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Posted: 18 Sep 2006


1.56 m

55 kg

Hepu, China


I am a traditional Chinese girl, I got much tired of single life, I would like to have a simple but happy life like most other women have had. I don't know why God is so unfair to me on it? I hope he could open his eyes on me very soon. if you are not seeking for the relationship of marriage, please not waster our time, I am not interested in any other relationship but the marriage, I knew someone like to play games, please not build your happiness on other's painness. God is watching you.



Posted: 12 Jun 2006
Accessed: 11 Feb 7


1.64 m

48 kg

Nanchang, China


I am a chinese girl, i am study in university, i will graduate next year. i like cooking, music, travel....



Posted: 28 Apr 2006


1.66 m

53 kg

Beijing, China





Posted: 09 Jul 2004
Modified: 22 May 2006


1.60 m

54 kg

Wuhan, China


Hi, I am a single person and hope to look for a Mr.Right here for my life. If you are a honest man with talent indeed and first of all you do really what to find your truely love, please respond me.



Posted: 14 Dec 2004
Accessed: 19 Dec 2004


1.64 m

57 kg

North, China


I am looking for the right one in my life.



Posted: 20 Sep 2004
Accessed: 01 Jan 8


1.62 m

50 kg

Xinjiang, China


I was born in Xinjiang, a place rich in products and sources. I love my family and my hometown. As I born in a simple but loving family, I always be influenced to be self-respect, independent lady. In the eyes of people besies me, I am that warm-hearted, friendly, honest and upright lady who is ready to offer help to anyone in need. If you know me well, you will find I am also vivacious and active, I enjoy my life and desire a family that is peace and happy. I love to seek fun and romace from our ordinary daily lives. See, I would listen to music, watch TV, do some cleaning and cooking when I am at home. It is a kind of fun in my eyes. Besides these, I love sports and traveling. My dream is to travel all over the world. I believe beauty is everywhere if one has a heart that can find it. I truly hope to meet a man who loves me truly, who enjoys life decently, and who works diligently. He is also humorous, responsible and resolute. I want to share the rest of my life with this man. Hope he could come to me nearer..



Posted: 18 Aug 2003
Modified: 04 Oct 2005


1.61 m

50 kg

Shenzhen,China,P.R.C, China


I am a pretty,well educated,open mind lady. I like sports,traval and reading out of working hours. I would like to find a husband who is honest age(38-50),well educated and good health. thank you.



Posted: 26 Sep 2004


1.60 m

56 kg

Chongqing, China


Most suit the excellent woman who does wife.



Posted: 08 Apr 2006
Modified: 14 Feb 7


1.56 m

45 kg

Guilin, China


Hi, I am a Chinese girl living in Guilin, I am a easy going, kindly and warmly person. maybe a little pretty and lovely. :) I was graduated form university, I am a engineer, my work is painting by computer. i like sport, reading, film, painting, ect. Hope can find a partner here. are you looking for me, too?  I am waiting for you here!





1.6 m

60 kg

Haikou, China


Okay, I'm modifying my ad cause the the last guy to respond totally misunderstood me. I'm a nice Asian-American girl(half Chinese half Filipino) teaching English in "China's Hawaii". In fact, I'm originally from the REAL Hawaii. I'm looking for a patient and understanding Christian man(Chinese or Western), 30- 40 years old, never been married, no children, currently living in China for a relationship/marriage. He should be a non-smoker and drinks occasionally or not at all. He should also fulfill all my requirements listed below: 1. Must be a sincere Christian man who practices what he preaches. 2.Must not forget my needs and the needs of others around him. 3.Must already be in or is willing to live in China, specifically Hainan. 4.Must not be afraid to be human and not be so holy holy all the time. 5.Must like sex within marriage. 6. Must want to have at least one child. 7. Must pass my psoriasis test. My psoriasis test. 1. Must not be afraid to be seen with me in public. 2.Must be able to face the comments and stares from people. 3. Must be able to endure the flakes and blood stains on sheets and clothing. 4.Must be willing to help apply medicines on my back and give me massages. 5. Must NOT patronize me because of my psoriasis. If you think you can handle such a challenging relationship, then write me.


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