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Posted: 18 Nov 2004
Modified: 61 00 1
Accessed: 28 Feb 2006


1.64 m

60 kg

Guangxi, China


Hi, there. I'm Fen from China, I live in a beautiful city in the southern China. I work in a big market as an office manager. I'm very traditional, soft-speaking, caring and i'm now 48 years old, 164cm tall and 60kg heavy. I have a son who is now studying in the university and living with me on weekends. I live reading, watching TV news and English movies but my English is still very poor, i'm now learning English in a training center 3 evenings a week. I would like to meet a special man who intends to marry again. I don't want to play internet games, that's too much for my age to do so. I really hope someone who is seriously looking for a nice lady with beauty in heart, please contact me and let's begin our new happy life. To be honest, I need translator to write and reply my mails in English, if you don't mind this, any mails are welcome and i would like to respond. Thank you for reading my profile, Love from Fen.


Posted: 16 Mar 7
Modified: 24 Dec 7
Accessed: 40 00 1


1.65 m

60 kg

Guangxi, China


I have been busy with work, my kid and my family, it is tiring, so here I am seeking for a man who can give me a hand, I am seeking for the man who comes to my life and complete my life


Posted: 23 Jan 2004
Modified: 23 Dec 2006
Accessed: 42 Oct 1


1.53 m

45 kg

Kowloon, Hong Kong


Hello there, nice & very young looking lady from Hong Kong, I like traveling, movie, music, hiking, art, cooking, dinning out etc. If you want to know me more, pls drop me a line, thankyou. p.s. My weight around 42 Kgs.


Posted: 20 Aug 2006
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.60 m

50 kg

Nanning, China


I guess I'm looking for a friend, maybe more so if you would like to chat for a while, it would be very nice to hear from you. Wishing you all good health and happiness. I have not done this before, so I hope it works. I am trying this because I want to find my love, my best friend, my partner. I am a very sincere and honest woman. Being optimistic and active, I love life and treasure life. I want to share the rest of my life with a man who loves me and I love. I am looking for a true partner. I believe in this world, the right person exists for me, and I for that person. Is it you? Please write and let's find out.


Posted: 21 Sep 7
Accessed: 10 00 1


1.60 m

47 kg

Shanghai, China


I am easy-going, stable-tempered, kind-hearted and tolerant. besides work, what i enjoy most is: make a cup of tea(maybe later make a cup of coffee because of you^^), get a good book, taste the nice moment with warm sunshine through the window. i am searching for a life which is simple yet meaningful, colorful yet steady ! i have great sense of art. good at calligraphy and singing! i know English well, be able to take care of daily conversations fluently, i also know some French. As for life value, Family is the priority to me! in my opinion, soul communication is the most important. the success of life does not mean how big wealth you get, how top status you achieve, this success means the rich inside and happy & complete family. i am ready to devote myself into my own family. are you ready?


Posted: 29 Apr 7
Modified: 30 Apr 7
Accessed: 05 Sep 7


1.61 m

49 kg

Washington, D.C., USA


I'm a intelligent, pleasant, and elegant young lady, sometimes a little bit silly. :) I love life and like to smile. I enjoy traveling, hiking, dancing, beach, music, movies, gym... and also, cooking. I want to give it a try to the new things, just like this ad. You never know what's going to happen until you tried. :) I'm confident and somewhat independent, I like a gentleman who respects women but also enjoys taking the lead. It'll be great if he's polite, honest, intelligent, confident, energetic, ambitious and secure. I like someone who knows what he wants in life and knows how to get it. Well, I think communication is the key. Without talking to each other you never really know the person. Ok, if you want to give me a try, drop me a line... Serious replies only please. Thank you and have a great day!


Posted: 02 Mar 2005
Modified: 10 Mar 2005
Accessed: 25 May 9


1.60 m

45 kg

Guangdong, China


nice to meet you.


Posted: 22 Jan 8


1.62 m

60 kg

Nanjing, China




Posted: 01 May 2006
Accessed: 09 Mar 9


1.56 m

45 kg

Guangzhou, China


I was born and grow up in Guagnzhou, the "Flowers city". Time elapses, and I've found that the family i grow up with can only provide me a posthouse in my life, and the final destination of a woman is in the arms of a man.. I long for a reliable, understanding and sincere man to be my lifetime partner. He is supposed to have financial stability, have sincerity, patience, and he respects for the old and care about the young. He works hard and never cease to strive for career progress. And he has zeal for happy family, and would like to shoulder family responsibility. I sincerely hope that among so many people on earth, I could meet my Mr. Right, someone that can share with me love, encouragement, understanding and support in times of difficulty. The love we share can lead us to a brand new day in our lives..


Posted: 15 Sep 2004
Modified: 15 Mar 7
Accessed: 29 Nov 9


1.63 m

54 kg

Heilongjiang, China


Hello i am china lady. ilike to write. it is time for me to have a husband. if you are looking for a nice girl. come on. it is me


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