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Posted: 31 May 7
Modified: 01 Jun 7
Accessed: 01 Nov 7


1.78 m

78 kg

Beijing, China


I declare the ladies first, I feel to have a necessity really to declare the ladies first.(applause) I ain't the ladies who come to loiter about here,(through long not the applause of interest) positive elephant you also not is to loiter about of one ladies.(long time of through long not the applause of interest)please let me say that finish words the ladies.I absolutely keeping in mind dignified solemn and sacred mission to come to explore to sound elephant here's ising similar to you is an unreachable business. but, make person matchless regret of is for all that, you and I are similar up to now return at cautious and conscientious of the greed peep the future of that dream sort.( If really there are what that damn future words)however, passed by for some years, we still went back and forth in perplexedly up to now~~~~~~!(Keep on but warm long time through long not the applause of interest~~~~~~~)The thanks is each!


Posted: 10 May 9
Accessed: 01 Nov 7


1.74 m

62 kg

London, UK


Hello ladies looking for friends in London Central.


Posted: 24 Dec 7
Accessed: 30 Dec 7


1.77 m

88 kg

London, UK


Hi, Im Robert in UK looking for companion to share good tiemes with. I'm working in Finance, I'm honest, sincere and loyal


Posted: 21 Oct 7


1.76 m

65 kg

ZheJiang, China


Hi i m jack.. want to make some chinese friends.. will be happy to be ur friend


Posted: 02 Jan 2005
Accessed: 31 Jul 7


1.85 m

77 kg

Glasgow, UK


Hi what do you think? could we get together sometime to chat or have a coffee to chat? I am a Social Worker, have been seperated for 5 and 6 months years...5.5 years well if you respond I will tell you lots do I send you my pic? If you respond I will send my pic and a story about me, likes etc.... michael


Posted: 15 Nov 2005
Modified: 14 Jun 2006
Accessed: 05 Dec 7


1.73 m

74 kg

New York, USA


Very Intelligent Very Handsome Highly Intellectual Polite - Considerate Gentle Senstive Highly Responsible Leader Looyal and Faithful Love Music and Travel


Posted: 04 Apr 2004
Modified: 01 Apr 2005
Accessed: 30 May 2005


1.76 m

72 kg

Stockholm, Sweden


Hi, I am 32 year old. I have a master in business and computer science. These last years have I had my own business that I recently sold and am now working as a teacher in business economics. This summer (2005) am I planning to go back to China to study Chinese for 7 weeks in either Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. If you have any tips about good universities, want to be my language partner(fudao) or just want to meet me and show me your city, please write me.


Posted: 14 Feb 2005
Modified: 07 Oct 2005
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.70 m

60 kg

Berkshire, UK


A well-educated gentleman who is working as a lecturer in a UK university is looking for a nice wife...



Posted: 16 Oct 2003
Accessed: 05 Sep 7


1.75 m

68 kg

Midlands, UK


I am interested in meeting exotic Chinese princesses. I have a stable home and job, nice familey, the only think missing is someone to love.


Posted: 26 Sep 2005
Accessed: 12 Feb 2006


1.87 m

100 kg

Zhejiang, China


My name is rob, i am currently working as an english teacher in china, i hope to find a beautiful chinese girl to call my love


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