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Posted: 17 Nov 7


1.77 m

57 kg

Alabama, USA


Am seeking for someone that knows about love, someone honest and someone loving,


Posted: 20 Oct 2006


1.83 m

100 kg

Qinhuangdao, China


I have Chinese residence and work contract for one year, but I like living in China very much and can extend both easily. I am very attracted to warm hearted and gentle Chinese women and I am seeking a relationship or more.


Posted: 18 Feb 2005
Modified: 08 Mar 2005
Accessed: 01 Aug 8


1.70 m

60 kg

Manchester, UK


I am am honest, friendly, easygoing boy from Guangzhou, China. I just finished MSc Finance in Manchester, I like traveling,playing badmington,and singing+drinking. I would like to make some friends here.I am looking forward to hear from you.Please e-mail me.



Posted: 08 Jan 2004
Accessed: 15 Mar 8


1.75 m

92 kg

Washington, USA


Hello, Looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with. I'am good looking and educated, willing to learn new language and culture. Will live anywhere that my new partner would like. Like to keep fit and enjoy movies and relaxing with that someone. Life is to short lets get together and have fun with each other.


Posted: 27 May 2004
Modified: 07 Sep 2005
Accessed: 09 Feb 7


1.65 m

64 kg

Mid-West, USA


I can be a friend first, I prefer this way to start. Check my profile, if you like what you see, then contact me. I do not want to waste any of your time, so I will be straight forward. I am currently an IT professional and going after my Master. Other than that, I tell you later.


Posted: 26 Jun 2005
Modified: 28 Dec 7
Accessed: 09 Feb 7


1.87 m

86 kg

Los Angeles, CA, USA


****LIKE : german engineered automobiles, eating out, partying, music and movies and going to the gym DISLIKE: dishonesty, and pretensious people****I have been living in america practically all my life. i came here when I was six. I went to school here and now I work here in California. I visited China 3 years ago and what a change it was from what i remebered as a little boy. I love the people in China, the land, the cities, the food and the culture. Having almost forgotten what it means to be chinese I want to reconnect with the land I was born in. Because i came so young I do not know anyone in China. i would like to make some new friends or even meet a girlfriend and learn to speak chinese better. Currently I am a single working professional here in LA. I work in real estate and I am also a real estate investor. I am not looking for love because I do believe that the harder you look the less likely you will find it. My philosophy right now is just to enjoy life as much as I can while still young. Im not afraid to try new things, and I would like to meet someone who also have the same views of life. For any interested ladies out there please send me an email. I would definitely like to get to know you and maybe more! Much love from sunny Southern California!


Posted: 23 Dec 2005


1.72 m

65 kg

Johannesburg, South Africa


Hie everyone I`m a black man interested in an asian lady who is between 18-25years old. If you interested mail me pliz.


Posted: 27 Sep 2004
Modified: 04 Apr 7
Accessed: 03 Apr 7


1.80 m

75 kg

Bristol, UK


Hi,i'm a 33 year old english man looking to meet a lady living in the south west of the UK.I dont know what else to write at this point in time,if you would like to find out more then write back to me and i will be happy to answer your questions. I first posted a while ago and it is now November 2005 and i am still i hope to hear from you soon!! ;0) Bill.


Posted: 14 Jan 2004
Modified: 13 Sep 8
Accessed: 14 Sep 8


1.77 m

80 kg

Wales, UK


good looking popular guy looking to meet the love of my life I love tiny cute asian girls and would love to spend my life in harmony and peace caring and sharing forever with one of them. msg me ;-) u know u wanna! xx


Posted: 31 May 2005
Accessed: 10 Jun 2005


1.83 m

72 kg



Hi! I live in Irvine and I am a student. Please feel free to email me.


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