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Posted: 19 Aug 2004
Accessed: 28 Oct 2004


1.62 m

49 kg

Beijing, China


38 years old,1.62m(5"4"),49kg,divorce live with my 4 years old lovely son. I am a Chinese girl had good education,soft secure loyal,love family life would like find a American guy to marrage.The guy should kind warm,love my son,love family life,good behave,no somking has sense of responsiblity. Hope you are the guy.



Posted: 18 Jul 9
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 28 Jul 9


1.57 m

65 kg

Devon, UK


Iam working in england.i feel lonly i realy want to know somebody who would like to know chinese as well



Posted: 19 Jul 2006


1.63 m

60 kg

Guangdong, China


I come from Shanghai. I am a kind, sincere and kind Chinese woman with many traditional virues. I like listening to music, travelling, cooking. At work, I am very hard working. In life, I am a steadfast lady. Family always come the first to me. Though I have had a failed marriage, I still believe true love. Love is the harbor of soul. Here, you see my profile for I want to meet you here. I hope You are a mature and reliable man, who would like to share the life with me hand in hand.



Posted: 19 Nov 2005
Modified: 26 Jan 8
Accessed: 25 Jan 8


1.62 m

46 kg

London, UK


I was told people tend to lie their height, weight or age when they fill in the registration form. I am not going to lie about anything (except my true name, of course) here. I am not looking for a husband or boyfriend at the moment. I am looking for a badminton partner - I like playing badminton but I cannot find anyone in my area (north London / west Essex area). I want to learn tennis too (be prepared, I am a tennis idiot because my arms are too thin to handle that tennis rack). Basically, I want to do some exercise and sweat. I also enjoy some drink, cinema and dinner. :) So if you live in North London or West Essex and are interested in playing badminton, please send me a line.



Posted: 26 Jan 7
Modified: 25 Nov 8
Accessed: 24 Nov 8


1.65 m

57 kg

Fujian, China


I am not perfect, but I am an optimistic, attractive, thoughtful and loyal woman, as a traditional Chinese woman, i love to cook delicious food, I like to look after my family and myself very well, to keep a free and happy atmosphere in my house. I have a son who is 15 years old and a daughter (13), they are bright and good babies. A faithful friend is hard to find, here i am sincerely looking for my lifetime partner, I hope in the future we can create a happy family which is a warm place for love and heart to live in, I would like to be not only his wife but also his friend.



Posted: 01 Oct 2004
Modified: 09 May 2006
Accessed: 18 Jan 8


1.58 m

55 kg

Monmouth NJ, USA


I am good one, but unluck for my life. I try to change my life future.



Accessed: 24 Mar 9


1.61 m

48 kg

North East, UK


A professional lady looking for a professional single gentleman, age between 30 to 36.



Posted: 20 Jul 8


1.56 m

47 kg



Hi 你们好! 我来自中国大连,现在在日本学习和工作,希望在着里能够认识很多很多朋友.



Posted: 30 Aug 7
Accessed: 02 May 8


1.72 m

48 kg

London, UK


I am a person like beautiful things. Like music, books, movie and traveling. I want the right person join my life, share the beautiful thins with me



Posted: 18 Jul 2006
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.58 m

48 kg

Hampshire, UK


I am a Chinese single mum, would like to meet a man who kind to kids, honest, intertested in chinese culture.


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