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Posted: 12 May 2005
Accessed: 13 May 2005


1.75 m

100 kg

Limurg, Holland


I'm looking for a good and honest Chinese lady. Who like to chare her live toghter with me.


Posted: 08 Aug 2005
Modified: 09 Aug 8
Accessed: 08 Aug 8


1.84 m

81 kg

Lethbridge Alberta, Canada


I am lookin for a beautiful honest trust worthy woman if you are what i want let me know


Posted: 23 Feb 2004
Modified: 22 Jun 2006
Accessed: 21 Mar 7


1.85 m

85 kg

Helifax, UK


1st of all i would like to tell you that i am looking true relationship over the net, I am been told that there are no more genuine users over the net and no more true friendship left every 1 just pass their time on the net but i am still trying my luck in search of my second half my be it is you plz do reply might we get along nicely:)


Modified: 50 00 1
Accessed: 21 Mar 7


1.80 m

85 kg

Shanghai, China


I've been in China for about 9 years now. I'm a teacher at a British university where I teach management and business studies. I enjoy sport but I’m not super sporty. I do play golf and swim occasionally and sometimes go to the gym. I also like eating out and really enjoy trying different restaurants and foods. I'm not really into the bar scene unless I’m with a group of friends.


Posted: 14 May 2005
Modified: 06 May 2006
Accessed: 30 Oct 7


1.86 m

110 kg



I am a happy, fun guy. I speak some mandarin. I am interested in meeting an open minded chinese girl for dinner, etc. Perhaps leading to marriage. I will next be in China in July for business and bicyling. Might eventually move to China.


Posted: 15 Jun 2004
Modified: 08 Apr 2006
Accessed: 32 Oct 1


1.78 m

82 kg

Texas, USA


Hello, My name is Michael and I am looking for an Asian Christian female friend (penpal) with a view towards marriage. I would be happy to discuss our common interests, etc. by email. I am a man who believes in love. My interests are varied. Martial arts, alternative medicine, chi kung, Ayurveda, use of herbs to enhance health, going out to dinner, movies (not horror), cuddling, giving and receiving massages, etc. I am currently training to trade the Forex markets. I have been training for about 20 months in this field. I enjoy it and I intend to make my living solely from this profession in the near future. I have been a Paralegal for 13 years and while I have enjoyed the challenges that the legal field offers. I prefer the freedom to live as I choose and for me that can be accomplished through trading. Sensitive to the needs of others, yet strong willed. My convictions have come with experience and maturity. Some things can not be compromised. My faith and convictions regarding my relationship with the Lord fall into this category. I believe that women are to be loved and cherished by their husbands. Christ taught us to love them as He loved the Church and gave himself for it. We are co-equals in Christ yet our roles are different. However, our differences do not make one of us better than the other. Perhaps it would be important for you to understand what I believe makes a strong foundation for a lasting marriage. I gave this a great deal of thought and I decided to share with you the following thoughts. I believe that happy, fulfilled couples need to appreciate one another. Value and encourage one another regardless of what life's circumstances are. Communicate with each other. Don't assume your partner should "know" what you are thinking. If you are a Christian couple, be committed to Biblical principles and teachings. Depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His promptings to love, appreciate and forgive one another. Make your home a place of refuge from the world of "hard knocks". Trust God for the resources to succeed. Understand that your faith will be tested. Christ told us that it would happen. He also said he would never leave us or forsake us. Can we say the same? Sure, I believe that a certain "chemistry" between a couple is necessary to initiate an attraction. But, I also know that feelings and chemistry alone are not sufficient to keep a relationship together. Christ's love for us was not based on feelings alone. What he did on the cross required absolute devotion to his beloved and her well being. (Church, Bride of Christ) I like to think deeply and I enjoy engaging in conversations that have substance. The "90210" crowd was never my peer group even when I was their age. Frivolity and fun are great pastimes and there is not a stoic bone in my body. Given my sense of humor my mom has said that it was unlikely I would ever "grow up". lol My sense of humor is somewhat of a cross between what you see Mel Gibson laughing at and Jim Carrey’s newer movies. (Not Dumb & Dumber). Liar, Liar was hilarious to me. I have worked for attorneys that I wished that would happen to. lol That does not mean however, that I enjoy just "skimming the surface" in life never really getting the "big" picture. God put us here for a reason and I intend to walk in that purpose for my life. I am undergoing a great number of changes right now in my life to include my everyday circumstances. I am excited about what I believe God is doing in my life right now and I am looking forward to the time when I can share this life adventure with a godly woman whom I can be compatible with. I have been trained as a massage therapist and facial specialist though professionally I am currently a paralegal. Guess who the massages are now reserved for?    lol I am also very interested in alternative medicine to include herbs, acupressure, etc. And sometimes I just want to read the scriptures, meditate on what God is saying and then pick up my guitar and sing praises to him for awhile. I would like for my partner to understand my past life experiences and I would like to do the same for her. That means we probably should share some of the same background. I was once a Vajrayana Buddhist and an initiate in a form of Kundalini yoga. I practiced martial arts, Qi Gong and Nei Gung. The Lord has brought me out of these practices but I can not ignore the fact that they are part of my past. The direction of a man's steps, gives evidence of his heart's intent. Michael


