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Posted: 27 Dec 2004
Modified: 16 Mar 7
Accessed: 13 Nov 7


1.64 m

66 kg

Zhejiang, China


I am 28, Taiwanese-Canadian and currently residing in China. My interests include dining, travel and enjoying music. I am seeking a female under 26 yrs, around 166 - 170cm tall, slim and cultured. Preferably well-educated and humourous, but not necessary. It is more important that you are caring, affectionate and also seeking a serious relationship. I don't care where you are from, but you must be willing to travel and live in various cities. Please reply with a clear picture (must) and a brief description. Thank you.


Posted: 04 Apr 2005
Modified: 13 Oct 8
Accessed: 30 Oct 1


1.81 m

81 kg

Alsace, France


After a divorce in 2002 I want to find a chinese women to build a new love story. Are you the one I need ?   just contact me sweet.


Modified: 10 Sep 7
Accessed: 22 00 1




Sydney (Shenzhen), Australia


Hello Dear. What is it that China attracts more foreigners to come over here??  !!! Well I believe it is Chinese girls and their gentleness. I am originally come from Australia and been in Shenzhen for nearly 2 years. It is kind of different with Australia and probably why it is interesting to me and some other foreigners.I have M.S in Physics and B.A in English and you might have guessed of my job!! Yes I am English teacher and I quite like it . Some short detail about myself to tell you: I have a curlish blonde hair and greenish icy blue eyes which I dare you not to stare at them. Just simply because you might lose control!!! :o) and 70000 grams and 1710mm tall!!! :o) I hope you do have a calculator to calculate it and if you don't, use your mobile it has that function.!!! :o) I am humorous, healthy , hopeful, happy and humble and i do look for some one with same interest but in opposite side of sex.!!! :o) I don't take things seriously just because i know the world is serious enough to put us down and life is short, though I believe in logic and i do believe that the world in based on logics. I do speak English as you can tell and some French and German and Spanish .I like travelling and i do speak Chinese a little, but I don't understand it. Yes it is strange .I do speak a little but I can't understand , simply because I like talking perhaps. My weakness is a smile and I lose control over a nice smile .!!! :o) If you have same interest and do speak English , well i invite to challenge !!!!!!!! :o) I hope you are humble and modest because I can't cope with snob people . You have a nice day and enjoy it weather you like my comment or not. Take it easy and believe in yourself that you are beautiful and i do believe there is some one for some one in this smallish big world. Look forward to hearing from you . (o: :o) PS: Smile to world and believe :Friendship is a promise spoken by heart.


Posted: 18 Dec 2006
Accessed: 07 Jul 7


1.73 m

75 kg

Missouri, USA


Hello i am here to meet the love of my life some one i can spend the rest of my life with. since the dealth of my ex wifer i have been working and trying to get her off my mind because i have been deeply inlove with her but having achieved all i need in life i think the only aspect i need to get tomsthing done is to have my new patner that we can be with and plan our future together i wil be happy to hear from you back but i am here for seriousness


Posted: 09 Jan 2006
Accessed: 26 Jan 7


1.77 m

63 kg

Nottingham, UK


NOTTINGHAM MAN WITH, STRONG SEX DRIVE, WHITE, DARK BROWN HAIR, SOLVENT, NEVER BEEN MARRIED, NO CHILDREN, OWN PLACE, FIT, HEALTHY AND SINGLE. SEEKS ATTRACTIVE WOMAN FOR DATES, FUN, GAMES AND HOPEFULLY MORE. In the long term I am hoping for the one love who I will grow old with to come into my life. Right now I am looking to meet an attractive woman, age 21-40 to enjoy evenings out, hugs, kisses and hopefully nights of passion/pleasure and everything else that comes with being with someone. Who knows maybe you will be 'the one' but whatever happens I guarantee I will bring something posative into your life if you can do the same for me.


Posted: 26 Dec 7
Modified: 29 Dec 7
Accessed: 26 Jan 7


1.71 m

70 kg

Warsaw, Poland


Hello! I'm a student from Poland. I'm interested in learning oriental cultures, customs and of course girls. I like every kind of physical activity. Do you want know more?   Write to me.


Posted: 17 Apr 7
Modified: 29 Dec 7
Accessed: 26 Jan 7


1.66 m

67 kg

Chengdu, China


Hi i am a foreign student studying in chengdu china..i study medicine and i like to make new friend!!!


Posted: 09 Aug 9
Modified: 25 Sep 9
Accessed: 31 00 1


1.78 m

88 kg

Liberec, Czech Republic


I'm ?? And who are you ?  


Posted: 15 Oct 2004
Modified: 22 Dec 2006
Accessed: 12 00 1


1.82 m

75 kg

West, Canada


Hello There, I am a Canadian guy,who is well educated,kind and funny. I would like to meet a woman,who is kind,smart and friendly.If you are interested in long term relationship, please I would like to hear from you. Frank


Posted: 04 Nov 2004
Accessed: 24 Nov 7


1.76 m

68 kg

Bavaria, Germany


Hi there, I`m a nice, quite sportive man from Germany. I speak Mandarin and like the Chinese culture. I`m working as a specialist in a bank in the lovely City of Munich, Germany. My work is Asia-related. I`m glad I found this site to get in contact with a well educated Chinese girl.


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