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Posted: 20 Jan 7


1.75 m

64 kg

Istanbul, Turkey


ım here for just fun :)


Posted: 04 Oct 7
Accessed: 05 Oct 7


1.72 m

78 kg

Hillerod, Denmark


Hi! I'm a Danish guy travelling often to China. I'm looking to have friendly company when visiting the country.


Posted: 25 Mar 2005
Modified: 12 Nov 2005
Accessed: 22 00 1


1.77 m

90 kg

Beijing, China


GOOD MAN SEEKING FASCINATING LADY! Nin Hao Lovely Lady of China! I am a wealthy 44 year old American businessman and soon will be working in HK and South China but live in USA. I LOVE Chinese culture, history, FOOD and people and look forward to my time in China. I am a widower for many years and have devoted myself to my work, and now hope to find a friend and companion to share life and happiness with. I love to laugh (loud like many gweillo do), enjoy film, music (ALL music), cooking, travel, study, museums, long walks, short walks and talking. I hope to meet a very special Chinese friend who will share her life and her thoughts and love and culture with me. I want to learn very much about China and her beautiful people and to practice my speaking. I come to HK and South China more and more so perhaps we can write emails and plan a meeting?    I wish you every happiness and joy! My picture is of a secretary and me making an important decision in the Forbidden City ^-^ Hui tou jian!


Posted: 06 Jan 2005
Modified: 10 Jan 2005
Accessed: 09 Feb 7


1.65 m

67 kg

New York, USA


Looking for a long term relationshiop toward marriage. Any lady are welcome to write me an email. I am looking foward to receive your letter and I will reply as soon as possible. I am not married, 35 years old. I am still single. I like sports, travel, dining out, children and pet. I live in the United States for 17 years. I was born in Taiwan. I like to meet a girl with same interests and hobby. I like girl kind and gentle with good heart. I am 35 years old. I want to settle down with a girl I love. Can that person be you?  Please email me if you are interested in me.


Posted: 08 Jun 2004
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 28 Oct 7


1.78 m

95 kg

Sydney, Australia


Looking for lady companion. Someone who is trustworthy, loving and fun to be with.Who can be funny sometimes and serious and supportive at challenging times. Someone that will make life complete and I hope I will make her life complete also. I have own home in Sydney, you will find me at Oakville2765 - at hotmail . am semi retired business person, like to find lady that will make life fun and content.


Posted: 26 Oct 2004
Modified: 31 Oct 2004
Accessed: 11 Apr 2005


1.73 m

73 kg



Hi there My name is Dipu.34years old.I would like to friendship with China people.Too much I love China.My hobby watching TV,Travels,litsening song and friendship with other country people.This month I went to China. So I would like to know about China.And I want to speak Chines languase.Ni how? I am a single. Bye Dipu



Posted: 11 Apr 2004
Modified: 10 Feb 2005


1.74 m

75 kg

rhubarb, UK


Hello and how are you today (-; Fine i hope if not tell me why.


Modified: 18 Aug 2006
Accessed: 14 Aug 8


1.81 m

87 kg



Hello. I am a glad, affectionate person, romantic I describe myself as a very loving man of character but I like much to enjoy the moments that to me at the moment the life next to my dear beings offers until the moment arrives for letting my home to form my own family who someday say that at least you think the love touches your door I hope to find I am looking for it soon a stable relation, serious where he exists much communication and respect because I think that these factors are very important, in addition I think that there is no perfect woman in this world but if with virtues and values that form part of our form to be I would like that my pair is honest, affectionate and responsible for its own acts. The love can be anywhere of the world.


Posted: 04 Mar 2004
Modified: 29 Sep 2004
Accessed: 24 Jul 2006


1.81 m

71 kg



Hi (Ni How Ma), I'm a friendly and humourous Irish guy looking for a sweet Chinese girl to chat with online, I'm also looking for a relationship. I work as a Civil Engineer at the moment in Singapore. I would like to meet someone online who is sincere and honest. Hope to talk soon.



Posted: 03 Sep 2003
Modified: 25 Jan 2004
Accessed: 02 Dec 2004


1.70 m

84 kg

Boston, USA


Searching for someone sincere and serious about relationship... Drop me an email. Jaa


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