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Posted: 23 Aug 2005
Accessed: 26 Dec 7


1.73 m

73 kg

Shanghai, China


Englishman now living in Shanghai looking to meet new people.


Modified: 16 Jul 2006
Accessed: 18 Jul 8


1.66 m

57 kg

Montreal, Canada


Hi,my name is Heriberto, Canadian(Hispanic origin) speak and write four languages: Spanish, English, French and Polish living in Canada with stable job and without bad habits looking for an atractive and honest Chinese lady for friendship and marriage.Actually, I am learning Chinese language at the University of Montreal. I will be back to China to inprove chinese language.


Posted: 03 Mar 2004
Modified: 06 Apr 2006
Accessed: 15 Feb 9


1.80 m

78 kg

Gold Coast, Australia


I am a Simple fun energetic, romantic man with a gentle, light heart. I like to feel the flow of life, like a mountain river with a waterfall of friendly affectionate romance. I like to dance the romantic tango and rock to the rhythm of the ocean waves. I enjoy playing tennis and swimming 3 times per week. Enjoy being healthy, comfortable and independent. My mind is opening up to a great world of harmony. I believe that mental and physical affection is the soup of life and the healing power of nature. I live comfortably on the Gold Coast Australia close to the sea and have plenty to share with a very affectionate graceful, independent, romantic lady between 36 to 46 years. Must have some pleasant experience of romance and enjoyable healthy, affectionate sex, who speaks and writes English, let us feel the warm energy of 4 arms in sweet embrace.


Posted: 29 Oct 2006
Modified: 30 Oct 2006
Accessed: 05 Nov 2006


1.69 m

78 kg

Nevada, USA


Hi, are you looking for a guy that likes to take walks, have conversations, and spend time at home cooking his favorite meals? á Or when the opportunity arises go on an adventure exploring new places. Maybe going snow skiing or scuba diving. If I interest you let's email and chat to see what developes.


Posted: 03 May 2005
Modified: 04 May 2005
Accessed: 05 Nov 2006


1.78 m

70 kg

Ontario, Canada


I am a Canadian Born Chinese currently living in Toronto Canada. I am looking for friends in china because i will be moving there in August 2005. I will be in guangzhou China, hopefully i can find some people to show me around.


Posted: 22 00 1
Accessed: 31 00 1


1.54 m

53 kg

Manchester, UK


Am an easy out going man who likes to hang out with friends during the weekend and have alittle funs. am a cool guy who came out from a good family reputation and good education. i likes watching movies, sports and also playing tv games when i have the chance.


Posted: 11 Jul 2004
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 13 Jul 7


1.85 m

95 kg

Montreal,Quebec TÚl:514-735-4000, Canad


I am from Montreal canada 47 years old and never married but engaged before. I am looking for a woman around 25 to 33 with no child but open to have . I know a little about chinese culture and respect Chinese women. I am learning Mandarin and I expect to talk chinese in a year from now 07/04 . I need you to be free in your spirit and your mind. I have my own business and I am planning to go to china soon to do some business and perhaps marry the woman of my life.


Posted: 22 Mar 2005
Modified: 27 May 9
Accessed: 19 May 9


1.70 m

80 kg

Victoria, Australia


Came to australia 45 years ago from hong kong.University degree, professional, healthy, active and out going. I like reading , oil painting, eating,travelling and daily exercise. I can speak cantoneses and mandarin. You will find me to be kind, generou and a good listener.


Posted: 15 Nov 2003
Modified: 15 Jan 2005
Accessed: 16 Apr 8


1.72 m

73 kg

Paris, France


My name is Eric and I live in France. I am 45 years old, but I look and feel younger. I am searching for an asian woman who would love to share her life with me and get married. I would love to have children with her. I am gentle, tender, caring and faithful. I do not have bad habits. I am divorced and I have a daughter 6 years old who lives with her mother. I have my own business as a plumber and I live in Paris (france). I expect a wife with all the qualities of asian education (loyal, faithful, tender). I like asian culture and asian food. I hope you will answer to me, even if I am older than you... Sincerely, Eric


Posted: 01 Mar 7
Modified: 04 Mar 7
Accessed: 16 Apr 8


1.80 m

88 kg

Warsaw, Poland


Hi! My name is Lukasz (eng.Lucas I suppose). I'm looking for nice and easy going girl to become my wife in the future. I want to life in China or to get a girl in Warsaw. If you are looking for educated and independent man I'm the right person.


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