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Posted: 23 Nov 2006
Accessed: 06 Jan 7


1.60 m

48 kg

Nanjing, China


Beautiful, slim, educated, easy-going, and good read, travel,.......many good simple things.....



Modified: 09 May 2005


1.56 m

48 kg

GuanXi,NanNing, China


I am a traditional Chinese lady, as I have received good traditional Chinese education, I am diligent, kind ,honest, sincere, and easy to get along with. I have love and sympathy in my heart. I enjoy the outdoors, I like house keeping. Traveling is my favorite . I am interested in the other country’s culture .



Posted: 27 Jan 7
Accessed: 05 Jul 9


1.70 m

67 kg

Doset, UK


Hi MY NAM IS HELEN > i liveing in the uk for more then six years. And i am divorced. I have had a chinese a restaurant in the UK. Hope find a gentleman. Who is a more then 180m and age is a under then 49 old years. liveing in thte UK. friendly. love chinese culture too ? Please contact for me ?



Posted: 21 Sep 8
Accessed: 28 Sep 8


1.70 m

62 kg

Chengdu, China


I believe there is my other half living somewhere in the world, only that we need to find each other. I am a well-educated girl looking for love and marriage, currently working in Chengdu city. I hope to find someone who shares similar family values, who knows the value of life, and who is willing to settle down for a lifelong partnership.



Posted: 05 Feb 2004
Accessed: 12 Jan 7


1.61 m

47 kg

shenzhen, China


i'm 23 years old girl who is working in an american company in shenzhen. I like sports, hiking, movie and music and enjoy my life. I want to meet my mr.right when i'm young to share the happiness with him. If you are, please drop me a line. i will send my photo and reply your message soon. or you can call me at 0755-81971040 anytime to reach me. If one day, you want to cry... call me i don't promise that i will make you laugh, but i can cry with you. if one day you want to run away, don't be afraid to call me. i don't promise to ask you to stop... but i can run with you. if one day you don't want to listen to anyone... call me. i promise to be there for you. and i promise to be very quiet. but if one day you call... and there is no answer... come fast to see me. perhaps i need you.



Posted: 04 Mar 7
Accessed: 03 May 7


1.53 m

45 kg

Xi'an, China


I am petite but have a big heart. I am kind, humerous, honest and sincere. I have been described as very attractive and sweet. I am looking to settle down with a man for a lifetime together. I enjoy walking, reading, cooking and trvelling. I am well educated and speak some English. I am happy to relocate for the right man.



Posted: 11 Oct 2006
Accessed: 16 Nov 9


1.74 m

93 kg

Aberdeen, USA


I am tall and very romantic girl, Love to cuddle, read books, watch movies, listen to music of many different types. I enjoy going out with my friends. I am interested in meeting new people and talking to people world wide. I like basket ball, swimming, night-clubs, cinema, Golf, Music(Drums), Tennis, And Traveiling. In relationship i seek honesty, Good communication. It's important for us to have lots of laughs, LOVE and TRUST in each other. I like someone who is LOVE and CARING.



Posted: 03 Mar 2005
Accessed: 04 Mar 2005


1.60 m

52 kg

Guangxi, China


Hello, gentlemen. Among the Chinese 12 signs, my birth sign is Tiger. But I think I am a very gentle and charming tiger with long dark hair, big eyes, 160cm, and 52kg. I like reading, travelling, cooking, walking and smiling. This pretty tiger has been alone for many years and she is looking for a gentleman who is honest, caring and financial stable to spend the rest of life together.



Posted: 01 Sep 2004
Modified: 05 Sep 2004


1.64 m

58 kg

Riga, Latvia


Hello my name is Sofia/ i am life Latvia in Riga/



Posted: 17 May 2006
Modified: 05 Sep 2004


1.68 m

61 kg

Wuhan, China


I want a gentleman. winthing 60 years old, he is responsibility


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