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Posted: 26 Nov 2006
Accessed: 20 Aug 8


1.73 m

60 kg

Vancouver, Canada


Hi! I'm an Asian man living alone by myself here in Canada and longing to befriend with a mature Chinese woman.



Posted: 16 Jul 2004
Accessed: 21 Dec 8


1.73 m

77 kg

Shropshire, UK


I am looking to find a special chinese lady in the local area for friendship, possibly more, as in the past trying to establish a relationship with those further afield is just too time consuming and unworkable for it to survive effectively, anyone between the ages of 30 and 47 are welcome to contact me. I love the theatre and the opera and am very gregarious with a nice personality and just love to meet and make friends with new people. So if you are interested then contact me asap


Posted: 21 Oct 2005
Modified: 04 May 2006
Accessed: 31 Aug 9


1.67 m

67 kg

Yorkshire, UK


Looking for good quality friendship/relationship with a different point of view, with the outlook of marrying the right lady. I have always been interested in China's rich and cultured history. I am humble, honest and I have a very gentle and pleasant nature. Described as attractive by ladies that I have met. Sadly, I have never met or spoken to a Chinese lady, yet visually I believe that the most beautiful woman in the world would be Chinese. I Have a good education and I work hard. I have an open mind about seeking my soul mate, thinking that it will just feel right when I meet/speak with her as opposed to her being of choice, or me being her choice. If you are interested, just send me a message.......It matters not if it is only a few words, that would be a start.


Posted: 20 00 1
Accessed: 32 00 1


1.89 m

76 kg

Pennsylvania, USA


I am who I am, and say what I feel because those who mind don't matter; and those who matter, don't mind. I either do or do not.



Posted: 28 Dec 2003
Modified: 04 Jan 2004


1.83 m

90 kg

guangzhou, China


Two is a companion.Three is a crowd.



Posted: 10 Oct 2003
Modified: 19 Feb 2004
Accessed: 02 Jun 7


1.80 m

78 kg

Leeds, UK


I am an honest hard working professional man. Attractive, I live with my 3 children am very much a family man and seeking someone to share my life with. I love Chinese ladies as I feel they are honest, loyal and loving and always beautiful. I really want to meet someone who lives in Leeds or West Yorkshire. If you are this person I will definately look after you. The picture is of me and my little boy!


Posted: 13 Oct 7
Modified: 14 Oct 7
Accessed: 02 Jun 7


1.83 m

84 kg

Budapest, Hungary


I welcome everybody who inspects my profile. I an I am a cheerful boy steady, I see the more beautiful side of the life always, I like to bike and to travel. I like to look at the day setting slowly.I am looking it for my pair in the eye edge of a lady with a similar interest circle.


Posted: 23 Jun 7
Accessed: 22 Oct 7


1.95 m

124 kg

Texas, USA


Hi, I am an American working in Erdos near Hohhot... I am interested in talking/emailing you to see if things happen... I am 50 years old, average to athletic build, 198 cm tall, have a BA in education, tall and strong, blue eyes and blond hair looking for the right person to flavor our lives with excitement, adventure and possibly marriage. I travel through China all the time. I am looking for a relationship with respect and love with a young, happy, optimistic woman who understands and appreciates a strong man.


Posted: 21 Feb 2005
Modified: 04 Mar 2005
Accessed: 26 May 2005


1.90 m

48 kg

Nottingham, UK


Hello. My name is Ian, I am 21 and I live in the Nottingham area. I like to think that I am caring, honest, trustworthy and worth your time. I am simply looking for an Oriental girl (aged between 19 and 25) in the Nottingham area for friendship and maybe more. Looks are not important to me, I know I am not that attractive, I believe there are more important things, looks are only skin deep, a personality can last a lifetime. I am interested in Asian culture and would love to learn to be able to speak Chinese, I plan to visit Asia this June before I go to University. I will be studying at the Nottingham Trent University in September so if there are any girls on here who go there then please let me know, either way, all I ask is for one chance. I will happily provide a picture upon request. I am hoping that there is a girl out there for me, that is all I ask, is it so much?   Thank you for your time reading this, take care and all the best. Ian



Posted: 25 Jul 2003
Modified: 11 Nov 7
Accessed: 05 Sep 9


1.76 m

70 kg

leeds, UK


Genuine, sincere & kind, easy going guy who has spent to much time working to find the other things in life that he seeks. Single, slim, young outlook on life, well travelled, recently given up corporate life to work for self, much more rewarding. Own home & car etc in nice suburb of Leeds, email for picture. After travelling top interest is worldwide current affairs. Very easy going so mail me, no worries.


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