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Posted: 28 Jul 2004
Modified: 03 Aug 2004
Accessed: 06 Nov 2006


1.8 m

80 kg

Illinois, USA


I am a Buisness person in america who will be taking a break from my career to teach english in China. I am well educated and feel that my oppertunities to be successfull in America will allways exist. However I will not allways be young, and my opportunities to go abroad and experience new people and cultures diminishes with each passing year. I am looking for an asian woman to get to know and possibly have a long term relationship with. I dont care much for women in America as they tend to be shallow and materialistic. I cant say that I am going to meet my soulmate in China and I would have to say that it is not the reason I am going. One thing I can be sure of is that something is pulling me there and she may be it. If it is you contact me I hope to hear from you.



Posted: 21 Feb 2004


1.74 m

75 kg

islam, Pakistan


looking for a friend...who's true and sincere.


Posted: 08 May 2005
Modified: 24 Mar 2006
Accessed: 14 Oct 2006


1.80 m


Dublin, Ireland


FULL OF ENERGY strong white male. Single. Professional (PhD in economics). I am stable financially. I keep my body healthy and in good shape. Every afternoon after work i pump exercises in gym, carry up heavy weights so my muscles are really good and steel strong. I want to share my body (and soul) with the oriental lady age 18-50. I am crazy about surfing. I live in Ireland.


Posted: 15 Aug 7
Modified: 23 Aug 7
Accessed: 14 Oct 2006


1.71 m

81 kg

Washington,DC, USA


I am single white male, 48, w/brown eyes and thinning gray hair, 5'7:, 175 lbs. I have never been married; I have no children. I have been alone, single and chaste for many years but I have been told that I could be a good match for someone. I was raised in strict, religious Chrisitan home as a child growing up; with church, school, the bible, the hairbrush, and the switch whippings. I am quiet, shy, modest and conservative, but I can be passionate with the right person. I don't have much formal dating experience, so I would prefer to go slowly with someone. Would prefer strong. mature, attractive, shapely dominant woman for dating friendship, lTR, marriage.


Posted: 28 Nov 2004
Accessed: 16 Aug 2005


1.82 m

67 kg

Punjab, Pakistan


I am Imran from Saudi Arabia. Basically I belong to Pakistan . I am working in Saudi Arabai since 2 years in Import company. we mostly import from China for Middle East. I Like very Sincer people who helps other without banefits So I am seeking only sincer friends. Thank If your interested so you can send me e-mail.


Posted: 26 Jan 2005
Modified: 14 Nov 8
Accessed: 22 Nov 9


1.72 m

69 kg

Nurembourg, Germany


I am an affectionate and very sensuous man. I am unlocked very much, generous and tolerant. My partner likewise should go very much affectionately and be affectionate.


Modified: 18 Sep 7
Accessed: 22 Sep 7


1.70 m

70 kg

Westcoast, USA


looking for someone special....could that person be you?  


Posted: 21 00 1
Accessed: 20 Oct 1


1.88 m

73 kg

Worcester, UK


Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale


Posted: 13 Apr 2005
Modified: 14 Dec 7
Accessed: 09 Jan 8


1.73 m

67 kg

Warwickshire, UK


english Company director with friends in jiao zhou, qing dao. ex solo singer/guitarist, good looks, fine sense of humour, ex public school educated, and a heart that is soft and warm. learning chinese language enabling me to finally settle in china.


Posted: 11 Apr 2006
Modified: 14 Dec 7
Accessed: 13 Apr 2006


1.80 m

71 kg

Brighton, UK


Hiya, this is rao, indian male living in brighton and hove, uk. i am looking for a serious relation which last for ever....who knows we may stay in london or may be in beijing......... mail me back asap.....


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