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Posted: 04 May 2004
Modified: 21 Jan 1
Accessed: 21 Jan 1


1.64 m

55 kg

Scotland, UK


Hello! I am currently living in Scotland. I consider myself as a beautiful, slim, cute, young looking, mature and independent Chinese lady. I am looking for a gentleman as smart, well-educated, non-smoking and has very good sense of humour for long-term relationship. If anyone is interested in it, please feel free to contact, I promise I will reply.



Posted: 27 Apr 7
Accessed: 12 Jun 7


1.58 m

50 kg

Shanghai , China





Posted: 23 Sep 2006
Accessed: 12 Jun 7


1.62 m

65 kg

Jinan, China


I'm a city girl, who's been teaching Englsih in a university for several years. REcently I am keen on this poem written by Emily Dickinson: If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.



Posted: 30 Jul 2004
Modified: 11 Aug 2004
Accessed: 20 Jun 2006


1.68 m

55 kg

Shanghai, China


A sweet Chinese girl from Shanghai. Do you want to know me? 牋 This is my first time to meet people by this way. I wouldn't think it a good way to make friends by this way before. But the true-life change my idea. I couldn't have enough time to meet more people after graduated from university. I tried to meet people in the bar after work or at weekend, but I failed. Most people, at least I met in the bar, want to seek for one-night sex partner. which is not what I want. I am seeking for true-love and long relationship. So I hope you are that kind of guy. I will use my heartest passion to love you! Maybe we can start from friendship. Sweet smile is waiting for you!



Posted: 12 Oct 2006
Accessed: 06 Jan 7


1.61 m

57 kg

Dalian, China


I'm a college teacher, master degree with a daughter in her freshman year,seeking a soul mate who should be well-educated, master degree or above, honest, gentle, trusty, responsible, considerate and family-oriented.



Posted: 26 Sep 7
Accessed: 16 Dec 7


1.57 m

47 kg

Zhanjiang, China


Now I have to introduce myself to you,I was born in 1972. I was in the college 3 years,after graduated, I have worked as nurse in hospital for 15 years. Although I am a traditional woman, I am a out-going woman. I can get used of every new fasion. I often go shopping with some of my girlfriends. I like swimming in summer time, I like to dance in gym room in winter time. I especially like travelling. I think travelling can enlarge one's view, meanwhile can enlarge one's knowlege,The feeling can be better also, I like to read, watch TV, magzine, listen to the music.



Posted: 13 Dec 7


1.64 m

51 kg

Sh, China


I was a beautiful gentle and caring woman. I look forward to love and marriage, I think the real love is the soul of the exchange, looking forward to knowing you



Posted: 32 Oct 1
Accessed: 40 Oct 1


1.63 m

52 kg

Leeds, UK


我是一个未婚单亲妈妈,由于太执着与自己的初恋,原以为只要珍惜及付出了,就可以执子之手,与子偕老,然而我错爱了!现在只想找个可以托付终身,厚道有爱心的另一半,一起相亲相爱,细水长流,慢慢变老!Hello,I am here to looking for my Mr right,I hope he is kind,mature,and family seeker!



Posted: 14 Sep 2005
Modified: 20 Mar 2006
Accessed: 40 Oct 1


1.55 m

45 kg

Guangxi, China


I am a kind, gentle, straightforward and easy-going girl in life. I have a kind and honest heart, I love life, families, friends, and little animals. I love sunshine because it is warm and bright, I love rain because it can moisten the earth. I believe love is a kind of warm feeling, being moved, romantic, and happy. I hope I could share happiness and bitterness with you in the future days, I hope you are a sincere, kind, affectionate, humorous and responsible man with great passion for life. I hope we could live an simple and quiet life with joy together for the rest of our life. I sincerely pray that we could meet together here, and start our life trip together. I would love to meet someone nice and sincere and serious about a long term relationship leading to marriage age upto 40 years old. Thanks for reading my profile. I hope to hear from you soon.



Posted: 24 Sep 2004
Modified: 25 Sep 2004
Accessed: 29 Nov 2004


1.53 m

50 kg

Nanning, Guangxi, China


I am looking for a man who is as sincere as me on looking for the longlife partner. I am divorced and have a daughter who is 16. so she will be independent. I want to find a man who is honest, loyal,sincere and will share the rest of the life with me together....


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