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Posted: 24 Dec 2004
Modified: 07 Apr 9
Accessed: 22 00 1


1.61 m

59 kg

Nanning, China


Leave me a way to get a hold of you… I am widowed. My husband died from lung cancer 3 years ago, which is a great loss to me. And I am an easygoing woman, I don't smoke, or do drugs, and don't drink or I can drink occasionally. I feel good about providing something that makes a difference in people's lives. I also like being away from work and enjoying time with friends, family and alone. So, if the above fits for you and you think we might be a match in ways that are important to you, please let me know and perhaps we will discover something wonderful. The only thing missing is...someone special to share it with. Please don't get me wrong...I would be willing to follow my heart if the need and create once more. Do you like to be pampered and when ever you walk into the room you would be noticed by your lady and knowing that you are the only man that will ever be in her life? Then look no farther I am a woman that needs but only one man in my life who is honest, sincere, caring, "romantic", kind of woman. I can get along with most people and I do not judge someone too quickly. And I know what real "TRUE LOVE" is. I am A woman with the biggest and warmest heart you'll ever find. When I say "I love", "I love". The only problem I'm having is finding a heart like mine. Only my heart will know when I find him or...he finds me. I'm looking for something that should be so simple. I would like to meet a nice intelligent man who realizes what are the important things in life and what things are not worth wasting your precious time on. I look younger than my pic and feel that way too. I would like to meet a man who is happy and in harmony with himself and the world around him. This morning I got up around 7:30 like I always do to check my mail to see who took the time to write back to me? I truly wish you could be with me, this morning was just perfect to go and do a little bit of walking with hand in hand. Isn't that real fancy?    I love a person who can talk about everything and what in his heart…WITH THIS DESCRIPTION COMES MY HEART If this sounds somewhat like you, then please say hi…


Posted: 20 Sep 2006
Modified: 07 Apr 9
Accessed: 22 Mar 7


1.55 m

45 kg

Wuming, China


I am a chinese women, I live in a small town, I have simpleness life, I like sport, walk, sing, I only smile to face anything, I believe I will can meet a good man.


Posted: 13 Sep 2006
Modified: 05 Jan 9
Accessed: 02 Jan 9


1.63 m

50 kg

Burlington, USA


I would like to meet some quality new people here, make some friend, get to know the world more, let us talk : )



Posted: 11 Oct 1


1.96 m

107 kg

Florida, USA


Dear Friend, Conservative gentleman looking for wife to have mutually respectful life both eastern and western Culture. Want children and stable home life together. Attitude is the most important ingredient... Happiness and partner must be conversationalist... must like to talk, learn and enjoy life.



Accessed: 04 Aug 9


1.6 m

60 kg

Birmingham, UK


i am a little naughty chinese girl!



Accessed: 20 Oct 7


1.65 m

55 kg

Xinjiang, China


Love people, love life, love music



Posted: 02 Sep 2005
Accessed: 26 Sep 9


1.68 m

66 kg

BC, Canada


Hi, Thanks for taking time in readin this. There are different points of views in terms of life, family, love, health etc. I am looking for a serious relationship and not into any games here. If you have the same attitude and know what you want in your life. Please drop me a line. Thanks!



Posted: 03 Jul 2005


1.60 m

54 kg

Guangdong, China


Combined with all the traditional virtues of oriental ladies, I am loyal, laborious filial and quiet. I like reading, music and traveling. I have no special requirement of you, so long as you are healthy, sincere and responsible. I would like you to explore our relationship.



Posted: 14 Jan 2006
Accessed: 21 Feb 2006


1.58 m

53 kg

Nanning, China


I am a soft, compassionate, broad-minded, and sexy Chinese woman, who likes cooking of tasty Chinese food. My favorite things are yoga, reading and going shopping. I like to spend my spare time with my family and friends; I am divorced, and have a daughter living with me.



Posted: 16 Nov 2005
Modified: 06 Feb 9
Accessed: 21 Feb 2006


1.58 m

48 kg

London, UK


Hi...i have found my Mr Right. Good luck to you guys.


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