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Looking for a German Lad for Friendship? You have come to the serious place!

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Posted: 02 Jan 7
Accessed: 04 Jan 7


1.74 m

59 kg

Cebu, Philippines


I wanna meet people who stimulates my interest in their culture, who's fond of knowing things and physically athletic. i want a person who's very open minded and energetic and who adds spice to my life :)


Posted: 29 Apr 2004
Modified: 05 Aug 2006
Accessed: 28 Oct 9


1.86 m

90 kg

Guangzhou, China


Hello I am a 43 year old man from Australia. I am tall and good-looking. I am divorced. I don't have any children. I smoke cigarettes but I do not drink alcohol. I am an English teacher. I hope to stay in China for a long time - maybe 5 years. If you are interested in being my friend, please write to me. Bye for now :)



Posted: 06 Oct 2003
Accessed: 10 Sep 2006


1.83 m

87 kg

manawatu, New Zealand


I am an airforce officer, from england, now living in NZ. I love life and all the good things, music, dancing, dining out and the outdoors. I play sports and keep fit. I am looking for an intelligent pretty lady who wants a family and a loving home, and who enjoys sunshine and the beach!


Posted: 19 Oct 2006
Modified: 23 Mar 9
Accessed: 10 Sep 2006


1.77 m

67 kg

New Brunswick, Canada


I am a warm person living a quiet life. I have many interest but I am a moderate. I am looking for a good women that may be my friend & lover. Lets start our communication and get to know each other.


Posted: 06 Feb 2005
Accessed: 09 Feb 2005


1.83 m

60 kg

Reading, UK


I am a chinese student studying in Reading. looking for friends.


Posted: 09 Dec 2004
Modified: 23 Dec 2006
Accessed: 09 Feb 2005


1.72 m

75 kg

Florida, USA


我是一个简单, 教育, 和坚硬工人。我是一个虔诚活跃基督徒, 频繁地上教会。我出生在美国和现在住在坦帕, Florida.I 上午混杂的遗产, 混合物portugese, 法语, 意大利语, 西班牙人。我athleticly 是活跃的, 我喜爱跑, 武术, 操刀。我是一位好厨夫, 爱烘烤, 安静的步行在晚上由海滩。我爱诗歌, 唱歌, 芭蕾、剧院, 和音乐会。我是一极端浪漫的, 爱亲吻和拥抱。我是孤独和寻找您, 您会是我的妻子和负担我的 亚裔公主我的生活爱。我是在。我知道和了解您的风俗和开化。我的生活是空的没有您我的爱。I am of european heritage. portuguese,french italian,spaniard. I am american born and living in the USA. I am seeking the love of mylife to be my loving wife and i her devoted and loving husband forever, where are you my love?  


Posted: 03 Sep 2004


1.73 m

83 kg

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Nice to meet you =.=" . u will know me when u meet me!


Posted: 18 Sep 7


1.69 m

71 kg

Nanjing, China


Looking for friends and more



Posted: 09 Feb 2004
Modified: 04 Dec 2005


1.73 m

64 kg

England, UK


Hi my name is Michael, I liked your profile! I am only looking for a serous relationship not games, I live in England UK, if you liked my Profile! and are interested in maybe seeing if we are suited to each other, and you are “Really” looking for serous relationship? Then please mail me. Best wishes Michael ps, and if you have some photos!! you can send me that would be really nice thank you?



Modified: 04 Sep 2003
Accessed: 31 May 7


1.70 m

55 KG

Punjab, Pakistan


I am 23 year Old From Pakistan . I am doing Business Import & Export. I am doing Business with Chines Since 2001, I found Chines Peoples very Co-oprate and very honest. So i decide to marry with a chinies Girl. I want no rich , but rich of Heart. I want to settle in china and want to spread my business with the help of expected Life Partner. If you are sincere then contact me please. I am serious man and dont like fools. so please...... My office no. is : 0092-41-673804 Fax : 0092-41-673805 Mobile : 0092-333-6510580 My Chines Mobile no is : 0086-13579985410


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