, you are quite similar to me. Actually, the most important thing is to love and treasure each other.


Posted: 13 Jun 2005
Accessed: 15 Feb 9


1.54 m

50 kg

Zhengzhou, China


Hi stop here and have a look. When u begin to read my profile, I do believe that you must have had a click on my picture, but look out, pictures are cheating most of time. And I still hope u r the one who value the inside more than the outside. I am well-educated, optimistic and easy-going. When I was in US, one friend described me as 搈ongoose ( I still don抰 know what that animal look like, good? I suppose). Another friend said I am a good catch. But why was no one catching me? I was pondering or you maybe ponder too. I am simple and never married. I was tough to those that I didn抰 like, and too nice to those that I loved. Men probably like mean and unattainable woman, right? Too pity. I am tired of seeking love, almost desperate. But when I watched some movies about the old guy抯 lonely life, I was and am horrified. I want someone who cares about me, enjoys my company and wants to share the life with me. I am longing for the feelings of belonging with each other, the pleasure of sharing the silly details of everyday life, the loving touch, and being called honey. After I came back from US this march, I wanted a change in my life. So I followed my friend抯 advice and began to prepare for migration to OZ. I wish I could find my Mr. Right here who is from OZ, around 40, well-educated, generous, and caring (note: I strongly dislike mean man). I am working in a city near zhengzhou. I believe one sentence: u can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. So please drop me a line if u r available and serious.


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