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Posted: 20 Mar 2004


1.78 m

74 kg

south, China


I am kind, loyal, generous, focused, intelligent, and energetic. I strive for the best and seek the best. I am honest yet sensitive. Smart yet humble. Kind yet no pushover. I am passionate, sensual, aesthetic, ever young and fun loving. I am a dedicated optimist, wide eyed, always searching for the beauty in life and people. I truly believe that I can have anything I want, and that includes finding my soul mate, my parallel, my life partner and best friend. You've got to be out there. After all, I'm here and I'm simple marvelous...


Posted: 10 Apr 8
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1.73 m

69 kg

PARIS, France




Posted: 07 Apr 2006
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Accessed: 22 Mar 7


1.68 m

64 kg

Copenhagen, Denmark


Hi there. I'm a honest guy from DK, who always have been fascinated of China. The chinese philosophy of life, the Kung Fu, the food and of cause the beautyful ladies ;) My big interest is Martial Art, which I train 5-6 times a week. Among others I have been a instructor in Wing Tsun (a chinese style). I'm not religious, but live my view on life is inspired by buddhist-philosophy. About you, I hope to find a woman, who like me is honest, sincere, have a positive way of thinking and like to live a healthy life.


Posted: 09 May 2006
Modified: 28 Jan 8
Accessed: 28 Aug 8


1.77 m

91 kg

Quebec, Canada


Im a bright, perceptive, articulate, good hearted gentleman with a myriad of intrest and hobbies is actively seeking someone to be my wife. Preference will be to one who like to have children as well as being prepared to live in Canada. I have many skills including being a member of the board of directors of a small social service agency. My undergraduate studies were in psychology. I have intrests in business and as such I am pursuing various speculative investment opportunities. I have strong family ties and value quality time with them as well as close friends.



Modified: 23 Mar 2006
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1.82 m

75 kg

San Diego, Beijing, China, USA


I spent half my time in San Diego, California and half in Beijing, China. I enjoy hiking, camping, bicycling, traveling, exercising, and anything that might be adventurous. I have traveled to many countries in my life, and I like China very much. I think the people and the culture of China are very unique and special. I am a friendly and funny guy who is easy to get along with. So, if you are looking for a friend, a lover, or an English teacher, I am you man - ha ha.


Posted: 06 May 2005
Accessed: 12 May 2005


1.83 m

94 kg

Moscow, Russia


I really wanna meet wonderful honest just and loving Lady who wants to share all the rest of my life .I like persons who display their fidelity!!


Posted: 18 Jul 2006
Modified: 29 Jul 7
Accessed: 20 Nov 7


1.72 m

86 kg

Windsor, UK


Hi there, I live in Windsor, which you might know is a very nice place but I work at a University in central London. I am well educated (Post graduate) gentle guy who is well built and uses the gym 3 times a week, I can also dance quite well... I'd love to meet a nice Chinese woman 28-38 yro with or without kids for a serious relationship, I have travelled to the far east and am very interested in Chinese culture and of course the food! Hope you find what you are looking for;-)


Posted: 25 Aug 7
Accessed: 04 Nov 7


1.80 m

82 kg

Daytona Beach Florida, USA


Am a down to earth easy going man and am seeking for true friend say I have a soft and caring heart, and I like making new friends, travelling, listening to music and watching movies... I respect ladies alot just the way I respect my mom


Posted: 03 Oct 2004
Modified: 24 Aug 7
Accessed: 26 Dec 7


1.80 m

75 kg

Yunnan, China


I'm french,white male,musicien,i live in huizhou guangdong,i enjoy travelling and meeting new people


Posted: 22 Jun 2005
Modified: 13 Oct 8
Accessed: 26 Dec 7


1.70 m

70 kg

Scotland, UK


I am free, open-minded, reliable. Not rich but I have love to give to the woman that wants it. I am born 1953 and is 170 and 73 kg. I am interested in Love, Art and Home styling. Like to reed a good book or watch a quality movies. Like to cook and keep things tidy and nice. I appreciate beautiful things and do some painting my self. Nature and hand in hand walks in the sunset on the beach as well as a nice evening at home with candles and music together with you. One of my main interests should be the girl of my dreams. I do both cocking and sewing my self I do not drink. I am cosy and kind. I am a man with a big heart for fairytales and fantasy, like telling stories and do like kids. My 4 children is now so old that they have their own life. I would like if you have long or half long hair. And that you are you self. Living in Scotland. Dante


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