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Posted: 05 Jul 2005
Modified: 30 Jun 2006
Accessed: 28 Oct 7


1.77 m

89 kg



Hello! I live in the USA, close to Boston, but I travel to China on business about once every 4-6 weeks. I usually stay for at least a week, often 2 weeks, each time. Mostly I visit Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, so I am interested in dating women in those cities. I am divorced with three children aged 15, 17, and 21. I am not actively seeking a wife, but if I fell in love, I would be happy to marry again! I am healthy, financially comfortable, and very romantic. I also have a great sense of humor!


Posted: 18 Nov 7
Accessed: 20 Nov 7


1.68 m

78 kg

Cambridge, UK


Hello, would like to meet out going, good personalities women.



Posted: 31 Jan 2004


1.75 m

70 kg

central, Singapore


Looking for a pretty and caring china girl for a meaningful relationship.


Posted: 30 Mar 8
Accessed: 27 Nov 8


1.80 m

69 kg

London, UK


Hi i am from london, tall, slim, sexy fit, blonde, blue eyes


Posted: 19 May 7
Modified: 20 May 7
Accessed: 27 Nov 8


1.77 m

66 kg

Ontario, Canada


Getting to know someone by Internet is not easy. Sharing our life, our culture, our morals and values is what interest me the most to begin with. We can then go from there. To shortly describe myself. I am now single, and have smart boys that are now working in the big city. I am self employed. I am a home person for now, meditate daily, and like to study natural methods of healing and healthy foods. I would like to meet a European or Asian lady with honest morals and values.


Modified: 10 Oct 2006
Accessed: 92 00 1


1.76 m

77 kg

Hong Kong


A wonderful man looking for a sweet, mature and understanding lady for friendship, romance and long term relationship. Write to know more about ME. Reply assured. I am now working in Shenzhen, China.


Posted: 07 Feb 2005
Accessed: 24 Nov 8


1.87 m

65 kg

Shenzhen, China


Hi, I am From India but now I Live in Shenzhen.I am a hard working straightforward dark complexion and Tall person with a nice home in Sz. I like long walks, going to the bar (only BEER), playing darts, I love to learn Mandarin, cooking N eating and watch many movies at home. I would like to meet nice girls from 22yrs to 35yrs old for friendship and having fun. Please don't be afraid of me and feel to write me or 13068436276


Posted: 02 May 7
Accessed: 24 Nov 8


1.61 m

66 kg

Guangzhou, China


Like to meet with that someone that is interested in having a conversation with me. i enjoy chating with someone whos positive and upbeat. and open minded too.


Modified: 28 Sep 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 1


1.78 m

79 kg

London, UK


hello, thanks for stopping, you would not regret it drop me a line may be we are both looking for that sparkle in life that might be rekindled by each others company for a life long relationship, and happiness, age does not worry me as we have a life time ahead of us loves outdoor life and having fun.



Modified: 14 Feb 2004
Accessed: 24 Aug 2006


1.72 m

74 kg

Chengdu & Texas


I am an educated man that enjoys life and people. At present I teach English in Chengdu. I am seeking a woman for a committed relationship. I want us to be best of friends, companions and lovers. I want her to feel security in our relationship as we grow closer togehter. I wish to give her love, kindness and respect. I want a traditional woman that has a desire to make a happy home for both of us, loves life and people. I am an active person that enjoys climbing mountains, travel and meeting new challenges. I want a woman that wants love and can give love in return. I would prefer a Christian wife.


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