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1.55 m

45 kg

Henan, China


I`m a lovely chinese girl.I`d like to make friends with others.I wish I could find good friends here.I`m sorry about my poor English.Best wish to you!



Modified: 18 Mar 2005


1.66 m

49 kg

china, China


Hi,just call me vivian,I am a warm & compassionate person. I am not superficial and care about the feelings of others. My nature is gentle, truthful, sensitive, loyal and trusting. I love life, laughter & beauty, I believe life is a precious adventure best enjoyed when we offer compassion, share wisdom and give love to .



Posted: 04 Sep 2004
Modified: 13 Sep 2005


1.59 m

50 kg

Guangxi, China


From South China. Gentel, kind and sensitive in heart. Want to find a partner to enjoy life, and if possible, to get marry with.



Posted: 23 Jun 2005


1.58 m

55 kg

Nanning,Guangxi, China


I am a China lady who live in Nanning,which is named as "Green City', I am friendly,kind,gentle and considerate.I love travelling,sport, talking a walk with my lover in the park after the supper and lying on the grass with my lover to appreciate the bright stars under the sky at night. I like to share every romantic moment with him.



Posted: 09 Apr 2006
Modified: 18 Oct 2006


1.67 m

58 kg

Oklahoma, USA


Let's Dance. I am an all american girl interested in eastern cultures. I am open minded.



Posted: 14 Dec 7
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1.64 m

52 kg

Guangdong, China


How are you? welcome to my profile! You will see a bright woman here! ^_^ I was born in Zhuhai, Guangdong province in the south of China. This great place has nurtured me to be a kind, considerate, and hard-working woman! I love life, pleased with whatever life offers to me! As for my characters-----it is outgoing, easy-going, positive, bright. I am responsible to what i choose. Honesty is an added bonus to me! wow,, nearly forget to tell you: I am a good cook! haha,,,,, I am looking forward a nice man, who is responsible to family, loyal to love, kind to seniors and love kids. He would like to communicate with me, discuss everything with me, so that we will have no misunderstandings! Have a nice day! Thanks for your time:)





1.60 m

51 kg

South, China


A lady divorced 4 years ago with a 5 years old son, I am looking for a man who has good understanding of life, and expect that we can understand each other in the future.



Posted: 16 Oct 8
Accessed: 13 Nov 8


1.63 m

62 kg

Beijing, China


I am a Chinese woman, living in Beijing now. I am humor, warm and I love family life very much. I am looking for a man to share the joyness and sadness in life with me.



Posted: 23 Sep 2004
Accessed: 20 Jul 2005


1.62 m

57 kg

Nanning, China


I am gentle and kind, have universities edducation and beautiful.



Posted: 04 Nov 2004
Accessed: 31 Aug 2006


1.62 m

50 kg

Shanghai, China


I graduated from Tongji University(Shanghai),Information Engineering. studied Microwave Engineering(Master courses) in Munich University of Technology,Germany. Now is jobless, so I am studying French now, and looking for a job


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