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Posted: 05 Aug 7
Accessed: 31 Aug 9


1.77 m

84 kg

London, UK


I'm a friendly guy with a good sense of humour. I am British and live in London (UK) and work for a government department doing administration work. Quite sensitive and creative. I can be witty in the right company but am not a 'joke teller' as such. I prefer the 'ad lib' sense of humour approach. Interests: I enjoy listening to a wide range of music, from early music, through the various classical genres to Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul, New Age and Electro-Acoustic/Soundscapes. I'm not a 'clubber' type of person although I enjoy seeing bands/singers at various smaller venues. I enjoy watching DVD movies, cinema, reading, eating out, walks in parks, visit to places of interest, surfing the web, playing computer games etc. I enjoy writing and reading poetry. I'm looking for someone who wants an intensely fulfilling relationship built on love, loyalty and mutual respect, where we enhance each other's lives. I want our souls to recognise each other and wander off into the mists of future time together.


Posted: 28 Nov 2005
Modified: 22 Dec 2005
Accessed: 31 Aug 9


1.89 m

100 kg

London, UK


Donít stare too much with mouths open & hearts racing when you see my picture Ė ok, LOL!!! Iíd like to hook up with a Chinese lady living in London for friendship, a bit of adventure & spontaneous romance- with a view to long term relationship if we connect. A woman whoís natural in her character, genuine, attractive, has an inner beauty, carryís herself well, knows how to have fun/pleasure, relax / be a little crazy (have a laugh/joke) & also likes to treat a man with the same respect she wants to receive. Iím single, own my own property in south London, have a good education & settled in my career with a good income. Iím into Chinese culture, having studied theatre & history / tradition. I like the Chinese womanís traditional values; kind heart, caring, strong yet gentle character with a strong sense of commitment to relationship / family life. Iím a cultured man, open minded in my views, ideas & a good communicator/ listener. I possess a strong inner strength, positive character & a happy, optimistic outlook to life. Iím good looking, honest, mature, caring, adventurous, spontaneous, have a great, humorous personality & fun 2 be with. I enjoy keep fit, martial arts, jogging, tennis, swimming, walking, travelling, reading, playing piano/drums, listening to music, concerts, theatre, movies/cinema, eating out, cooking, horse riding, dancing (salsa, ballroom, cha cha.) Thanks for reading. Hey come on, why donít you come say hello? † Lifeís about taking the odd chance so come chat with me Ė this is 1 opportunity you'll be glad you didn't miss! GEE


Posted: 13 May 2005
Modified: 14 May 2005
Accessed: 16 Sep 7


1.92 m

102 kg

Arizona, USA


I'm an honest, responsible, optomistic, easygoing and happy american man seeking a sweet and lovely chinese woman for my partner in life and love. I love to travel, see other places and learn more about life. I want to build a warm, cozy and happy home and be there to support and love my woman. I will be there for her and hold her hand for ever, in both good and bad times. Life is too short to let it pass us by and I think we must live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment. I have a good life now and comfortable home but I wish for the love and companionship of a woman who shares many of my interests. Let us experience life's journey together.



Posted: 08 Apr 2004


1.81 m

70 kg

LAHORE, Pakistan


HI i am a nice and cute guy and i am looking for a sweet girl with whom i want to live a beautiful life.i am also romantic person.r u? if u r so plz contact with me as soon as possible i am waiting for u. take care bye YASIR


Posted: 22 Mar 9
Accessed: 29 Mar 9


1.84 m

57 kg

Scotland, UK


I am single and ready to go into relationship, i am good looking and presently working with Jack & Jones Co. Ltd.


Posted: 11 Jul 2006
Accessed: 02 Jan 8


1.80 m

150 kg

Berlin, Germany


Hello Ladies! I'm from germany and looking for a lifetime partner. They say I'm easy-going, fun to be with, friendly, smart and helpful. In my freetime I'm fond of travelling, reading, cooking, learning foreign languages, singing and listening to the music. I like asian countries and asian ladies very much. Let's get to know each other. PS: I'm a Panda Man. :-)



Posted: 25 Jan 2004


1.79 m

62 kg

Nepal, Nepal


I am Lokendra, I want marrige with diffrent culture, country it is serious not a jock, i am a business man. any body like to marrige me please write me directly. I am single.own home, own business etc.


Posted: 20 Dec 2005
Accessed: 09 Sep 2006


1.89 m

66 kg

Auckland, New Zealand


I am looking to meet a slim asian lady for a long term relationship. I am gentle and kind inside, very practical, well educated, English but now live in NZ, hoping to move to Australia, like the outdoors, plants and animals, not into sport. I like good food and can cook pretty well.


Posted: 18 Dec 8


1.71 m

70 kg

Budapest, Hungary


Hello Dear I'm live in Budapest Hungary Europe. I'm looking for big love of my life, a kindly, smiling, slim and womanly fierce girl, who like with me to sports (swimming, rideing to bicycle, playing tennis, hiking etc. ) and who like nature, and maybe speak hungarian. If I'm a magnetic man for you and if you interested to living in Europe please write me.


Posted: 18 Nov 2005
Modified: 28 Nov 7


1.85 m

90 kg

Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


I am looking for a special lady. Is it you? Hi, I am a tall, good-looking Australian man. I am friendly, easygoing, young-at-heart and well-mannered. I have been divorced and on my own for 9 years so I think that it is time for me to find a new partner. I hope that I can find a special lady. Is it you? † I would like to meet a friendly, easy-going, young-at-heart, happy and straight-forward Chinese lady who smiles often. I do not like temperamental people or people who play games.I like people who say what they mean and mean what they say. I am sorry but I cannot speak, read or write Chinese.


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