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Posted: 21 Oct 7
Accessed: 08 Dec 7


1.73 m

75 kg

Scotland, UK


Hi, im a thoughtful, considerate man looking to put some fun back in my life. Im looking for that special someone to spend some quality time with. im easy going and love to chat, so feel free to drop me a message:)


Posted: 08 Mar 9


1.83 m

72 kg

Iowa, USA


I'm your run-of-the-mill tall thin white guy. the best thing about me is knowing the sign language used by deaf folks.



Posted: 14 Jan 2004
Accessed: 15 Feb 7


1.83 m

84 kg

Qingdao, China


I am a boy from Germany and 36 years old. I will work in Qingdao from April 04. I am looking for friendship in China to a girl which can speak English or German. I have blond hair and 1,83 cm tall. I was already in Qingdao for 10 days and it is a quite busy place. I would be nice to meet someone outside my company and to share daily live experiences and to talk not about work. It would be nice if you can write me and I will answer you right a way. Age is not important


Posted: 07 Dec 2004
Modified: 03 Sep 2005
Accessed: 19 Dec 8


1.75 m

70 kg

Devon, UK


Hello - My name is Roger and I live in England. I'm hoping to meet an attractive cute Chinese girl who would like to meet an English man for a relationship . I separated from my girlfriend 2 years ago after a long term relationship. She was Chinese from Malaysia. .I am seeking someone down to earth with a sense of humour. I hate being lonely, would love to share my life again with someone. I love Chinese food! Hate eating alone! I am a very warm and friendly person. Please contact me if interested - even if its just to say Hello or if you would like to chat by e-mail. I will answer all e-mails! Look forward to your replies.


Posted: 16 Aug 2004
Modified: 81 00 1
Accessed: 81 00 1


1.62 m

70 kg





Posted: 30 Oct 2004
Modified: 81 00 1
Accessed: 02 Nov 2004


1.53 m

62 kg

Agadir, Morocco


Hi !: i m verry happy to write you. i saw your a dv. and i want to write you. i want to make SERIOUS correspondance ! if you are intersting write me! i'm MOROCCAN muslim male, writer.27 years old,single. I weigh 152 lbs.and I am 5 ft. 2 in. tall, i work as a sales agent. my languages are:english french and a little deutsch . my hobbies are:friend swimming internet music travel.... kind regards Ali


Posted: 05 Oct 7
Accessed: 10 Oct 7


1.84 m

89 kg

Dalian, China


Sincere guy wants to meet soul mate to share life with.


Posted: 07 Nov 7
Accessed: 08 Nov 7


1.78 m

80 kg

North West, South Africa


I am looking for a beautiful Chinese woman to share my life with. Any age up to ten years older than me. I am an adventurous yet simple guy from SA who wants to experience the world.


Posted: 06 Oct 2004
Accessed: 17 Oct 2004


1.84 m

54 kg

Lahore, Pakistan


Hi i m fami from china lookinf for any girl .age does not metter


Posted: 30 00 1


1.81 m

67 kg

London, UK


Well educated, easy going guy looking for a nice, caring woman who enjoys being with friends and family.


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