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Posted: 20 May 7
Accessed: 11 Jun 7


1.73 m

120 kg

California, USA


My name is Christine jack, am light-skinned, 5'8" tall and single, I'm looking to recapture the passion I remember having what seems like so long ago. I want to meet a man that I can feel close to. To hold hands with. To sit in front of a warm fire in a chalet in the mountains or to walk along a warm beach in the islands at sunset. I would like to meet you and get to know you. An open honest person who can be serious, but always be himself. Life is too short to be unhappy or to feel that something or someone is missing. I want to feel the excitement of seeing the person I really enjoy being with. I know that this type of relationship takes time to evolve but I'm willing to give it try



Posted: 13 Jul 2003
Modified: 29 Aug 2005


1.61 m

55 kg

guangzhoucity guangdong province


college graduated,kind,enthusiastic, reading travelling sports. wish to meet a right person for being friends



Posted: 20 Dec 2006


1.68 m

60 kg

Shandong, China


Looking for a sporty, honest, gentleman to share the wonderful life with. during the weekend, we can do some sports together, gardening, cooking and enjoy the sunshine near the water... iīm well travelled, have a decent job, have various of interests in the life, arts, sports, music, films, people... have almosst everything, except the true love. Letīs start up from here as good friends, what I need is a lover, a coach, a friend, a husband, a brother, a colleage, a adviser. Need my next part to share the valuble time with, what a wonderful life !



Posted: 15 Oct 2004
Accessed: 11 Oct 1


1.65 m

47 kg

Surrey, UK


I am a nice girl seeking a boyfriend.



Posted: 16 Sep 2003
Modified: 08 Feb 2004
Accessed: 26 Dec 2004


1.60 m

49 kg

Beijing, China


Adventures,independent,cute,romantic,sexy,sweet ,honest and funny. full of energy and passion. Crazy about swimming,movies and meeting new friends. Speaking excellent English .Looking for some international English-speaking friends hanging out and chatting in the spare moments.I hope he is Self-confident, Good natured calm, mature, knows what he wants, funny of course. The best way to really get to know me is by talking to me. I am more than I can write here . Good luck on your search!



Posted: 23 Jan 1


1.57 m

55 kg

Wuhan, China


I'm a Chinese girl,19.I'm looking for a English speaking male friend all the time.I want to improve my English.I wounld like to make a friend who like anything of Chinese as I like English.



Posted: 02 Feb 2004
Modified: 31 Aug 2004


1.65 m

66 kg

Beijing, China


I am a Beijing resident. Let's to be friends. Please write to me.



Posted: 10 Aug 8
Accessed: 11 Nov 8


1.58 m

45 kg

London, UK


Hi, I am a Chinese girl who currently working in London. Hope to hear from you.



Posted: 27 Oct 2004
Modified: 03 Feb 2005
Accessed: 51 00 1


1.64 m

52 kg

London, UK


Hey, i came from Beijing of chinese and study in London, UK now. i hope to make friends and to learn the different culture. If you are gentle,honest man, please contact me.



Posted: 28 Sep 2004
Modified: 25 Jan 2005


1.80 m

82 kg

Fes, Morocco


I'm a honest and sincere guy looking for a pious wife. I need a wife who is a good muslim or trying to be.


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