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Posted: 05 May 2006
Accessed: 19 May 2006


1.80 m

73 kg

Tehran, Iran


Iím well-educated Iranian man (Doctor of medicine) that is financially secure, warm bloodedness, family oriented, and generous, and a business man in late 30ís. My ultimate goal is to develop a sincere and lasting, but I want to start at the beginning by being genuine friends and learning everything about each other. I'm open for friendship and relationship as well. Iím gentle, honest, smart, open-minded, and fun to talk with. I'm looking for a female to share the up and down in my life with her. My interests include reading, movie, music, TV, traveling, exercising, and enjoying all that life will offer. I know how to bring sunshine to your life and joy to your night. I am tired of loneliness. I want to open my office in Guangzhou within the near future to expand my business and it is very probable that I stay in Guangzhou at least for 4 years. My major job is business (exporting from China to Iran).


Posted: 16 Apr 2006
Accessed: 19 May 2006


1.63 m

60 kg

Sacramento, USA


I'm honest and gentle. I believe in traditional family life and respect other's cultures. I tread my love with respect and dignity. I enjoy traveling and like spending my leisure time doing outdoor activities with my friends. I would like to meet someone who is honest and understanding. I like a girl who knows what she wants. I'm looking for someone with a sincere heart to share happiness, friendship and a possible long term relationship.


Posted: 26 Mar 2005
Accessed: 20 Apr 7


1.84 m

90 kg

Dresden, Germany


I am German engineer and look for a Chinese female friend up to 40 to design a joint future. My preference is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine to run in Europe a joint business


Posted: 13 May 7


1.83 m

70 kg

Shanghai, China


New to this country for work. I would like to meet someone for company, as well to teach english and learn chinese from. :)


Posted: 14 Jul 2005
Accessed: 17 Sep 2005


1.77 m

81 kg

Florida, USA


Attractive, energetic business man seeking young china doll for marriage and family.


Posted: 14 Aug 8
Accessed: 15 Aug 8


1.82 m

70 kg

Koper, Slovenia


I'm honest and responsible person. I like adventures. I strive to be wealthy and to have many friends. I like nature, animals. I look for business friend.


Posted: 08 Jan 2006
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 02 Oct 7


1.80 m

84 kg

Vic, Australia


Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a person who is sincere, honest, a good listener, warm and gets along with just about everyone. I prefer and take a humorous look at life. Love to cook, and make wicked preserves. Well travelled and spoken, and enjoy people with diverse backgrounds and interests. I enjoy and now live country life fulltime. (I see the beauty and nature in country life). I like kids, and get on well with animals including horses. I'm broadly skilled; handy with programming a computer, a chainsaw, 4wd, motorbike, boat, a spanner, or welder. I'm looking for an honest, kind person who has confidence in herself AND self respect. Are you missing your Teddy Bear?, like hugs, inpromptu outings, want to shift life down a gear to a human level?, connect with mind, body and soul? Maybe we have something in common! (I believe in monogamy, do you?  ). Xtra brownie points if you enjoy the odd motorbike weekend, and romantic cold nights by the fire, with the odd massage! I like music, and have a large varied collection. I enjoy and take good holidays, and would like in the future to spend more time in Europe, exploring the culture, cousine, sights, and languages. I'm looking for a mate, best friend, soulmate to explore life's travel together. 1/2 is missing! (If you send a kiss, please include photo details) My baggage is neatly packed years ago, I expect yours will be too! (If you have unfinished business, need the odd affair, or have drug habits, please pass by. )


Posted: 30 Jun 2005
Modified: 18 Aug 2005
Accessed: 02 Oct 7


1.78 m

60 kg

Guernsey, UK


Yo, Im moving to Guernsey, soon and I want to make friends from Guernsey and around the world so that I can go and visit them! Email me so that we can get to know each other :)


Posted: 02 Nov 2003
Modified: 17 Jan 7
Accessed: 02 Oct 7


1.76 m

87 kg

Vl, Belgium


introvert, genuine in his thoughts with diferent point of view about situation in life, sometimes stubborn, family oriented with great values. my parents travelled alot around europe when i was kid but i don't fit as en eruopean and. Speaks mandarin, some cantonese and some kejiahua but not able to read chinese yet :( well i am looking for some friends and see if we can built on. i wish everyone good luck in his live.



Posted: 16 Mar 2004
Accessed: 23 Mar 7


1.85 m

80 kg

London, UK


I am from Dalian China, I really want to make more friends in UK .


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