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Posted: 20 Mar 7
Accessed: 13 Aug 7


1.62 m

60 kg

Texas, USA


I'm an intelligent and fun-loving lady, who loves good company and good conversation, but also likes those quiet or not so quiet moments listening to music, reading or watching a good film (preferably with my soulmate). I always try to look good and love getting dressed up to go out with friends. Talk to me and find out who I am.


Posted: 04 Feb 7
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.60 m

50 kg

Hunan, China


I'm a gentle and soft, generous, honest and warm waman. My family conditon is pretty good. I am a senior nurse and I do this job very well. I have a son who has been graduated from university, now he has a job in another city. I love him very much and also pay much attention to my family. In my spare time, I like singing, playing ping pong, doing yoga and reading books and magazines. I'd like to keep an eye on the country's event. I want to find someone who I can spend the rest life with. if you have the same feeling like me, please contact me. I am waiting for you, Mr. Right!


Posted: 23 Sep 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.66 m

53 kg

Guangzhou, China




Posted: 06 Jan 2005
Modified: 10 May 7
Accessed: 50 00 1


1.58 m

58 kg

Manila, Philippines


Hello there! I'm jing 37 yrs old single,filipina woman, catholic, honest, caring, loyal, funny,sweet, nonsmoker or drinker,homebody and simple woman. Looking for 30 to 50 yrs old for marriage.


Posted: 14 Jun 2006
Modified: 16 Nov 9
Accessed: 15 Nov 9


1.61 m

51 kg

Wuhan, China


I am from a harmonious family, my parents were doctors, and my brother and sister are doctors now. and now I am working as a doctor too. I am kind, easy going, and active. I enjoy literature and arts. And I like to do yoga and gym and sing in my spare time, which made the life enjoyable. I have a daughter, who is 18 years old now. She has been living with me, but soon she will leave me to go to college, which means I have to live alone for a while....Life without a good company seems to be so boring and lonely. I divorced years ago because my ex-husband had been working in another city, which made us unable to share many things together. It was really a pity, and with time passing away, I became anxious to find my Mr. Right to live the rest of my life together. I am educated, quiet, and have a good heart. I really look foward to having a harmonious family. I long for true love... Let me accompany with you, living togther for the rest of our lives.


Posted: 03 Jun 9
Accessed: 10 Jun 9


1.65 m

48 kg

Zhejiang, China


Simple girl wanna meet good man


Posted: 01 May 7
Accessed: 01 Aug 7


1.56 m

50 kg

Zhanjiang.guangdong.china, China




Posted: 15 Dec 2005
Modified: 09 Jan 9
Accessed: 08 Jan 9


1.61 m

47 kg

Guangxi, China


I am a chinese lady, i am tender, considerate, kind and pretty. i am looking for my true love and soulmate there. i belive in fate and cherish fate. let's start our love from the heart.


Posted: 13 Oct 2004
Modified: 17 Aug 2005
Accessed: 30 00 1


1.58 m


Nanning, China


Hi there!Here is a chinese woman who would like to meet her soulmate,who is kind,patient and marrage-oriented,who deserves her love and whom she loves.If you want a mature,family-oriented,kind and beautiful Chinese woman to be with your company in the rest of your life and share sunshine even storm together,don抰 hesitate to drop me a line.


Posted: 29 Dec 2004
Modified: 90 00 1
Accessed: 90 00 1


1.60 m

54 kg

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China


I have been working as a university teacher for over 20 years. I love my job . My colleagues and students respect and like me and we are very close to each other. I love life. I love reading and traveling. I could be adapt very well to new environment. I am mild, frank, sincere and wish to have a harmonious marriage and family. I love doing housework. I am pretty, healthy, optimistic and look younger than my actual age. My ideal match would be someone who love reading, traveling and sports,who loves Chinese culture. He should be healthy, optimistic, well-educated and caring.


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