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Posted: 05 Apr 7
Accessed: 29 Jun 8


1.73 m

82 kg

Malmφ, Sweden


Hello!! I'm a man in my best time of life and I want to find a nice chinese lady to share all the joy in life with My interests are wide The future is an aventure Please send me a mail and tell me a little about yourself and your goals in life



Posted: 22 Nov 7
Accessed: 10 Jan 1


1.77 m

73 kg

London, UK


I was a University graduate in England n was working in HK for the past 20yrs.Now I returned to UK since Sept.,2003 I 'm a business man work n live in London.I will look for a close female friend to start or to establish a constant relation because I feel lonely.


Posted: 04 Apr 2005
Modified: 99 99 9
Accessed: 09 Jun 9


1.80 m

82 kg

London, UK


ni hao nu peng yu ni zai na li?    Hello to all you lovely ladies out there! I love the Chinese culture, language and food. I travel to China often. Looking for some new friends and a Chinese lady to fall in love with! I will treat you like a princess!! I have a great sense of humor and enjoy travelling, languages and white water rafting!! Looking forward to hearing from you all! :)



Posted: 13 Aug 7
Accessed: 82 00 1


1.65 m

57 kg

Manchester, UK


Hi, I'm a British Born Chinese(BBC) guy who is looking to meet a Chinese lady(preferably also BBC), hopefully with view to a relationship. I am well educated(university degree) and am in a professional job. My interests include travelling, going to the gym and the cinema. I am looking for someone who is sincere, honest and well educated. No time-wasters please...



Posted: 19 Oct 7
Accessed: 20 Feb 8


1.81 m

91 kg

Jiangsu, China


Heloo, I'm nice person....... well educated, easy-going. Presently working in China.....


Posted: 17 Sep 2006
Modified: 29 Aug 7
Accessed: 31 Oct 1


1.77 m

82 kg

London, UK


Hi, my name is Franklin but close friends call me Frankie. I am a person who has had a most varied life having travelled the world whilst still quite young. I am well balanced emotionally and spiritualy. I am interested in Chinese woman because many western woman have lost many of the qualities which help to make a long term relationship succesful. I am fit, strong and healthy. I do not smoke and drink very rarely. I practice Tai Chi, I enjoy walking, jogging and cycling in woodlands. I love the natural world.


Posted: 25 Apr 8
Accessed: 10 Oct 1


1.72 m

70 kg

Near London, UK


I'm English. I am honest, loyal, caring, educated and intelligent. I love the sea and nature and the countryside, and stars and the night sky. I like the call of birds, the sound of waves crashing onto rocks, streams that I can explore, and hills, trees and flowers. I like being together with a girl I love. I enjoy good music. I dislike noise and crowds. I don't smoke, but I drink socially. I'm single. I have never married because I have not yet met the right lady. Maybe you are the right lady. The right lady must be honest and loyal and caring, as I am. She should also be intelligent, attractive and elegant. She must want to marry and not separate: if things are bad we work together to make them better; if things are good we enjoy them; but we always support each other. We should be best friends as well as lovers and husband and wife. Thank you for reading this short profile. If you would like to know more about me please contact me. I promise I will reply to you. Whatever happens, I wish you good luck in your life.


Posted: 25 Jul 2003
Modified: 09 Jan 7
Accessed: 11 Jan 9


1.92 m


Paris, France


My name is Richard Forrest. I am an American living in France and working in Switzerland. I was born in the US on 16 October 1952 (54 years old) – the year of the dragon. My professional training is in accounting and finance – in which I have a Masters degree from an American university. For the past 14 years, I have been working in the United Nations. My father is now deceased – he had a career in the US army and later became a successful writer of mystery novels. My mother is a retired teacher. I have three sisters and two brothers – of which I am the oldest. My siblings are all very successful: lawyer, doctor, television director, ambassador, college professor. I grew up in the US and in Europe. I attended a military school and then served four years in the US army as an officer. I attended graduate school and became a certified accountant. In 1988, after taking a month-long trip to China, I decided to sell my business and move to China to start a consulting business. From 1989 to 1992 I lived and worked in Hangzhou, China. There I organised a consulting business and also taught at several Chinese universities and colleges. In 1992, I returned to the US to take a job in the United Nations. In 1998, I moved to Europe. Though I have been successful in my career and am financially secure, with homes in France and Beijing, have two beautiful children (twin boy and girl, 10 years old), continue to travel all over the world, I have not been successful in love and marriage. I am separated from the mother of my children. Even with career, children and friends, I feel something is missing in my life – a woman with whom I can share hopes, dreams and life experiences. I am looking for someone to be my partner in life. I believe in love and fate. I know that someday I will meet the woman with whom I will spend the rest of my life. I know she will be kind and gentle, yet strong; she will be adventurous but also traditional; she will have a beautiful smile and she will laugh frequently; she will be passionate about life like me but also able to enjoy the quiet pleasures of life; she and I will share all of the sweet and sour of life; she and I will be devoted to each other to the end of our lives. I will take care of her and she will take care of me. We will teach each other so many great things. I am tall, 192 cm, and have been told that I am not bad looking. I am intelligent and possess a good sense of humour – I believe in order to face the inevitable difficulties in life, we must enjoy laughter whenever possible. People tell me that I am powerful. My name, Richard, means powerful. My Chinese name (which I created for myself) is Li (powerful) and Yi (polite and gentle). I think that powerful people have a responsibility to control their power and use it only for good. I am optimistic, realistic and practical. I am a real man but also have strong emotions and passions. I appreciate the arts as well as adventure. I love to spend time with my children, read, travel, and experience new things. I love the ocean (I scuba dive), the air (I fly airplanes), the mountains (I ride a motorcycle). I am now overweight as a result of the difficult times I had in my marriage over the past few years. I hope to meet a kind and loving woman who will help me return to the excellent physical condition I use to be in. There are so many things I would like to tell you about myself but I will save them for when we can speak or write to each other directly. If what little I have told you so far is of any interest, I hope you will contact me. Thank you.


Posted: 14 Aug 2004
Modified: 24 Apr 9
Accessed: 60 Oct 1


1.73 m

63 kg

Edinburgh, UK


Hi, I am a Scottish man from Edinburgh, Scotland/UK. I am 45 yrs old, well educated, slim, fit, clean living and easy going character. I do not drink or smoke. I think look younger than my age :) I have been divorced for 5 yrs now, I have a son (12yrs)who lives with me full time, I love him very much:)I enjoy being a father. I am a sincere person who values family life and real love. I work in a local university (IT),I have a wide range of interests, I enjoy going out for long walks in the hills with my son, playing golf and football. We enjoy swimming, travelling and just out playing in the woods. I also have some interest in small business. I am looking for a nice chinese lady who enjoys similar lifestyle. (you don't need to care about any business things :) I only want a genuinely soft and caring lady as I want to keep a good happy family life. If you are chinese and living in UK then that is easier for us to talk and meet but I am also happy if you live in another country. I do not mind if you are divorced or single as long as you are sincere and nice character Hope to hear from you.



Posted: 16 Sep 2005
Modified: 09 Dec 7
Accessed: 30 Oct 9


1.70 m

70 kg

Dubai, UAE


Hi there. Well, what would be better than honesty in friendship?          I am looking for someone smart, very well educated, down to earth, a girl who knows what she wants. I am not religious person at all but believe in values. I respect the other thoughts and cultures. I live in UAE but not from this country.


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