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Posted: 21 Aug 2005


1.60 m

45 kg

Guangdong, China


Hello everybody, I am not a very beautiful lady, I divorced two years years ago, and i have a nine years old son. I want to find true love, and whole we will have a happy life in the future. So if somebody want to find a good lady to be your wife, please contact me. I just say these, because my english is not good, please understand. Thank you.



Posted: 07 Dec 2006
Modified: 14 Aug 8
Accessed: 09 Oct 9


1.60 m

47 kg

Essex, UK


I am living in Essex, 39 years old, 5’3”, dark hair, slim and elegant. I am very easy going. I used to teach Chinese in South Korea, then I worked as a sales manager in Advertising industry in China. Currently, I work from home, and teaching Chinese part-time. I am a Christian, like helping people. My hobbies are: cooking, gardening, reading, swimming and yoga. I don’t have many friend in the UK, would like to meet more people, and hopefully to find a soul-mate.



Posted: 20 Jul 2003


1.57 m

46 kg

gx, China


this is the first time to this website, i really don't know how to introduce myself! i had a little shy! hahahha!!!!!!!! well, i love laughing, maybe i can make you laugh(if you want!) i'm china girl, i'm seaking a honest,romantic,understanding,warmhearted,sweet,caring man on net.maybe it's not the right way, but i would like to make up my mind to you if you are interesting at me. i'm a seller in a store. i lived alone. hahahha!!!!!!! sorry, it's hard to say about my things to you now, if you are serious to connect a china girl, please give me a message, i will reture you sooner. i didn't want to lose any choice,if it's possblie, we can fall in love and decide a new life together. i would like to give you all my love, let you feel everyday is sunshine. don't play game with me, it's not good, ok? i would like to make a connecting with a man whoes age is 35-50. white man,had some muscle(it will make me feel safe with you!haha!!!) i am ready for marriage now(depend on if i can love you or not!) ok! that's all. email me then, i didn't want you disappointed!! my name is fanny.



Posted: 31 Jul 8


1.65 m

59 kg

Shenzheng, China


A woman beautiful, a woman wanne have marriage, a woman know more aobut the true love day by day....



Accessed: 27 Nov 8


1.57 m

50 kg

Vancouver, Canada


It's May8. A lady with a lot of romantic thoughts, who had dreamed UK for more than 2 years, eventually got lost. However, she'll be there waiting for you...



Accessed: 01 Apr 2006


1.60 m

60 kg

Maryland, USA


Tall, healthy, educated professional man wanted for pen-pal relationship. Must have United States citizenship. No drugs please. Must like to travel and like animals. Must be compassionate, sincere, honest, fun loving, romantic, and an excellent communicater.



Posted: 71 00 1
Modified: 01 Jan 1
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.58 m

47 kg

Shanghai, China


I am an open person, gentle and nice girl who get along well with people and now working in a foreign company in Shanghai as a secretary. I like listening to music, reading books, yoga, tourism and all good things in nature. I am a committed person who put hundred percent in everything I do.



Posted: 22 Dec 2004
Accessed: 29 Dec 2004


1.60 m

50 kg

Guangadong, China


A down to earth lady lives in shenzhen who wants to find a right man to spend the longlife time with.NO time and intersting to play game



Posted: 23 Oct 2005
Modified: 26 Oct 2005
Accessed: 29 Dec 2004


1.52 m

52 kg

Guangxi, China


I am a kind and sincere person:) A common staff at our hospital. Try to find my future at here :)



Posted: 26 Sep 2005
Modified: 27 Sep 2005
Accessed: 28 Oct 7


1.70 m

53 kg

Guangdong , China


I'm a open mind, easy going lady with nice looking and slim body. Hope meet some friends here with no bad habits. Would like enjoy traveling and go outdoor together.


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