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Posted: 23 Jul 2004
Modified: 04 Dec 7
Accessed: 21 Feb 9


1.80 m

90 kg

Sstergotlands, Sweden


I am kind,loving,caring,family oriented man,liberal and open minded. I am seriously looking for my better half. I want somebody to love,to cherish and to share my life with. If you are serious as I am and wanting to settle down please contact me I am patiently waiting for your letter.


Posted: 16 Jun 2004
Modified: 05 Aug 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.67 m

62 kg

West Country, UK


Hi, my name is Ken. I have a great love of China, its people, its traditions and its culture. Much of the appeal relates to Chinese traditional values and beliefs. I see great virtue in having a kind and caring heart that is willing to share in life's adventures and journey. I think kindness, courtesy and consideration for others are commendable attributes. Of myself, I am much travelled, though my home is in England. In life, I have a practical multi-disciplined approach, being a professional Engineer. I would like to think that I have a great appreciation of the arts, literature and the theatre. I am also passionate about many sports and enjoy swimming, sailing, hiking and running. Whilst at home in the City, I still seek the balance, harmony and tranquility of the countryside, the natural aspects of sun, sea and fresh air. Other interests include: cooking (as an enjoyable pastime), as well as dining out and good conversation. I am a non-smoker. I am looking for someone who is well educated, independently-minded (not afraid to express her own views and opinions), sincere, caring, kind, compassionate, feminine, practical, with a good sense of humour (essential) and who believes that romance is a living ideal.


Posted: 02 Oct 2004
Accessed: 30 Oct 7


1.77 m

91 kg

Florida, USA


ABOUT MYSELF: OK... I give up... I realize that life is better when shared with another.... Being alone (single parent without a significant other) can drive a person crazy...."I miss the feeling of being in love"... I've been raising my kids myself for over 13 years, that they are grown and have their own lives (almost) it's time for Dad to get a life again"......a Little about me: I like to work goals, I am a pleaser, I am also giving, considerate,patient(most of the time) totally honest, confident, a good kisser, a little kooky, somewhat creative, spontanious and enjoy meeting people. I enjoy the simple things in life; children, volunteering, cooking, eating, good food & drink,playing my guitar, sex and thinking about sex, going to the beach, walking, swimming, fishing, the arts, travel, a good movie/play, quiet/personal time,etc,etc... ABOUT YOU: Above all, my future mate must be Honest, Supportive and Faithful... I really would like to find a woman that can "take care of things" like: Managing money, keeping a decent house, you know the basics.. what a woman does!.... I am open to the idea of starting another family, or not. Depends on what She wants out of this point in my life it seems that I am simply "vasilating" until my new "Other half"-for-the-rest-of-my-life comes along.


Posted: 28 Aug 2006


1.73 m

64 kg

Indiana, USA


Kind loving hard working man looking for friendship mabe more



Posted: 15 Mar 2004
Modified: 03 Oct 2004


1.75 m

68 kg

Buddhism, China


I am a men seeking for a nice woman to make home


Posted: 06 May 2006
Modified: 24 May 2006
Accessed: 05 Sep 2006


1.72 m

90 kg

Norfolk, UK


Hi. I am now seperated and I am looking for a slim to average woman. You will need to have a good sense of humour as i am a bit of a joker and hate to see misery.


Posted: 26 Jul 2005
Modified: 04 Aug 2005
Accessed: 05 Sep 2006


1.67 m

66 kg

Boston, USA


I'm an ordinary guy, shy and quiet at times, looking for a cute girl 18-30 that looks good and feels good about herself.


Posted: 11 Oct 2004
Modified: 15 Jun 2005
Accessed: 42 Oct 1


1.80 m

71 kg

Shandong-China, South-Germany


I'm a open minded and flexibel person since ten years divorced and without children, who always try in any situations never give up. I learned it from my parents which not always had a good time in their life. I know the life can be short and therefore I live my life when ever I can every day with open eyes. I need a active life which keeps me open minded, flexibel and in good condition. My friends always says, my ID-card is much older than I'm. May be they are wright, but you can find it out. Just try it. To keep my condition I do in sport the Squash, Badminton and Jogging. When there is a nice day I take the bike and go straight the nose to somewhere or I take place in the cockpit to visit friends at other locations. In the same way I like the speed of the bike and the wide few at riding on the top of the clouds I like the silence of the sea during scuba diving between fishes or riffes. But all of this is just the half of happiness or even less when you do it only alone or with "friends". To share all the emotions of this or something else with a real partner, makes the life and daily doing more enjoyable and attractive. I don't care about nationality and absolute not about religion. But something is important for me. You should be honest, flexible, open minded and non smoker. I'm in this moment not fixed on getting married, let's be friends before. But if you'll be that one who is my shadow and the light, I'll be open for it. I don't want have own children anymore. If you have a child already, it will be no problem for me. I have a leading Job in a German Company in China-Shandong Province. Let me know if you have the same mind and contact me.


Posted: 17 Oct 2004
Accessed: 03 Sep 8


1.86 m

82 kg

Shanghai, China


Hi, I am a funny guy who arrived in shanghai in july 2004. Now I would like to meet nice girls for friendship and having fun. Please don't be afraid to write me :-)



Modified: 26 Jan 2004


1.74 m

75 kg

London, UK


I am a pleasant guy from Poland who lives and have own business in London. My interests are; music , photography and electronics. I write my own music on keyboard instruments and guitar. I would like to meet a girl with similar interests ( but not necessairly) who would be willing to help me to improve my English. In return I will offer my friendship, good and sincere fun and eternal gratitute.


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