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Posted: 19 Mar 2006
Modified: 11 Jun 2006
Accessed: 03 Jan 1


1.73 m

75 kg

Ontario, Canada


Looking to meet a very nice lady who lives in southern China or Hong kong for a long term relationship leading to marriage. I am in the process of starting a business in GZ and am there often I am not much on the written word, but I believe you would find me honest, witty, and very much a family man. I have 3 grown children all at University in canada and New Zealand Hope to hear from you xie xie Douglas



Posted: 07 Mar 8
Modified: 16 Mar 8
Accessed: 29 Jan 9


1.73 m

71 kg

Surrey, UK


Ethnic Chinese, home loving, easy going and unassuming, would like to meet lady of similar age to share pleasure of going about daily life and to have moments to remember.


Posted: 28 Feb 2006
Modified: 07 Dec 8
Accessed: 26 Aug 9


1.75 m

75 kg

Sussex, UK


Hello I am a laid back guy....but very motivated when I need to.I am a property surveyor, .... I love nature... animals... the beach... reading... cooking. I have a son age 15 who is very good boy. I am very sincere and want to share my life with the one I love.


Posted: 23 Nov 2005
Modified: 02 Jun 7
Accessed: 72 00 1


1.81 m

75 kg

Arizona, USA


I am a financially secure professional artist. I enjoy movies, hiking, camping, snow skiing, biking, antiques, art galleries, photography, travel, eating out and many culture events. I am an animal lover with 2 dogs. I am: a non-church going Christian with a Buddhist twist; mostly spiritual, my politics are liberal; I am divorced with no children; I have a Master's Degree; non-smoker; and light drinker at social occasions. I am very compassionate, kind, non-judgmental, honest, faithful, open-minded, easy going, playful, and sincere with a healthy sense of humor. I am one who is very gentle, yet strong in both character and personality. I have, and have always had, a respect for women. I am a very romantic and sensuous person who pays attention to his partner with kindness, respect and love.


Posted: 30 Oct 2004
Modified: 11 Apr 2006
Accessed: 11 Aug 8


1.70 m

60 kg

Kildare, Ireland


Hi, I am looking for a soul mate to share the rest of my life with. Forget about material things. Peace and harmony is what I am looking for.. Mail me, I will reply to all. I believe that I will find happiness and contentment, and at some cross-roads in life I will find my , friend, lover, and partner, and we can continue on the road of life as one. I will reply to all, because I believe that you are out there. Yes, I live in Ireland. Thank you. Donal


Posted: 15 Jun 2005
Modified: 30 Mar 2006
Accessed: 41 00 1


1.85 m

91 kg

California, USA


I am seriously looking for a lovely, virtuous, talented, sensual chinese woman for marriage. I am very well educated, have degrees, speak 3 languages, love good food, love good wines and also chinese traditions and culture. I have studied much of Chinese culture, literature and art through Internet and friends there, and also have atught spanish in a language institute in XIamen/Fujian. I treat a woman with excellence, she will not be sorry. I also am willing to relocate in China to live with her.


Posted: 12 Aug 2005
Modified: 06 Oct 9
Accessed: 22 00 1


1.80 m

82 kg

Modena, Italy


Dear friend, A good and true regard to a friend. For my person friendship is an important and serious thing. I introduce me, my name is Italo of name and Cavani of last name, December 12 th 1950 I/you/they were born in Modena, sign of the zodiac Saggitario. 180 cms are tall, I live and job to Modena, suit alone in an apartment next to the historical center of my city. I/you/they are not gotten married and I don't have children. Job as lawyer near the provincial office of the public education (n.d.r. a provincial office of the Office of the Public education); I have the responsibility of the legal office, the job consists of defending the state, the public administration, the government schools in Modena in front of the civil Court - section job, and in front of the Court of the Accounts in subject of pensions. To part time job as tributary judge to Parma (n.d.r. a city in Emilia Romagna, next to Modena), I am president of a college of three judges). I Believe in the family, in the fidelity to the woman that loves, and I desire so much to build a family. I believe that only from the true friendship affection is born, and from the affection the love, because to love is learned. You write to my person and I will answer. Italo


Posted: 27 Aug 2004
Modified: 18 Sep 8
Accessed: 20 Feb 9


1.73 m

83 kilos

Antwerpen, Belgium


My name is Robert, now 60 years young, living in Belgium. I am divorced, I was married two times before but both marriages ended badly. I am an affectionate, understanding and easygoing person, sweet and romantic, love to spoile my partner, I am very passionate yet down to earth. I love animals, especially cats (I have 2 myself) Love to talk but I am also a very good listener. I love fun making and laughter (who does not), but I am also realistic about the facts of life. And I also do realise (do not forget I am a bit experienced) that people and situations change. Still very young at heart and mind and physically also doing well. I am not really sportif but I am in good shape and love walking and cycling. I speak Dutch (my mother language) ?English ?German ?French and sufficient Portuguese to make myself understandable. Things I like doing? Hmmm, letís see: watching movies (at home or in the cinema), going to the theatres and concerts, make long walks, sight-seeing, play chess, work with my computer, surf and chat, staying at home reading a good book, watch TV or simply enjoy good company is also perfect for me. I also like to travel whenever my wallet allows me. OK Iíll tell you a lot more about myself some other time (before this becomes too long) if you think we could enjoy each others virtual digital company by mail or chatting please contact me? .Do you also have the need to find a GOOD and NICE person to spent your life with? And look in someones eyes and see the smiles in these eyes that look at you?†††? †Despite my bad experiences I am still believing that YOU are out there waiting for me .....


Posted: 28 Jun 2005
Modified: 20 Mar 7
Accessed: 29 Feb 8


1.80 m

78 kg

London, UK


I am a South African man and have been living in London for the past two years working as a plumber. I love most to be on the mountain tops where the wild flowers grow and to listen to the wind and to be in love. i would like to meet a woman who has an open heart.


Posted: 08 Oct 2005
Modified: 19 Jul 2006
Accessed: 11 00 1


1.68 m

67 kg

London, UK


I am witty and relaxed with a sense of inner peace,at ease with myself and others. I have a sense of perspective which makes me laugh at myself and the mistakes I make. I am friendly, open and, being helplessly romantic, able to show masses of affection to those special people I care lots for. The times I've spent searching for the right present! I'll cook for you or massage your shoulders after a hard day. More than anything I'll be your friend even if you need a therapeutic moan! I am well travelled and consequently have good empathy with all cultures. I am tolerant and tend to dislike pettiness, nasty people or anyone that abuses their position. I am NOT boring, dishonest or nasty. If you would like to be treated as a lady and have emotional intelligence don't be a stranger - all journeys start with that single first step. Why not start walking? ††††


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