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1.68 m

57 kg

Birmingham, UK


Where do i start, not really into all this internet dating stuff but hey its worth a try so here i am looking for my soulmate but anyway about me, im a really ambitous person whos tryin to concentrate on my career as an engineer toolmaker/wire eroder programmer. i'm a friendly, charming, easy going and a very funny person. i enjoy going out and having a good laugh with friends. i'm a calm relaxed person and i can be quite cheeky at times. i'm the sort of person who doesnt let the bad things get the worst of me, i try and laugh it up and always look for the positive side of things. i enjoy watching movies, i have to watch every movie that comes out. i also like watching prison break, hereos NCIS and smallville. i am looking to find someone who is going to enjoy a good time, understand me and someone whos after a serious long lasting relationship. because i'm cheerful i'm expecting the person to have a good sense of humour. so if your out there dont hesitate to contact me. i wont bite lol. :-D



Posted: 20 Jan 2004
Modified: 23 Jul 2004
Accessed: 29 Jul 9


1.76 m

71 kg

Guangxi, China


I'm an American doing a business in China and teaching part-time. I enjoy traveling, sports, and finding interesting things to do. Just looking for a good person in general and then see what happens. If you are well-educated, active and have a good sense of humor give me an email and please send a photo of yourself. I will reply.


Posted: 11 Dec 2006
Accessed: 12 Dec 2006


1.64 m

55 kg

Shenzhen, China


Want to make friends in china


Posted: 22 Nov 2006


1.75 m

82 kg

Troisdorf, Germany


Im feeling younger and search a nice young wife



Posted: 08 Dec 2003
Modified: 11 Dec 2003
Accessed: 30 Jul 2006


1.83 m

81 kg

hristian, Others


mi need wife for all life! please write mi-i very like asian girls!



Posted: 02 Mar 2004


1.71 m

67 kg

Auckland, New Zealand


I will travel to china this year, i will visit fuzhou and maybe a few other places, im looking for people to chat for friendship, im interested to talk to anyone in fuzhou, or anyone in New Zealand, maybe you can help me speak chinese.


Posted: 27 Sep 2004
Modified: 26 Sep 2006
Accessed: 31 Jan 7


1.67 m

68 kg

London, UK


May be its you that one My name is Massimo, I've been living in London for more than six years (before I lived in Italy). Id like to meet a nice girl, the ONE who is willing to work together on the happiness project... Someone to have nice time with, go out for a drink or to the cinema or exhibitions and maybe to plan more... We can seek together for something that is able to make our dreams true. Im caring, easy going, considerate and mature. Working in a bank in the city, liking arts, music, theatre, movies. Usual stuff then! Im not looking for a type and I dont have an ideal partner. What it is important is chemistry. Well see together if we click!



Posted: 12 Sep 2003
Modified: 12 Jan 2004


1.99 m

111 kg

Utah, USA


Hi, I am a very happy man that loves life and all it offers. It is a beautiful and sensitive Chinese woman that I seek to share each of the rest of the remaining wonders left to discover in this life. I am a sensitive, humble, honest, loving, and romantic person. I look to China for my bride because I find the Chinese woman to be the very most beautiful creation on Earth, and I admire the traditional lifestyle observed by the women of your culture. I would hope you will read this and find that you would enjoy spending the rest of your life being adored by a man that wants only happiness and continued growth of love and dedication. Sincerely, Dennis


Posted: 25 Apr 2005
Modified: 11 May 2006
Accessed: 26 Sep 2006


1.86 m

97 kg

Craryville, New York, USA


I'm an adventurous/passionate guy. I'm romantic, kind, compassionate, intelligent & interested in a multitude of subjects. I work as a Heavy Equipment Operator for a cement plant. I love my work where I operate a bridge crane, bulldozer, frontend loader, skidsteer bobcat and forklift. I also operate and maintain all the machinery and computerized system that grinds and manufactures the cement. I have a sense of humor, love kids, animals, computers (build my own), carpentry, hiking, camping, fishing, mountain/xcountry biking. I enjoy working on cars/trucks, reading a good novel, paper or magazine. I love canoeing, backpacking, scuba diving and various other sports like; tennis, soccer, Lacrosse & hockey. Some favorite pastimes include; barbecues, picnics, popcorn & movies (new & old). I like westerns and think John Wayne/Clint Eastwood movies are cool. Action movies & martial arts films are cool. I also enjoy movies like; Mask (Cher), Silkwood, An Officer and a Gentleman to name a few. I don't watch a lot of TV but when I do I get a kick out of the Reality TV shows like Survivor and the interaction between the people. I also like shows like Ally McBeal, Gilmore Girls, 24, News, Charley Rose, and more. I consider myself a good cook and love garlic. I enjoy all kinds of foods and love the adventure in tasting new foods. I take pleasure in their presentation, aromas, textures, and of course the taste. I prefer eating chicken/seafood over steak/red meats, but love a good marinated steak sprinkled with coarse cracked pepper and a little course kosher/sea salt every now and then. I enjoy my food highly seasoned but not necessarily highly flammable. I love romantic candlelit dinners with a nice wine. I enjoy wheat pasta and sauce and the simple pleasures of life like eating my oatmeal in the morning. I like being tidy and having everything in its place. However, everything doesn't always find its way back to its place. I take pleasure in watching various cloud formations float across the sky and listening to all of natures wonderful sounds, like rain drops on the roof. I'm not a game player so gamers need not reply. I consider myself an excellent listener and love to talk. I am looking for friendship first with the possibility for a romance if the connection is there. Female should have similar interests, be financially and emotionally secure. I pride myself on being a monogamous, sincere, deeply caring, dedicated, giving and honest guy. I'm naturally loving, highly affectionate (very touchy, feely). I have a lot of energy, a quick wit and create an atmosphere filled with laughter and joking around. There's a positive, funny side to everything. I'm independent, confident, and at times, stubborn. Love to travel the world, discover new and exciting places and things to do, as well as taking long drives to no where. I appreciate the beauty of nature and adore all forms of art. I enjoy taking risks, being spontaneous at times and sometimes wild, crazy and unconventional. I have a positive, upbeat nature and I believe that all problems and issues can be resolved through proper communication. I feel I'm different from the average guy and very proud of it. I desire a loving, supportive, best friend, lover and partner in everything, and aspire to have a unique relationship that's enriched with joy. I am looking for a woman who honestly and truly knows herself and what's important in life. What gives her happiness and satisfaction?  I would like someone who is enthusiastic, expressive and can be humorous and upbeat. I seek a woman who is highly energized, creative, intelligent, confident, and sexual, a woman who is honorable, totally honest and able to fully express herself and her feelings. She knows the importance of communicating in order to create and sustain a loving and fulfilling relationship. She's seeking an equal partner, best friend, confidant, supporter and lover.


Posted: 02 Apr 2005
Modified: 30 May 2006
Accessed: 26 Sep 2006


1.62 m

62 kg

Shizuoka, Japan


I My name is shinji. I am 56 years old single man. I am looking for kind-hearted nice women from China. I love nature,travel and sport. I am reliable,honest and gentle man.


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