Posted: 17 Aug 2005
Modified: 24 Mar 2006
Accessed: 02 Jun 7


1.60 m

57 kg



Humorous, romantic, faithful, caring, understanding, artistic, innovative are some of the virtues in me. I am a man who not only works hard but works smart. Business is always in my blood – through the years of struggle in the business world I have managed to achieve financial independent. However deep inside me I know I am missing that special someone very dearly to share my joy and achievement – without her life can’t be complete. Oh my darling where are you?    Please come to me! I am seeking for a darling girl who is romantic, sweet, loving and energetic about live. I will love her for her wittiness and will be trill to my core by her art of seduction. Together we make the core of the universe. Even if one by one the stars fall away, we are always there for each other till the very end. She must be the most beautiful woman on earth. There are 4 persons in a woman’s live that affect her beauty! The first two persons– her biological parents that begat her – it is genetic – nothing can be alter! The third person – herself – there is no ugly woman but lazy woman who doesn’t take care of her appearance. The fourth person – her man – the most beautiful woman is a “Woman-in-love”. It is all depend on the man’s ability to constantly engage his woman in courtship, endows her with abundant love which truly makes her a “Woman-in-love”.


Posted: 27 Sep 8
Accessed: 14 Nov 9


1.76 m

88 kg

Guangzhau, China


Hi I am Ross. I love life and love to be happy. I am caring loving, sensitive, powerful, sincere, romantic, good looking, blue eyes, black hair, hard working successful business man looking for my cinderella in life and make our dreams come true - soul mates forever



Posted: 26 May 2004
Accessed: 07 Jun 7


1.62 m

65 kg

cairo, Egypt


I am a Christian man, Egyptian, born in 1971 I am Mechanical Engineer, I am divorced, I have a daughter who lives with me full time I am not rich man, just I can provide a normal life. I am searching for a china girl for marriage and live with me, either in Egypt, or else where , as my work require. Why china girl? Because she is relay knows , what is the meaning of marriage live , what is the meaning of a husband and she is loving her family. I promise to love her . I want you to love my daughter as your own daughter. My daughter is born in Dec 1999 Waiting for your response. If


Modified: 13 Nov 2004
Accessed: 14 Nov 2004


1.78 m

80 kg

Hong Kong


Attractive, happy guy in his 30s would like to meet a girl who would like to join him for dinner every now and then to enjoy fine food, wine and company at various restaurants around town. To start off with a casual relationship and let fate decides. Please only reply if you have a positive attitude and really do want to enjoy yourself.


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