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Posted: 17 Nov 2005
Modified: 16 Aug 7
Accessed: 13 Jul 8


1.74 m

66 kg

Torquay, UK


Hi there My name his geoff 43,I live in devon,england.I am easy going,young at heart,down to earth,caring,kind and loyal. I am slim to medium build,blue eyes,shaven headed,quite witty at times.I have a good personality so people tell me. I work with children with learning difficulties,which I really enjoy.My hobbies include listening to music,mainly rock,going to concerts playing guitar.looking someone who his loyal willing to work at a relationship,who likes a laugh, caring and cute.I work with young people with learning difficulties,which is rewarding.I have alot to offer the right person,I hope you are intrested.


Posted: 29 Sep 2006
Modified: 03 Oct 2006
Accessed: 13 Jul 8


1.78 m

66 kg

Cambridge, UK


Hi, nothing to say about me. I promise I wont let you down. Just send me a massage and I will send my email to you then we will have a good chat.



Posted: 26 Jan 2006
Modified: 19 May 2006
Accessed: 12 Mar 8


1.84 m

70 kg

Lancashire, UK


My friend told me that happy happy happy times are coming my way this year, so I thought what would make me happy is to meet a lovely Chinese lady and fall madly in love for ever. So here I am if you want an English bloke with a seriously good sence of humour.


Posted: 02 Jan 7
Modified: 03 Jan 7
Accessed: 21 Feb 7


1.91 m

118 kg

Florida, USA


Hi, I'm looking from someone to be my friend and chat with and hopefully meet someday. I have one son. I am currently attending the police academy. Write me.


Posted: 01 Feb 2005
Modified: 03 Apr 2006
Accessed: 12 Feb 8


1.77 m

74 kg

Manitoba, Canada


I was born on June 29, 1960 and am 5’10” tall and weigh 165 pounds. I am disease free although I have had asthma since I was a child. I have never been married, have a good job and do not smoke or drink. I live on acreage along a small river approximately 50 kilometers away from Manitoba’s capital city of Winnipeg. I enjoy the peaceful quiet country life as I do not care for crowds or big city congestion. I enjoy seeing nature and wildlife outside the windows of my cozy home. I am able to see birds, deer, raccoons, and other assorted wildlife. I tend to think of those animals as a part of my family as they play a major role in my life and its enjoyment. I enjoy gardening, work, (I have one of the best jobs in the world), music and humor. I am very sincere and honest, but am known to have a sarcastic sense of humor. I am looking for an honest sincere lady who is able to come to Canada without hassles, preferably someone who already has a travel visa or can attain one easily. I am not promising anyone the world, but a quiet problem free life and the chance to enjoy nature’s beauty with me. I find one of the nicest things can be just listening to the relaxing sounds of wind rain and watching the clouds float past. I am looking for a slim lady who is disease free, preferably of black or Asian descent that is not argumentative and who will not stand for lies or deception.



Posted: 20 Oct 2005
Modified: 06 Apr 2006
Accessed: 27 Sep 7


1.64 m

62 kg

Warsaw, Poland


Looking for future wife who will be live in Europe.



Posted: 01 May 2005
Modified: 52 00 1
Accessed: 27 Sep 7


1.83 m

75 kg

London, UK


Genuine single man. no time to play games on the internet, looking for a chinese woman..why?  ... well ok.. not just any chinese woman.. i want a chinese woman... delicate, pale,light,cool, keeps her feelings inside, knows a good man when shes meets one,... and she gives to him , and allows him to know her. no promises, no commitments, no rules, those elements will come about.. and if it works,, then it will be good. ok. so, if you understand this, then i dont need to say any more.


Posted: 06 Feb 2006
Modified: 05 Sep 2006
Accessed: 31 Oct 1


1.81 m

73 kg

Preston, UK


Hello my name is Stan I was born in Preston Lancashire it’s a very old town in the north west of England where the Romans built a settlement at the mouth of the river Ribble a long time ago Preston has now been upgraded to a City and is the newest City in the UK and is a city of culture for it has a university that is expanding all the time where people from all over the world come to study, I have never seen so many different cultures in one place it’s like a breath of fresh air. I'm a happy go lucky chap I like to make people Happy. I'm a very romantic and a loving person, I love children: nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my two grandsons, I treat women with the utmost respect and I am a little old fashioned when it comes to romance I will give you flowers and lovely things to make you feel special, I am willing to travel for the right girl. I used to work for TVR a well known sports car firm in Blackpool UK they went broke so I am now looking for part time work, I am an ordinary man looking for an ordinary lady,I am not a rich man but I have a heart full of love and I need to share it I am looking for my true heart my lover and best friend, I am very attracted to slim Asian ladies from China I find them the most beautiful. I hope you like to have fun I am a happy sort of chap. I have in my life found love but love did not find me, so now it is time for me to find the love I so desire, and you will not be disappointed if you are looking for true love. I like Women to be honest caring romantic and fun loving, I don't want a housewife I want a partner and a lover I don't want to hold you back you will be as independent as you like, so long as you love me for what I am I will love and care for you for the rest of our life's. “To lose thee, sweeter than to gain All other hearts I knew?    Tis true the drought is destitute But then, I had the dew”


Posted: 20 Apr 8
Modified: 11 00 1
Accessed: 41 00 1


1.72 m

64 kg

London, UK


"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift and that's why we call it the present." London based British-born Chinese male. Intelligent, creative and artistic. I work for a Chinese company in London and my pastime is acting (I'm on BBC TV in January 2010 in an episode of Spirit Warriors). I like writing, children, going to the cinema or theatre, cooking, and discussing the things that affect us in life. I'm also mad about cats. I look much younger than my age but am very mature. At the same time I know how to have fun. I would like to hear from an intelligent, slim and attractive female for friendship and perhaps more. It would be a bonus if you are a: Rabbit, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Snake, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Mandarin speaker (as I am learning). Xiexie.


Posted: 06 Jul 2005
Modified: 92 00 1
Accessed: 41 00 1


5 ft 9

12.5 stone

Telford, UK


Want to find true love with a chinese lady, become friends first get to know each other, any questions just ask, show your interest in me and i will send you my contact details :)i'm serious 100% gentleman


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