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Posted: 12 00 1


1.62 m

52 kg

Shandong, China


I am alice. I am born in 1972 in yantai city of shandong province. I divorced 4 years ago. And i have a son aged 7. I am a doctor and i love my job. I love art and itís my dream that I can cultivate this passion. In my spare time, I like reading books, watching movies and listening to music. I adore hanging out with my friends and value my family very much. I surround myself with good people and good food. I am looking forward that I can own a happy and warm family in the short future.



Posted: 21 Oct 2005
Accessed: 25 Dec 2005


1.60 m

49 kg

Guangdong, China


A traditional CHinese woman with tender-herart looking for my soul mate. I'm family-oriented and easy going.



Posted: 05 Dec 2004
Modified: 13 Oct 7
Accessed: 12 Oct 7


1.70 m

60 kg

Shenyang, China


I hope to seek the man who loves me really. Expect better girl than yours. Expect better girl than yours. I am a actress, I'm single old girl. I'm a kind gentle and easy---going person. I am very sincere, I am a traditional chinese old girl. I love life, especially the family. I like reading, listening, swimming, table tennis, travel, outdoors, movis. I can't expression myself very vell in English. I am looking for my love and my happiness. I hope I can find a stable, warm, and romantic harbor. you humour generous, act towards people sincere enthusiasm. take care of family docile. please trust me that I will accompany you until the end of our lives with true love. I am a chinese.



Posted: 91 00 1
Accessed: 92 00 1


1.50 m

64 kg

Bam, Iran


I am easy going girl honest humble obidient respectful and understanding. i am easy going girl honest humble obidient respectful and understanding. i am easy going girl honest humble obidient respectful and understanding.



Posted: 10 Jan 2005


1.59 m

50 kg

Shanghai, China


I am a down to earth single mom and looking for a serious relationship with a kind and honest man who likes child , enjoys my cooking and share rest of life together.



Posted: 07 Aug 2006
Modified: 20 Aug 7


1.68 m

49 kg

Hunan, China


Hope i can find my life partener here to explore the wonderful life together. I am attractive and intelligent. So, for my to-be husband, intelligence is a must, if you have a sense of humor, that is a great bonus for me as well as for our family.



Posted: 28 Nov 8


1.61 m

57 kg

GuangDong, China


I am a traditional inside and with single mind of Chinese women. open-minded, gentleness, docile, and passionate person. I like music and sport. l hope you are a health, gentleman, mature, loyal, considerate and have a sense of humor. I am serious about finding my Mr. right. I accept the traditional Chinese marriage style; two people in marriage should be loyal and faithful to each other. I am serious and would be the best partner in your life. Good luck!



Posted: 23 May 2006
Accessed: 21 Nov 7


1.58 m

45 kg

Shanghai, China


Wanna to find the Mr. Right with the smile like sunshine^0^



Posted: 26 Jun 2006
Modified: 09 Jan 7
Accessed: 03 Jan 7


1.70 m

56 kg



Just pass by to see some possibilities......



Posted: 13 May 2004
Modified: 03 May 2006
Accessed: 09 Dec 7


1.55 m

48 kg

Asia, China


i am a teacher, traditional asian woman, very kind, careing, loveing, family oriented ,elegance,love life.I am looking for love and being loved and wish someone special will come to my life soon, I will give my future lover lots of pleasure and love, and also will spend all of my life with him till to my last breath...


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