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Posted: 22 Dec 8
Modified: 23 Apr 9


1.60 m

50 kg

Guangxi, China


我是一名中国妇女,我健康, 坦誠, 忠實, 謙虛, 包容諒解, 感性也理性, 我喜欢音乐. 旅行. 国标舞蹈,乒乓球和游泳。 我也享受美味的食物和做饭。 我不会上传相片,所以你有地址给我,我会发相片给你的。 尋找不抽煙, 不嗜酒/賭, 思想成熟, 豁達, 有经济基础的. 可以一起互相照顧對方的男人一起走好人生旅途。 I am a Chinese women, My health, frank, loyal, modest, Accommodate understanding, sensibility also rational, I enjoy music. Travel. Guobiao dance, Table tennis and swimming. I also enjoy the taste of food and cooking. Looking for non-smoker, non-alcohol / gambling, thought sophisticated, open-minded,


Posted: 08 Mar 2005
Accessed: 31 Jan 8


1.63 m

58 kg

Huaihua,Hunan, China


Am a woman who loves her life. I have learnt binding clothes and knitting in college. I love the smell of flowers and they are beautiful, that's why I love floristry. At the same time, I love sports and I have won the gold medal of the National Railway Bowling competetion. I have been a period of time that crush on badminton. I am keen home decoration and colour complementory skill. I love listening to music, reading and traveling. Although, the first marriage to me is painful, it gave me a very cute daughter. I have been bringing her up and I am so proud of her. She's about to graduate from the primary school. Although we are living happily and do not need to worry about no food to eat, although we are working and studying well respectively, but it's regret that there isn't anyone who loves me. I am lack of someone to rely on and I don't have a integral family. All the painful memories and the pass made me to be more logical to judge myself. I forsee the future. I believe that there must be a gentleman who is waiting for us. I think he must be someone who appreciates me, loves me, love his life, loves kids and healthy. He may like sports, optimistic and bounty. He must not let me and my kid be harsh. I think he should be someone who is aged between 37-50 and mature. I think we would treat each other with forgive, amiability, sincerity and truth. We love each other wholheartedly and enjoy the life together.


Posted: 18 Jun 2006
Modified: 21 Dec 8
Accessed: 19 Dec 8


1.63 m

59 kg

Nanning, China


It says in China, for those who are predestined to meet, there will always be a small world; otherwise, they can simply pass each other by. Kindness, passion, honesty, and constant in love is my nature. If you get to know me, you would find it is a soul fills with brightness of east female under the beautiful appearance. If you are interested in the brightness of east female, here is a woman with the rose passion, the candied taste, star eyes and moon soul looks forward to see you, would like to spend the rest of lifetime with you.


Posted: 25 Sep 8
Modified: 30 Sep 8
Accessed: 08 Nov 9


1.63 m

50 kg

Guangzhou, China


Hi, fancy meeting you here! I have been waiting for my prince for long time in my life. I have many love to give. I have many things to share with. I am a romantic, affectionate, passionate,...person. I am waiting for someone to know me, he won't disappointed with me if he is the one who knows how to love me. Life can be lived so wondeful if we know how to live; love can be so easy if we know how to appreciate; life is bitter and hard sometimes but it can be sweet if I have one standing by my side. Who is that one?    Please come to my world, I have been finding you so long!


Posted: 12 Jan 2006
Modified: 28 Feb 2006
Accessed: 07 Sep 8


1.62 m

47 kg

Guangzhou, China


Hi, i am a little girl,23 years old, lovely, nive, and work in a international trade company.,due to a lot of work everyday, i dont have chance to meet new friends, haha, also without BF, i like foreigner, like the attitude of them, and i want to find a foreigner friend who is work in china now:)


Posted: 12 Jul 8
Accessed: 10 00 1


1.60 m

53 kg

Guangzhou, China


I am a bank manager in Guangzhou, China (near Hong Kong). I am an active, hardworking, easygoing but a little stubborn sometimes and understanding I think. I like to exchange ideas with all the people from different cultures. I love my country and I am also interested in western cultures. I like traveling, cooking, dancing and learning new languages. I am looking for my soul mate. I want to share my life with the right man. I want to share both the happiness and bitterness together with my Mr. Right. I want to have a warm and happy family. I will be a good wife. If you are interested in my profile, please contact me and send me your pictures. Playboys stay away from me please. Thank you for your reading.


Posted: 27 Feb 7
Accessed: 25 Mar 7


1.55 m

53 kg

Davie, Florida, USA


I'm a simple woman, living a simple life, working hard, learning things every day; still have a young heart, young looking, a young mind... but I'm mature and realistic; independent and flexible; also caring, very family oriented, and royalty. I love music, dance, movies, travel, sightseeing, walking... I'm just an easy-going woman, looking for a nice guy to share laugh, time, & life together... not looking for green card(not an issue for me), nor anything else, but someone who is comfortable to be with; intelligent, honest, decent and healthy; someone who has passion for life, has ability to offer and receive love... If you are looking for a good, decent, simple woman, who also has a goal of life, that is me; if you take time to get know me, you will never be disappointed... (The photos taken two years ago).


Posted: 11 Nov 8
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.66 m

66 kg

Stockport, UK


Hello, I'm San San, Chinese, honest, sexy, work and live in the U K. I love travelling and have been many countries, love different kind of music and tidy up house, Hope to meet someone who's really looking for love, caring, understanding, and sense of humour... I do have a lot of love to give to someone who's deserved to be lover.. If you are interested in know me, please contact me with your emaill add and photos. Thanks.


Posted: 25 Mar 7
Modified: 12 Mar 9
Accessed: 21 Oct 1


156 cm


Macau, China


My name is yuki. I like drive and cook. I am divorced and have one son. I want change my live. I like England very nice


Posted: 10 Jul 2006
Modified: 81 00 1
Accessed: 81 00 1


1.63 m

52 kg

Chongqing, China


First i want to tell you i can speak english. you can call me Jialin. a young Chinese gilr who is from chongqing city, China,, I go by traditional family value and I am good-educated, faithful tender, decent,, warm-hearted, passionate and compassionate... I am an one- man- woman and completely devoted and commit myself to my loved husband. My friends and colleagues all think me a lovely lady - good tempered, easily get along with, honest and warm-hearted, elegant and diligent. But I think honesty is most important. what about you ? if you also want to seek for your true love, why not write me ? try to know me more, maybe we are fated ?


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