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Posted: 08 Jan 7
Modified: 29 Jan 9
Accessed: 28 Jan 9


1.61 m

48 kg

Shanghai, China


Hi, thanks for reading my profile. I am Jen from Shanghai, China. I do some export work here. I love music, movies, my favorite movie is Pearl Harbor, dancing, cooking, travelling, swimming, squash. I love mountains and lakes, I love nature. It lets us relaxed and smile. I have travelled to Bern, Basel, Soloturn, interlaken, Nacheltel, Zulpick, Frieburg... many European countries, Hope to travel more in future. I am looking for someone special here, we can share many things together. He is loving, caring, humorous, romantic, know how to love and to be loved.


Posted: 18 Aug 7
Modified: 29 Sep 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.68 m

50 kg

London, UK


I come from china, hope to meet SOMEONE,WHO IS HUMOR,HANDSOME AND SUCCEED,{i'm 27 ages,i don't know how to show 24? }


Posted: 20 Oct 2004
Modified: 18 Feb 8
Accessed: 17 Feb 8


1.53 m

60 kg

South, China


Nice lady is looking for her love. Good personality, easygoing, pretty and tender. She hope her Mr.Right will be gentle, responsible and caring. She lives with her 5 yso daughter and would like to create a new life. Write to her a send your email address please.


Posted: 14 Mar 7
Accessed: 10 Oct 9


1.66 m

52 kg

Changsha, Hunan, China


I am a slim, healthy, nice, easy-going and responsible girl, graduated from an Art College, majoring in piano. I have a related job in China. The things I enjoy most in life is music. I'd prefer this man to be withiin 35-48 age range, professional (with steady income), healthy not too fate, easy-going, loving, caring, trustworthy, and good temper. I hope my mate would enjoy music, it's better able to play instrument, so we can can play together.


Posted: 08 Mar 8
Modified: 15 Sep 8
Accessed: 21 Sep 8


1.60 m

45 kg

Shanghai, China


Hi, each good! I am a quite introverted girl, but knew that long I was the words am many, could know many various countries the boy, hoped that could be predestined friends a meeting.



Posted: 06 Apr 2004
Accessed: 15 Dec 7


1.60 m

47 kg

Northeast China, China


Me? A native Shanghai girl with the tenderness of southerner and frankness of northerner. As I was brought up in a clerisy family, I have trained to have lots of good virtues and habits. I am just like an abstract book.. Can you read me? I am a beautiful drawing, would you appreciate? Well, you might wonder what kind of hobbies I prefer, enn, let me see, I like surfing online, listening to music, chatting, reading, seeing movies, drawing (I won the first prize in drawing contest held among shanghai middle school students). I like to enjoy life by those little trifles. I prefer drinking a cup of coffee in the leisure shiny afternoon; I feel like cooking some delicious food for my family; I love fine food pretty much.. I am enjoying simple life where happiness comes from! What I like most? I for certain love to share happy and romantic time together with the man I love. You will find I am a little confident, a little naughty, a little willful; but sometimes I am as tender and lovely as a little kitten ^_^ I can be sexy, charming, feminine, and in the mean time witty, adorable and loving. Will you, the excellent man, show interest to me? Just believe there is angel living on the earth.. I would appreciate your honesty and frankness, whereas dislike your arrogance and pretense. My ideal man is supposed to be single, witty, mature, reliable and with a good sense of humor. He is also tolerant, responsible, considerate and well-established in career. If you have experienced all the good or bad things in life, but you still remain a simple heart and still enjoy life to its fullest, I would be very grateful to God that He bestows you on me. I will take your hand and create our beautiful tomorrow!


Posted: 11 Oct 2006
Modified: 50 00 1
Accessed: 40 00 1


1.66 m

54 kg

Guangxi, China


ȻƮ,Һᡣܹ,ҲҪʧܵͷȥѰһʹҸеȫ,һ. Although not pretty, I am kind and soft.



Posted: 25 Mar 2004
Accessed: 18 Jan 9


1.63 m

46 kg

guangzhou, China


Hey,I'm a 30years woman works in guangzhou.I would like to know more friends wherever u r from!Pls contact me!


Posted: 20 Sep 2005
Accessed: 12 Sep 2006


1.63 m

62 kg

Shanghai, China


A caring, tender-heart woman with Chinese traditional virtues and open to western customs.


Posted: 13 Apr 2004
Modified: 05 Jan 8
Accessed: 71 00 1


1.60 m


Guangzhou, China


I am a gentle , love chinese woman who are kind ,active , dignified. I am very earnest , responsible , caring , honest , to the family , to the marriage . I am eager to have a sweet family life . I am healthy who are an accountant . And I also like reading , traveling , listening music , outdoor sports . I live in a beautiful ancient Guangzhou city , I have a good education as my father is a teacher who is erudite and excellent . I am deeply influenced by him though he had passed away . I am keen to the nature life , earnest to everything , and undivided to the family . I get along very well with other persons . I has a good family life and I also hope to have a happy family with my love . I hope I can find the right one .And i will devote all my love to him and both of us build a happy family life .IF you are interested in me , please contact me . I hope he has satble economic income who are sincere , honest And the important one is that he is undivided to the family , and responsible to the family . ANd i hope he can devote himself to the family .The beautiful love attract us so much , but the important one is to pile up little by little . Do you like to falling in love with me little by little . I hope we can get to know each other more and more through the net and ......


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