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Posted: 22 Jul 8
Accessed: 11 Jul 9


1.58 m

49 kg

England, UK


I am honest and friendly, easy going. I like going out for shopping or walking, traveling. and I like watching Tv, reading boks, cleaning house, so on!



Modified: 15 Mar 8
Accessed: 11 Jul 9


1.68 m

54 kg

North, China


Hi,I am a nice Chinese lady.slim,good looking,college educated,healthy,honest,have love heart,love life and family ,good cooking.I am looking for a kindly,loyal man to spend the rest of life with.Thanks for reading.Please contact me if you would like to.



Posted: 19 Oct 2005
Modified: 24 Apr 8
Accessed: 23 Apr 8


1.67 m

55 kg



It - simply rest after rigid week of work. My hobby, skiing and employment by dances. On Saturday my friends and I usually we go on a disco, in cinema or theatre or to cafe. But my life has been generated, that I the teacher at school. And I very much love children. I am an only child in my family. A little bit about my family: my mother the teacher of economy at university, and father was in the state committee in the form of sports and tourism. And now they have a rest constantly. Some word about me: my growth - 170 centimeters, my weight - 54 kgs. I do not have any bad habit.



Modified: 11 Sep 2003


1.57 m

50 kg

Guangxi, China


I am a Chinese female and a new immigrant to Canada. I've visited Toronto for a short time and plan to relocate myself there soon. So, I would like to make some friends in North America and hopefully develope something more from friendship. The ideal friend I hope to make here is someone who is forgiving,SERIOUS and easy going. Bachelor or above, fluent English speaker,175cm or above, average built. Tall guys often please my eyes, though I am short, sorry. Then, nothing more. Already asked for too much?  Well, I am just telling you what I like. As for myself, I am a normal woman with a normal face which sometimes can be lightened by a smile(so I smile often). My personality?  hmm... I'd better leave it to you to judge. Basically, I believe I am good-hearted and honest. I am not someone who makes promise easily, but if I make a promise, I will bear it in mind and keep to it no matter what happens.



Posted: 15 Jul 2005


1.53 m

51 kg

Fujian, China


Hi, I am an overseas Chinese now residing and teaching in China. This is my first year in China. I've lived and worked in the United States for about 8 years previous to this. I currently teach at a small university in Fujian Province. I am also doing my MBA part-time. I am interested in expanding my scope of friends and my view of China. I would like to make friends with you. Of course, I am single and like many hoping for the special one. Unfortunately I've learned that only time will tell which is the right one... So let's be friends...



Posted: 02 Nov 9


1.60 m

70 kg

Bejing, China


Look for a responsible, reliable man for the rest of life together. My Characters: Educated Beauty both heartly and physical Charming and Caring Keen to finding a simple life without extra desire



Posted: 08 Sep 2004


1.60 m

47 kg

Hunan, China


Hi you, I am looking for a guy with a sense of humor to share my life with, who is also serious,caring,well educated and love chinese culture. Forgot to introduce myself to you,hehe*-^ I am romantic,full of imagination in my mind...Well,i think you'd better find it youself ^-^ So,drop me a line =)



Posted: 16 May 2005
Accessed: 17 Sep 2006


1.58 m

46 kg

Shanghai, China


I am from Shanghai China,and very softing,sweet ,caring .I like literature,history,music,singing,dancing,travelling. I am looking for a husband by the net .I hope that he will like my teacher,brother in my life.I hope to share with the romantic life with my future husband. He must be a frank,kind ,humorous gentleman. If you are insteresting to me ,you can mail to me ,and we can know about with each other more and more together. If you are interesting to me,pls contact with me



Posted: 23 Sep 2005
Modified: 52 00 1
Accessed: 52 00 1


1.58 m

45 kg

Guangzhou, China


A tender-heart, honest and caring Chinese girl who like traveling, reading good books and listening to the music. I wish one day i could find my prince.



Posted: 01 Sep 8
Accessed: 61 00 1


1.55 m

48 kg



I like reading, doing exercise and travelling. I am looking for a friend who is learning or working in the UK. Then we can help each other.


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