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Posted: 06 Jul 2004
Modified: 07 Mar 2005


1.65 m

60 kg

shouthwest, China


my information:26 ,height1.65M, weight 60kg,never married,bachlor degree of chinese traditional medichine,work in a hospital of army,officer,live and brought up in Chengdu.Influenced by my parents,I follow traditional vitues, famlily-oriented,understanding and considerable,tenderness,sweet,smart. I interested in fottball,NBA games,movies,music,traving,ect.I am seeking a manure,easy-going man for a life parner.a man who knows Chinese is my preferable. please contact me.





1.60 m

55 kg

Nanning of Guangxi, China


I am pretty and kind woman of China. I like listen to music,reading,cooking, nature and so on.I always like the flowers, listen to the bird's songs . I want to marry with man who he is kind , love honest loyalty and happines.Maybe I looking for you.please send email to me.



Posted: 08 Nov 2004


1.60 m

52 kg

Yunan, China


I am very happy you can meet me here, no matter who you are, I wish you have a good mood everyday. I was born in a beautiful city of China, which is Yunan province. There is a nice place, and proud of me. it give me nimbus, aptitude, pure, kindly quality. My parents give me a good chance of study, and they give me all love. Therefore, I love my family and my children too, also, my work. I like all the nature things. Even though I meet a lot of frustration in my life, I have never gave up. In my daily life, I like listening music, reading, travelling, doing sports, and cooking. So beautiful the world, I wish I could share with you one day. Please give us a chance to meet each other, if you are a man who is respect your marriage and trust my love. Let me say to you, so nice to meet you.



Posted: 30 Apr 2004
Modified: 20 Dec 7
Accessed: 15 Dec 7


1.60 m

45 kg

ShangHai, China


pretty and sweet and charming girl live in ShangHai China, graduate, like music, traving. Looking for a gentleman in good health, has Master or PH.D degree, taller than 170cm( 5'7"), finance independ, and very responsibility.



Posted: 27 Dec 2003
Accessed: 00 Jan 1


1.58 m

46 kg

Birmingham, UK


hi, i am currently working in the Uk as an accountant and will become the british citizen soon. i am ambitious, and want to have my own business. i am very nice and having a very kind heart. i am working hard and believe i will success. i hope i can find you, who can support me spiritely and financialy. and i will be with you forever.



Posted: 25 Aug 2004
Modified: 02 Mar 9
Accessed: 52 00 1


1.62 m

71 kg

West Midlands, UK


Looking for a Soulmate..... Hi thanks for taking an interest in my profile. I am Indian, a young looking 49 yr old, have a down to earth, outgoing, loyal personality, I work for NHS in the emergency rooms. I have 2 independent children. like to travel, enjoy socialising, reading, have a passion for music, all the usual things etc.... I am looking to meet someone who is focused in life, has a good sense of humour, is down to earth and maybe some similar qualities to me, as personality and honesty is important to me.



Posted: 23 Jul 7
Modified: 19 Sep 9
Accessed: 23 Sep 9


1.60 m

48 kg

DaLian, China


My name is Jasmine. I live in a beautiful seaside city in North-East of China. I like travelling, hiking, reading, films, music, and jigsaw puzzles. I am active, but not talkative. I like making friends, experiencing different cultures. I don't like shopping very much as other girls do. Honestly, I don't think I am very beautiful, while one of my English friends says I am extremely attractive. I used to study and live in England for 4 years. I do like England very much. I have some knowledge of British customs. I do respect British people who are honest, kind, polite, sincere, and working hard. I am looking for a man who is a real gentleman, well-educated, family-oriented, and sincere. He doesn't drink or smoke too much, doesn't gamble. The most important thing is he really likes Chinese culture and people, he can understand and adapt to some Chinese customs, and enjoy Chinese food. Or at least he is interested in those things. I DO NOT PLAY LOVE GAMES WITH ANYBODY.



Posted: 06 Jun 2006
Accessed: 29 Jun 2006


1.60 m

48 kg

Nanning, China


I am a chinese woman and live in a city which in the south of china. i am 43 years old and divorced for a long time. i am 160cm and 48kg. i think i am samll in western woman. but i think i am attractived and lovely. do you agree? my hair's color is a little yellow and curled hair. althought i am not young in age, i am young in my heart. so i want to find a right man to spend the rest time of life now. i want to find a man who should has a kind and sincere heart. he should be mature and gentleman. he also love his family and know how to understand, love and respect his wife. i like music, movie, traveling and cooking. so i consider myself is a good woman. i will be a good wife and mother. so if you are interested in knowing more about me, please contact with me. i am here just for you



Posted: 32 00 1
Accessed: 60 00 1


1.71 m

53 kg

Guangdong, China


I was born and grew up in the old city which locates in the north of China----Changchun. i have elegant, refined looking, i believe i have inner beauty too. i am kind, sincere. i am positive to life. being educated by Chinese rich culture and tradtions. it formed me as a typical Chinese woman, i enjoy quiet, peace. i like music, doing yoga. i have good habbits in life. do you know? for me, it is a kind of happiness to do housework meanwhile hearing soft music. :) family is the most important in my life, because family is the sublimation of love. so, i long for a cozy family and an eternal love. Kuming Yao



Posted: 17 Jun 9
Accessed: 18 Jun 9


1.75 m

64 kg

Beijing, China


I own a dream in my lifetime,so follow the lifetimeĦ£i hope who will u,so Without any conditions, one can only hope that the two each other in good faith and seeing is believing.


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