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Posted: 28 Jun 8


1.58 m

52 kg

Shenzhen, China


Looking for honest and warm heart person. keep for long term friendship



Posted: 22 Dec 2004
Modified: 08 Apr 2005


1.72 m

58 kg

Inner mogolia, China


In a student,i want to make friends from all over the world!





1.63 m

48 kg

Shandong, China


Hi, I am a Chinese girl studying for my phD degree now. I am looking for a seriors relationship for marriage here. Please read my resume. If you like what you see, write to me. Thank you for your time and consederation!



Posted: 10 May 2005


1.63 m

51 kg

Shanghai, China


I am a Shanghai girl who is optimistic, mature and reliable. In the eyes of my parents and friends, I am a good girl who has the merits of traditional women and who are sympathetic, understanding, considerate. In my leisure time, I like helping my mother with the house work and I am good at cooking. I have recieved good education and I am cling to life long learning. I like reading, doing sports with friends. I think that, you oculd only know how to love as long as you love your life. I wish to treat him with sincere love. I think that I could have your love fortunately. I wish you are responsible to your family, mature, reliable and symathetic. There have been a feeling in my heart, I believe he is waiting for me mile away out there. The fate would arrange us to meet and I am dreaming that you would be the one who is waiting for me.



Posted: 25 Sep 2006
Accessed: 10 Oct 1


1.64 m

48 kg

London, UK


I am looking for an honest, reponsibility and well educated man. I am a young attractive, good education, intelligent, chinese girl. I love life and I have many hobbies, such as music, skiing and travelling. if you interesting please contact me.



Accessed: 23 Nov 7


1.57 m

59 kg

Ohio, USA


i like meeting people. i love outdoors, reading, travelling.... i like to meet people and i would love to learn chinese. i can speak and write a little. hope to hear from u.



Posted: 31 00 1


1.62 m

50 kg

Kirov, Russia


I look for in a man, who Independent, industrious, family oriented



Posted: 10 Nov 2006
Accessed: 28 May 7


1.70 m

54 kg

NSW, Australia


I am an opera singer and been singing for a long time. I am here for a serious relationship as I am not a very yong girl anymore althoug people always think I am 22. I'm very confident and talented in what I do, I also know I'm an attractive young woman living for her dreams who is ready for the arrival of her prince I would love to meet the one who's been waiting for me and to start our future together. I am interested in developing my career in Europe and since I've been there for a few times, I know my heart is still in that beautiful land and amazing musical world, I would love you are from there or living there so that this would be more practical.. Please don't bother if you are not serious.





1.65 m

55 kg

nanning of Guangxi province, China


Asian woman,gentle, kind, able-minded, virtuous, be of oriental women's maturity glamour I'm looking for a marriage ralatinship.I'm seeking for a man who is denign, romantic and honest, if we love each other,well,maybe he'll become my husband. by the way,I hate playing love games



Posted: 27 Mar 2004
Accessed: 14 Feb 7


1.77 m

61 kg

seoul, South Korea


Hi, I am a young foxy 22 yr old chick who is looking for a bit of fun?!!! I am currently working as a teacher but I plan to travel asia later this year. I want to hear from anyone who is up for friendship and fun. Anybody want to learn a little more about me?


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