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Posted: 13 Oct 2006
Modified: 30 May 8
Accessed: 11 Oct 1


1.67 m

56 kg

London, UK


Hi, I'm a Chinese girl, I've been UK for three years, I've got Bachelor's degree in China. I am living in London. I'm particularly interested in improving my knowledge of English language and like to know more about English culture. I'm looking for friendship not marriage. please Email me.


Posted: 18 Jun 2006
Accessed: 15 Feb 7


1.55 m

48 kg

Guangxi, China


I am here and I want to find my soul mate on this site, please talk with me if you are also an easy going, opitmistic and funny person, you will find there are a lot of oriental merits on me, a tradtional Chinese woman is waiting for you here, ok, let us begin our trip ok.


Posted: 24 Jan 8
Modified: 18 Jan 9
Accessed: 03 Feb 9


1.70 m

150 kg

Appleton, Wisconsin, USA


I am overweight. I do not weigh 330 lbs., however, "prefer not to say" was not an option. I am a single mother to an 8-year-old boy. My ex (his father) lives in S.F., CA. I am an even-tempered, low-maintenace, educated woman. I am seeking a 39-45 year old Chinese gentleman who resides in the United States. He should be marriage-minded. He should have at least a bachelor degree. He should drink socially and not be a smoker. Occupation is unimportant.


Posted: 06 Apr 2006
Modified: 10 Mar 7
Accessed: 22 00 1


1.63 m

50 kg

Pampanga, Philippines


Hello there! I am jeniffermpaule. My friends would describe me as loyal, honest, spontaneous and relaxed. Unlike most women I can hold and enjoy conversation and have a warm heart of feelings..I have a sharp witty sense of humor and love making others smile. I enjoy playing badminton, singing (yes, just a li'l) and meeting people. Detest people who love to play games. To be honest, I am very tired of them.. Physical appearance does not really matter, if you are a good person you are always beautiful to me... Are you interested? I am looking for someone who doesn't play games and with a kind heart..Someone who will not walk in front of me, I may not follow..Someone who will not walk behind me, I may not lead..Someone who will just walk beside me and be my friend forever.. Yes, finding a boyfriend is not difficult, finding someone to turn my head and stop my heart is. Please no timewasters, I'm not one to suffer fools gladly, or those who can't leave their emotional baggage behind. Life is not a test run, I am going to live mine with a smile in my face, do you do the same?  


Posted: 01 Nov 2004
Modified: 30 Oct 1
Accessed: 30 Oct 1


1.64 m

51 kg

hunan, China


Both of my parents passed aways and I am the youngest children of my family where I have five brothers and sisters. Now they are all married and built up their happy families. I have quite some cousins who are in close relationship with me. Among them, there are two cousin who I talk like friends. One of them is in U.K, and the other one is in France. The now I am living alone in the house assigned to me by the hospital I work. I am a midwife who assist women in childbirth. Everyday I am welcoming the birth of new lives. When those newly born babies cry out loudly in my arms, I feel truly the beauty of life! Yes, I have passion towards life and the same passion I have given to my job! As for my own personality, I would say that I am upright, easy to get along with, sincere and down to earth. And also, I am very tender and considerate. My hobbies are reading, music, enjoy the sea, gardening, and traveling especially. I consider traveling a good way to broaden views and increase acknowledge. Apart from these, I love climbing, going out for a stroll, cooking(I can prepare very delicious chinese food : )) There is an old saying in China, "The two who have fate would meet no matter how far they are apart from each other". If there is such a man who would understand me, love me and care about me, I will return him with all my love and devotion. I will build up a romantic, safe, happy and cosy family where our hearts can settle. My ideal mate is supposed to be healthy, honest, easy-going, upright, and with a good sense of responsibility, aged between 35-50, with fiancial stability. I also hope that he loves kids and enjoy family lives.


Posted: 14 Apr 8
Accessed: 72 00 1


1.64 m

56 kg

Changsha, China


I am a lady who is lively, open-minded and also bring happiness to people. I like singing, dancing, travel and painting. I love nature and enjoy my life. If you would like to be close to me and know me, please write to me.


Posted: 17 Jul 7
Modified: 29 Aug 7
Accessed: 25 Feb 8


1.55 m

45 kg

Nanning, China


Hi, everyone, i am a chinese woman, 35 years old. accountant. work in a company. i like sing. travel. musice. romantic. sport......if you interesting me, email me please.


Posted: 23 Oct 7
Accessed: 28 Dec 8


1.63 m

51 kg

Shaanxi, China


Hope to meet an honest sincere guy here.


Posted: 31 00 1
Accessed: 11 Oct 1


1.54 m

54 kg

Victoria london, UK


I am a nice looking girl. i like playing with pet in my home. i have a nice job i like travel to any place


Posted: 09 Oct 2004
Modified: 25 Oct 2004
Accessed: 20 Oct 9


1.58 m

51 kg

Chengdu, China


Family is very important to me. If job and interest can be the same, which is the best. i like color painting, charcoal drawing, and other painting. i like art. i can play some musical instruments,, i 'm good at broidering. I think a good date is in a coffee cafe, under the soft and dimly light, whispe , or don't need to say anything. as long as we stay together, that 's great. I 'm a open minded and also quiet fact, i like simple life. the most importance to me is we can love each other and grow old with each other until we reach the end.


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