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Posted: 31 Jan 2005
Modified: 17 May 2006
Accessed: 01 Mar 9


1.60 m

50 kg

Wuhan, China


I am a Chinese girl .i am 36 years old,but i look like younger .i am a engineer work in a reserch institute .i am still single.but i believe I will found my love.i like guileless,optimistic and love live man.if you are and touch me。


Posted: 14 Feb 2005
Modified: 03 Sep 2006
Accessed: 06 Sep 8


1.64 m

49 kg

California, USA


I am a traditional and typical Chinese woman with a good sense of humor.I am also independent in my life. I am warm-hearted,romantic, easy-going and down to earth. I love music,movies,reading,dining,travel...... I am hoping to find a special person who can share my life with. I believe that trust and honesty are essential for a relationship.


Posted: 01 May 2006
Accessed: 19 Oct 9


1.66 m

55 kg

Shenzhen, China


My friends described me as a kind,easy-going,honest,traditional and trustworthy person,and I'm also open-minded.My dream is to desire to own a simple not tedious, comfortable and warm, pleasant and happy family. I am looking for the man who has like-minded,well educated, responsible, loving,healthy and honest.


Posted: 91 00 1
Accessed: 92 00 1


1.68 m

50 kg

Sovetsk, Russia


My name is Svetlana. I live in russia. I the beautiful, kind, sociable girl. I like to get new friends and I hope that on this site I will find many new friends, and the man with which I can probably construct serious relations. I hope I have interested somebody and I hope you to me will write. I wait for letters from new friends.


Posted: 24 May 2006
Modified: 25 May 2006
Accessed: 15 Jan 7


1.63 m

50 kg

Aberdeen, Scotland


A nice chinese lady would like to find friends here and may lead to further relationship with the Mr. Right. I am slim, caring and understanding. The most important feather for my friends is HONEST. I hope to meet you some day.



Posted: 19 Feb 2004
Modified: 06 Apr 2004
Accessed: 71 00 1



59 kg

Guangzhou/Guangdong, China


Kind-hearted, tender and outgoing, I am such kind of woman. I love singing, dancing, and traveling, or taking part in some beneficial activities outdoors. I can do well in cooking, well, my strong suit lies in cooking north-east China local cuisine. There's an old saying in China, it goes like, "it takes a hundred years of self-cultivation to have the chance to take the same boat; and it takes even a thousand years of self-cultivation to have the chance to sharing life together." So I will cherish the chance to meet my destined man. If you are sincere, kind-hearted, with no bad habits, I would like to be that one you search for all your life. I promise I will love you, through good times or bad, I will be yours forever..


Posted: 24 Mar 2006
Modified: 08 Apr 9
Accessed: 71 00 1


1.62 m

50 kg

Liaoning, China


I am a Chinese woman, I am a very gentle woman. I have a daughter.I want to have a family of happiness very much.



Posted: 07 Apr 2004
Accessed: 31 00 1


1.58 m

48 kg

Guangzhou, China


Life is always the gift for anybody, so I have passion towards it and enjoy it in my own style. When I have leisure time, I prefer reading some good books, watching TV, or inviting some good friends to travel outside and spend good holiday together. Traveling is always my favourite hobbies, cau'z it could help me fully relax myself, revigorate, and broden my knowledge of different folk culture. I have a stable job which offers me fair salary, but I feel that sum of money is enough for me to live happily, so I feel quite content with my present life. Maybe I am that kind of "happy-go-lucky" person, right? ^_^ You are supposed to be healthy, honest, considerate and family-minded, amiable, without bad habits of any kind. You value communication and mutual undertanding.


Posted: 19 Jun 8
Accessed: 07 Sep 8


1.61 m

45 kg

Shanghai, China


谢谢你们! 我真心希望用我的真诚能换来你的真爱,从心底渴望能成为你唯一的真爱. 对未来爱人说: 珍惜我,我会陪伴照顾爱你一生一世...... 我不需要你的金钱权势,我只想要你的体贴呵护 我不需要你永不兑现的承诺,我只想要你牵着我的手 我不需要你为我编造美梦,我只想要安安分分做人 Christine的爱好: 音乐,阅读,绘画,旅行,看电影,美容,喜欢 油画,艺术雕塑等. 体育运动类: 瑜伽,跆拳道,太极拳{十一岁时因好奇而学},羽 毛球,网球,乒乓球等. 喜欢的食物: 巧克力,水果,很少吃零食.


Posted: 07 Jan 8
Modified: 61 Oct 1
Accessed: 60 Oct 1


1.62 m

53 kg

Nanning, China


I appreciate everything life offers. Although there is happiness as well as sorrow in my memories, I am happy, because I have much love in heart. Friends consider me as a quiet, tender, kind, family loving and traditional oriental woman. I am here looking for my eternal love. I am sure he is waiting to meet, know and love me somewhere. Love is a kind of passionate friendship, calm understanding, mutual trust, share and tolerance with each other! I never know how beautiful fairy tale is, but only want to have you and grow old with you together!


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