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Posted: 05 Sep 2004


1.55 m

45 kg

Guangxi, China


Hi, I'm an optimistic woman, sensitive, surportive and caring. I like music and movie, and many other things! I'm looking for an honest, gentle and loving man who will be kind to people around. If you are the one, please write to me.



Posted: 07 Dec 2004
Accessed: 08 Dec 2004


1.60 m

49 kg

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


I抦 a teacher of English. I like playing tennis. I抦 interested in music, movies, traveling and so on. And I love nature very much. But sometimes I enjoy solitude very much. I抦 serious about love. And I抎 like to find someone who is considerate and family-oriented to share life with.



Posted: 10 Jun 2004
Modified: 26 Nov 2004


1.70 m

63 kg

north, China


a graceful and good-looking lady with traditional chinese virtue is looking for a reliable, honest and industrious man as her companion for her rest of the life.



Posted: 01 Feb 2005


1.80 m

85 kg

Chengdu, China


我是一个真诚善良和非常专一有责任感的男人.我从出生到现在一直在这个城市长大.我喜欢运动.旅游.希望找到我爱的人.希望她能和我共度人生.能收到你的邮件.我将非常的高兴.并一定回复. I am a sincere kindhearted and very single-minded man with sense of duty. I have been growing up in this city all the time from born in to nowing. I like the sport. Travel. Hope to find the person who I love. Hope that she can spend life together with me . Can receive your mail . The extraordinary happiness I. And will certainly reply .



Posted: 15 Oct 2004
Modified: 29 Jan 2005
Accessed: 21 Dec 8


1.51 m

51 kg



Hi, I use to fly frequently to UK on business, I am looking for nice romantic & caring, good looking guy that could keep me accompany during my trip. Hence need someone to talk & share a& laugh during my visit to UK



Posted: 06 Mar 2005
Modified: 25 Jun 2005
Accessed: 27 Jun 7


1.73 m

70 kg

Liaoning,Dalian, China


I am a funny girl and born in the city of dalian which near the sea. My parents are both the University professors, but I like sports than anything lol ,I have ever been a Professional athlete and play Volleyball for ten years. So you can guess that I am the person of the personality extrovert, and like oh I have been divorced from my husband for 9 years. a son with me lol just want to find a good man to rock my life ~~~ :p ~~~~



Posted: 11 Feb 2006
Accessed: 25 Nov 7


1.65 m

56 kg



A well educated, professional, attractive Chinese woman looking for soulmate and serious relationship.



Posted: 21 Nov 2005


1.56 m

45 kg

Guangzhou, China


I am very outgoing and open-minded and would like to find someone the same as I .I am not selfish and do not want to find someone who is only thinking about himself. I enjoy having friends around. I like reading, music,play the piano, most sports and doing lotsof outdoor stuff.I also like cooking at home, and relax.When I meet someone who I like and would like to get to know more of, I give all I have to make him happy. All it takes is a smile and a sweet hello to get things started so why not stop in and say "Hi" ? I think that would be the start of a good magic for you and me...



Posted: 15 Feb 2004
Accessed: 04 Jul 8


1.63 m

56 kg



Hi I'm Chinese and looking for some Asian friends in the NYC area. I'm new to the area so would like to make some new friends. I like movies, music, and lots of sports. So if you're looking for a nice girl to hang out, mail me.



Posted: 18 Dec 7


1.58 m

55 kg

Nanning, China


I am a chinese girl,I am living in Nanning which is in the SouthWest of China,I like all the beautiful things in life,especially animals,music,novels as well as outdoor activities. I like listen to the music, travelling, cooking, outing, take a walk, climb mountain, sea, read book and sport....


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