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Posted: 03 Oct 2006
Modified: 14 Oct 2006
Accessed: 22 May 8


1.70 m

70 kg

North West, UK


I am separated with one grown up child. I am a UK citizen and looking for someone to spend the lonely times, especially the holidays. It is boring and hard to take holidays by myself. I am a professional and educated to higher degrees. I am average build and average looking, like travel.


Posted: 07 Dec 2006
Modified: 17 Dec 2006
Accessed: 21 Oct 7


1.94 m

122 kg

Kentucky, USA


I am a guy with teriffic sense of humour, likes canoeing and camping, love kids and also watching tv when less busy



Posted: 30 Mar 2006
Accessed: 29 Aug 7


1.76 m

77 kg

Gloucestershire, UK


Looking for someone to love who will love me in return


Posted: 06 Jun 2006
Modified: 22 Aug 2006
Accessed: 29 May 9


1.83 m

72 kg

Cornwall, UK


Hello. I am looking for a companion who is caring, honest, funny and loving. I am happy to speak on the phone - or use messages or email. I am committed to finding a life partner and I think I have the qualities that I ask for in a woman. I will love to hear from you.



Posted: 10 Nov 9
Modified: 14 Nov 9
Accessed: 16 Nov 9


1.67 m

63 kg

Manchester, UK


Hi Im am a sincere good looking english man and i would love to meet an eastern princess to spend quality time with xxx please get in touch if you want to know more ? ,,, Manchester northwest area only please x Im an honest person that really wants to settle down after my marriage failed !! Come on send me an email and lets start to chat ?    Adam


Posted: 05 Feb 9
Modified: 08 Feb 9
Accessed: 01 Sep 9


1.85 m

112 kg

London, UK


I am currently a mature student, I will graduate in 2010 with Bsc majoring in Computer Animation, minor studies in Chinese Mandarin and Fine art. I will be in Beijing from May to October this year and and after returning to the UK to start my 3rd year I will return to Beijing for 3 months. I was there recently for 1 month but next time I want to be there for Spring Festival. It seems that life for me is better in China than the UK, but it's not about being in China. I was telling my mother how much better the women are as she knows how much bad luck I have had with european women who are more free with their love. if I am lucky in love, then I will be even happier. I know I am at I love listening to Chinese music and watching ctracted to asian women because of the respect they have for their families and how this influences their gentle personalities. At the moment I love everthign chinese and cannot get enough of the culture and the people. I look forward to the day I can find someone who wins my heart. Most important for me is that we can be good friends, friends stay friends for ever, lovers is nice but love does not last for ever, but if we're friends who love each other then our love will be secure. I want you to be my friend and I to be your friend, that we mutually respect each other, and learn to love and care for each others families.



Posted: 19 Dec 2005
Modified: 14 Apr 2006
Accessed: 02 Nov 9


1.70 m

59 kg

Kent, UK


Hello! I'm a Chinese professional in the UK. I'm expecting to meet with nice ladies here. Many thanks!


Posted: 19 Jan 2004
Modified: 02 Jul 2006
Accessed: 11 Nov 2006


1.72 m

75 kg

Bangkok, Thailand


Looking for an active adventurous woman who would be my best friend and grow old together. I travel all over the world. My wife should share this dream with me. I'm a well-educated, handsome, adventurous, active, and athletic guy. I like to joke around and have a good sense of humor. She should want a strong man to take care of her and family. And communication and a good sense of humor are essential. I have lived in China and am familiar with much Chinese culture and can speak a little Chinese. Although I enjoy meeting people in the cities I prefer to live in nature where it is beautiful and peaceful. I like outdoor activities such as SCUBA, sailing, swimming, and bicycling. I don't smoke and have a humorous approach to life. At times I am serious but try not to be too serious. Things usually go better with an optimistic outlook. I think I am a little eccentric.


Posted: 09 Jul 2005
Modified: 16 Aug 9
Accessed: 09 Sep 9


1.71 m


Oxfordshire, UK


Honest, hardworking, romantic with GSOH. Living with my 17 year old son near to the City of Oxford in England where I enjoy a goood life. Things of interest are: Photography, Motorsports, Fast cars, Animals, Gardening and Computers. I am here on this site looking for that someone special to spend life with, you must be ready to be treated special, want to live in the UK and it would help if you like cuddles on the sofa. Thanks for looking, best wishes Clive



Posted: 14 Nov 2006
Accessed: 05 Apr 8


1.82 m

111 kg

Virginia, USA


I am longing to find someone to share the rest of my life with.


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