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Posted: 11 Apr 2005
Modified: 08 May 2006
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1.88 m

72 kg

Surrey, UK


SWEET CARING YOUNG CHINESE GIRL WANTED. Hi there, I am looking for a nice slim young Chinese girl for a long term relationship. I have been to China 18 times in the last 24 months and have learnt something about the culture and the food. I enjoy being in China and like the people I have met very much. If you are looking for a English person with caring feelings, who is sensitive and appeciates nice things, then please send me an email and I will respond. I am also happy to send you some other pictures or give a phone number so that I may contact you.


Modified: 30 May 8
Accessed: 10 Sep 8


1.73 m

67 kg

Oldham, UK


honest, loving, caring, responsible man who seeks someone special for friendship leading possible to romance later.


Posted: 03 Sep 2004
Modified: 14 Dec 2006
Accessed: 16 Jan 9


1.70 m

64 kg

Endicott, USA


Look much younger, professional, caring, affectionate, passionate, considerate, and told cute Chinese male. Like travel, walking on the beach, ballroom dancing, music, comedy. enjoy sitting in a concert/recital/opera hall, hiking up the beautiful moutains, cozing up on sofa with a nice cup of coffee, listening to music. Please write to me so that i can write to u in more details.


Posted: 11 Apr 2006
Accessed: 60 00 1


1.77 m

113 kg

Oregon, USA


I live on the west coast of the USA and travel to China three or four times a year. Usually I go to Shenzhen and Shanghai. I have a high level government job, am successful in my work, I have my own home, and have been living alone for over two years. It is time for me to have a woman back in my life. I am available for a long term relationship and would like nothing more than to meet and nice Chinese woman to begin the process. I am a nice guy and have very honorable intentions. I look forward to meeting you.


Posted: 14 Apr 7
Accessed: 14 Jan 9


1.81 m

85 kg

Zangjaijie Hunan, China


Hi I am an English teacer in Zangjaijie, Hunan. I am seeking a mature lady with some English since I have no Chinese who lives close enough that i could visit her on weekends, or have her come here. I am young for my years many people think me 50-55. I am young at heart, activity and interests. My idea of a perfect date would be to go out to a quiet place with some entertainment to have a drink or two and enjoy good food and company. I plan to return to Canada at the end of this term, so i cannot offer a long term commitment, just good friendship for as long as possible. I think I can show the right lady a good time. I also like long walks in scenic places



Posted: 23 Sep 2005
Modified: 20 Nov 7
Accessed: 30 Oct 1



150 pounds

Chicago, ILL, USA


Hi, I'm a 46 years Chinese gentleman, U.S citizen, living in Chicago, US. I work as a business banker. I have a MBA degree and excellent both in Chinese and English (spending 18 years in China and 26 years in U.S ). I consider myself highly educated, sophisticated and romantic, seeking true meaning and soul mate in life. I like to travel and taking photograph. I also like to write Chinese poems and read classical literature and history. In music I like songs by Deng LiJun; her songs are very romantic and passionate to me. In sport, I like to play ping pong and watch foot ball. In women, I desire for both inner and outside beauty, somebody like me, seeking for a higher quality of spiritual life, a lady who is romantic, tender, loyal, caring, joyful and educated. She is willing to live in U.S., age between 27 to 45.I'd like to start commuicating and matching process in terms of compatible temperment, personality, education and family background. It takes time to know people. I like to become your friend first and hopefuly with destiny, fate, efforts and love, we can become soul mates and enjoy rest of beautiful and happy life together-hand in hand!.



Posted: 12 Aug 7
Accessed: 28 May 9


1.85 m

86 kg

Yorks, UK


Would like to meet chinese lady for freindship maybe more


Posted: 16 Apr 2006
Modified: 29 Jul 2006
Accessed: 11 Jun 7


1.76 m

76 kg

London, UK


My friends tend to think I'm quite wild and mad, always trying extreme sports whenever i can. I love travelling and hopefully will get to see more of the world, currently been to Oz, parts of Europe, America and South Africa. I'll give anything a go as life's too short to worry about everything. I'm looking to meet some great (and funny) friends and someone to have a longterm relationship with. I'm BBC and currently work in central london as a Civil engineer. Love trying out new food, seeing different architecture, reading intersting and funny books such as the Discworld series.



Posted: 05 Apr 2006
Modified: 29 Jul 2006
Accessed: 05 Jan 7


1.70 m

60 kg

Scotland, UK


Hello, I'm 21, Hong Kong chinese living in UK, Scotland and I go to Strathclyde uni (final year) sometimes if I wake up. I like seafood and rib-eye steaks (medium)...I like fighting and watching anime whenever I have time...Send me an email if you would like to talk...I paid so if you send me a free message, I can email you and we can start talking!


Posted: 06 Jan 8
Modified: 26 Jan 8
Accessed: 11 Aug 8


1.76 m

76 kg

Derby, UK


Fun loving that loves life, just want to love and be loved. I am still going through devoice at the moment after finding out my wife was seeing another man, I was married to a Chinese woman for 5 years I so I love the Chinese culture and way of life, and maybe one day go and live in china. I am looking for someone who will not break my hart in return I will give lots of love and fun I have a excellent sense of hummer, so if you donít like someone making you smile, laugh and loving you until the worlds end do not apply.


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