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Posted: 06 Sep 2004
Modified: 18 May 2005
Accessed: 26 Nov 2006


1.73 m

77 kg

Milano, Italy


VERY GOOD LOOKING, athletic, 39 yo ITALIAN single marketing manager, VERY GOOD SOCIAL POSITION. I live in Milano. I am educated, never married, SMILING, OPTIMISTIC, GENTLE BUT VERY DETERMINED. I have certain values that I use in everything I do and say. The main values are trust, honesty, understanding, and respect.I always seem to make the right decision when my decisions take in consideration my values. So, I understand how important honesty and trust is. Furthermore, I keep my business, spiritual, educational, physical, and personal life in balance. Through this balance I have been able to achieve internal peace and harmony. My favorite hobby traveling. I like traveling, because I want to understanding and differences in cultures that make human beings so unique. I look forward to all the possibilities that life have to offer. I like a woman who is not afraid to express her feeling. I like women who are always themselves and have sense of strength, intelligence, sensuality and romanticism. I find those qualities very tantalizing and challenging.I do not like women who are fake and perpetrate a fraud when there around different people. I like persons that can enjoy the best the life can offer them, as well as me! if you decide to contact me (that will make me very happy) u can drop me a line. in the case my profile doesnt interest you, good luck for your search and the best for you Alex


Posted: 24 Oct 2004
Accessed: 06 Mar 9


1.78 m

76 kg

Shanghai, China


I'm a American expat who will be moving to Shanghai soon, looking for a friend and possibly more.


Posted: 28 Jul 2004
Modified: 25 Jun 7
Accessed: 24 Jun 7


1.71 m

69 kg

Texas, USA


Single man interested in young wife. Seeking a happy woman who is interested in coming to USA. I am hard working/honest,but not a wealthy man. Looking for an honest,spiritual girl seeking marriage and children.


Posted: 07 Sep 2004
Modified: 03 Jan 2005
Accessed: 02 Jan 1



70 kg

Scotland, UK


Iam looking for a woman who is kind loving,and careing.Iam kind honest and loving hobbies are mountain biking,cooking,reading,walking in the mountains and beach. if you would like to know more about me you can mail me


Posted: 09 Sep 2006
Modified: 10 Sep 2006
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.70 m

63 kg

Vancouver B.C, Canada


S o lightly upon my waist, i can feel your strong frame at my back. m y naive heart had buried feelings ,o h let me be, n many things that one day meant much. c ease with these whispers, h eart forever ating... beating... e verything we had burned on ,u incessantly soar in my mind, n puddles, constant puddles ,g rown in the most fertile of fields. 3 I wish you were here now, 6 Right by my side, 9 I need you more then ever, @ But your no where near. h er mean pot of Macaroni and cheese ,o h let me be, t hen come the sleepless nights, m y heart melts into instant adoration ,a blonde-haired green-eyed sweetheart, i truly adore .l ove is like a puzzle there can be thousands of pieces, c uz it's not a show on MTV, o f the internal tears I cry, m y cheek, the touch thank u,


Posted: 30 Oct 7
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.72 m

73 kg

London, UK


I am looking for a that special woman who knows who she is and what she wants in life. Wishes to share many different activities together. Strong inside and out, but loving and tender too. One who can laugh and have social graces. We are all human''s, therefore, no one is perfect. I look for a good heart and soul. One who loves to enjoy many activities. A romantic at heart. I want to treat a woman like a queen with high regard because she gives me the same as I would do to her. I would like my woman to travel as I enjoy travelling around the world.


Posted: 01 Feb 7
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.83 m

84 kg

Michigan,grand rapids, USA


Looking for someone to spend my life with i want a family. i am young but very mature. i like movies and music very interested in all cultures and wish to learn more about them. i like to travel and i hate being alone.



Posted: 24 Apr 2004
Accessed: 14 Jan 2006


1.74 m

93 kg



I am writing because I am seeking a nice loving young woman for a loving marriage partner. I am very impressed with your inner beauty and the way you portray yourself. I am single, never married; I dont smoke, drink very little if ever and NO DRUGS of any kind whatsoever. I am university educated BA. I have traveled the world extensively and consider myself very business smart. I design computers and have exclusive software to market in China. I have no desire to take you from your mother-country, but have a strong desire to come to China to spend the rest of my life there. I really love chinese food. I know that within our family setting I have much wisdom and knowledge to share. From a political point of view I am a conservative Libertarian and moraly very conservative. I dont want to write too long a first letter so as to bore you but you will soon learn that I am an excellent communicator. I am very committed to finding a loving and caring Wife and taking very good care of her. I will come to China to teach English very soon; my information is attached. Your Very Sincere Friend, Keith Dobbs Further Information: I am a single, never married man, don't smoke, almost don't drink and have never touched DRUGS of any kind, not even Chemical, Medical Drugs. I am an excellent Communicator and Motivator with knowledge in many fields; I am an electronic technician; have designed and built computers for more than 10 years; will bring to China New computer design and my own software package; also designed many vacuum tube amplifier products; I have knowledge and experience in Radio and television production; as well as world economics and world politics. I have lived/worked in 16 countries. I grew up in New Zealand on a farm and after education and starting a career in the printing industry I also became an acomplished musician teaching and playing clarinet and Alto Saxophone. New Zealand has 50% immigration from mainland China so I am no stranger to either Chinese food or Chinese culture. I also lived for 20 years in Australia in which Sydney is the largest Chinese city of any western country in the world. The Guangdong Province Southeasten Provincial Trade Fair is held there each year. At present it has grown into a very large national event. Some years ago I was a Tourist guide at the Mandarin Club,for this event, showing important visitors the sights of Sydney Harbor and used the Children that came to entertain in the caberet in the evening to translate for me. [most of the visitors were elderly and spoke no English] I have also lived and worked in approx. 15 other countries. [mostly Asian countries.


Posted: 20 Mar 2005
Accessed: 01 Jun 2006


1.67 m

66 kg

Durham, UK


Hello peter here Fun friendly and easy going looking for a friend and maybe lover but who knows where we will end up on the path of life.


Posted: 22 Feb 7


1.80 m

85 kg

Beijing, China


I'm a 31 year old British man who has lived in Asia for the past 7 years and worked as a professional teacher. I now I have chosen to settle down and try and make Beijing my home. Due to this I would like to meet a women who is similar to me in that she wants to have a home life where both people are equal.


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