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Posted: 01 May 7
Modified: 05 May 7
Accessed: 00 Jan 1


1.67 m

58 kg

Shanghai, China


I`m Chinese girl, live in Shanghai City, I`m curious,honest, humorous and positive,easy-going ,friendly warm person. I love travel to everywhere,Iove to enjoy the nature and different cultures. I`m looking for friends here,Who live in U.K. I`m looking for friends who is interested make friends with me, who is interested in Chinese cultures.and also interested sports and trip. You should be honest and clever ,well-educated ,humorous and positive .... I`m await ......


Posted: 01 Nov 2005
Modified: 26 Mar 2006
Accessed: 41 00 1


1.66 m

60 kg

Guangxi, China


A mature, outgoing, kind and caring divorced Chinese lady seeks a gentleman for marriage. Please contact me. I love to hear from you.


Posted: 19 Nov 2005
Modified: 14 Dec 2005
Accessed: 24 Feb 7


1.62 m

47 kg

Chongqing, China


Gentle,Virtuous,Good,Value familyGraduates in the Chongqing industry and commerce university,Does the financial workThe disposition is gentleThe hobby listens to musicMovement,Calligraphy,Good food,Reads,Ping pong,Chinese chess,Ballet For the human felt steadily has the security Heavy sentiment,Has the desire to do better Has the sense of responsibility,Has the filial piety 温柔,贤惠,善良,重视家庭.做财务工作.有良好的家庭背景。性格文静.爱好听音乐.运动,书法,美食,看书,乒乓球,围棋,芭蕾.喜欢旅游,爬山.身边的同龄人都已经找到了自己的另一半,我也希望通过网络寻找到我的幸福。 理想对象: 给人感觉稳重有安全. 重感情,有上进心. 有责任心,有孝心.


Posted: 70 00 1


1.70 m

65 kg

Liverpool, UK


Am cute woman here need a serious relationship to be with...


Posted: 03 Jan 8
Modified: 19 Oct 9
Accessed: 18 Oct 9


1.60 m

55 kg

Guangzhou, China


I am a very sincere and honest lady here. I hate cheating and playing games, just want to find my future husband sincerely. I believe i am very nice lady and will be a nice partner in future too.



Accessed: 08 Jan 8


1.60 m

51 kg

Shanghai, China


i'm a Shanghai a univ student.i like playing keyboard,drawing,singing,shopping and playing pranks on friends sometimes:P ... favourite quote:Nothing is impossible.


Posted: 14 Feb 2005
Modified: 06 Apr 2005
Accessed: 07 Mar 9


1.62 m

50 kg

Jilin, China


winter is going...spring is dear,i am waiting for you...i am waiting for our luck which the god gave us...last winter really is very cold...i almost was dear, can you? can you be with me together to face next winter,to face all the winters which in our livings we will face...? 牋 my dear, life is so not play game with me...give me your heart...give you my life... can i meet a real love in this will be my luck...wait for you, my dear, my luck! when we find each other,my dear, i will delete my profile in this linkstochina...for it is not game,i want to be serious to you and our luck...waiting for you! qingqing


Posted: 13 Jun 2005
Modified: 28 Jun 2005
Accessed: 21 Oct 1


1.63 m

46 kg

Chongqing, China


To find a soulmate on the internet, I know, is hard, but I still expect that I can do it. I don't want to waste words on describing how good I am. I'm not perfect.. but what I can give is a real woman. I don't like posting any glamorous shot on the web, posing pretentiously when taking pics... doing any so-called "cool" things that are actually stupid. just be "natural" is what I want to say about me. I think I can be a good wife. I cook good chinese food. I want to share laughters and tears with the one I love. I wish to find a European guy or American guy not because of the economic reason. I don't mind if you are rich or poor. actually I live very comfortable life here in China. But unfortunately I can't find my soulmate here. I like different cultures. I spent one year studying in the UK. that experience enabled me to get the access to various cultures... for me, just in my view, I considered that European and American guys are relatively caring and know more about respecting their mate even after a long-term marriage.. . I don't mean here that Chinese guys are bad, sure some of them are quite nice but I was unlucky to find one. thanx for spending time on reading my posture. wish all people here find MR. or Ms right.


Posted: 18 Jul 7
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 01 Aug 7



48 kg





Posted: 22 Feb 2005
Modified: 14 Nov 2006
Accessed: 30 Mar 9


1.58 m

49 kg

Zhenjiang, China


I'm 42 years old.well educated loving caring family-oriented honest frank open minded .1.58m tall 49 kg .divorced .have a daughter.i'm an english teacher.. I'm looking for a man between 48-57 years old. bright well-educated tender responsible self-diseinpline .i want to build a warm and stable family with a nice man..i like english and western culture so people who's native in english are prefer... i like travelling singling reading listen to music..sports...


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