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Posted: 18 Nov 2005
Modified: 20 Nov 2005
Accessed: 09 Nov 7


1.81 m

74 kg

Copenhagen, Denmark


I am an easy guy who keep my legs on the ground, and still spontanious. Im a guy who like to make fun, and knows when to be serious(ly kidding)... I am a businessman with great creative passion, and Im addicted to the sparkling moments of romantic adventure...


Posted: 27 May 2005
Modified: 05 Nov 2005
Accessed: 09 Nov 7


1.73 m

70 kg

Harbin, CHINA


Hi i am going to china for studing Chinese language and business , i like to see asia and travel all arround the world , looking for nice female friends , message me if u like to be my friend and travel with me Have nice day bye I am in China now


Posted: 06 Dec 2003
Modified: 07 Sep 2006
Accessed: 02 Dec 2006


1.83 m

70 kg

Changchun, China


I am a chinese guy.I am 27 years old.I wanna find a best friend on line.Maybe some one will say:There are so many lies on line .But I am not swindler.I can be sure.Trust in me.I am truly.



Posted: 27 Jul 2004
Accessed: 10 Jun 7


1.75 m

71 kg

bishan,singapore, Singapore


Iam an Indian.I like 2 hav chinese gal as my life partner bcoz they r adjustable,caring,beautiful..I strongly believe in 1man 1woman reLationship.If uu feeel that ur my perfect match do mail meee so that v can know each other & decide whether "vr made for each other r not".iam leaSt bothered about my fiancee's past life. I hav done my masters in industrial engg from National University of Singapore(NUS).now iam doing Phd in OPERATIONS RESEARCH in NUS.


Posted: 13 Jan 2006
Accessed: 10 Jun 7


1.76 m

67 kg

Colorado, USA


I have a strong wish to find a Chinese or Japanese soul-mate to share my life with. I want to create a strong and healthy relationship. Im playful at times and serious when the time calls for it. I am very faithful and need the same. I see myself as an open-minded, generous, and skillful person. I have a soft side for women that are traditional and gentle with a spontaneous mind and not afraid to try new things. She is always ready to help people, but not make overwhelming sacrifices. I am an intelligent, polite young man willing to participate in your culture. I am not a shy person, but sociable and talkative when spoken to and also quite and serious but with a very good sense of humor (ill make you smile a lot). I am very energetic and I am also very calm. I am searching for serious and reliable person, self- confident and goal-oriented. I am living in Denver, Colorado USA.


Posted: 11 Jan 1
Accessed: 12 Jan 1


1.66 m

62 kg

So Paulo, Brazil


I still be many friends, Kisses


Posted: 05 Mar 2006
Accessed: 31 Oct 2006


1.75 m

70 kg

Beijing, China


Hi I am teaching at a university here in beijing, but lately I find I am a bit bored. I am looking for a smart, sexy girl about the same age as me( thirty odd). A bit younger would be ok if you have some life experience, and an older woman is always welcome. Would prefer if like myself you dont have kids though. To be truthful I hope the girl I meet would like to help me do some business. I am looking for a lover/partner/friend all in one! Maybe sounds greedy to you, but it is my honest thought. I have just started an export business and really need some help! plus if we click it would be great to work together rather than go off and work for others everyday I have been in China 2 years and love to be here, now I just need the right girl to make my life complete. I really am sick of going to bar and try to talk to some girl. I speak a bit of Chinese and it is getting better, perhaps you can help me improve!!! As for me I am a white guy from New Zealand, have travelled a lot and want to continue to do so more. Like sports and adventure- being spontaneous. Oh by the way my major at uni was sociology so like to discuss things deeply. Sometimes I am quite serious but my humour gets me through. Please contact me immediately if you are from Beijing and think my proposal may interest you. If you stay in Haidian that would be even better. In general I am looking for "the one" -long term stuff. I mean together forever, but realize these things take time. Hope to hear from you soon. Oh by the way I must trust a person so honesty, even brutal honesty is the way forward with me. Far better to tell me the truth no matter what. Ok too many demands I know, but hope the real one understands my meaning. It is not just any girl I am after Talk to you soon sweetie


Posted: 25 Jan 8


1.80 m

98 kg

Debrecen, Hungary


I love asian cultur and woman.


Posted: 08 Feb 2006
Modified: 14 Feb 2006
Accessed: 27 Jun 2006


1.71 m

76 kg

Birmingham, UK


Hi my name is leslie les for short i am 58 years old a kind caring loving man with a good heart and a lot of love to give. I am looking for a nice chinese lady for friendship relationship marriage with simular qualities to mine.


Posted: 24 Feb 2005
Modified: 25 Apr 2006
Accessed: 15 Apr 9


1.77 m

69 kg

London, UK


Hi Im a professional marketing manager working in London and Im looking to correspond with a Chinese lady with a view to a serious relationship


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