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Posted: 23 Feb 2004
Accessed: 14 Dec 7


1.87 m

81 kg

vancouver b,c., Canada


Happy Hew Year, and I am glad to meet you here:-) A bit about me: years of traveling and exploring has made me open, curious, sensitive, appreciative and adaptable. When I was younger I traveled a lot to learn other cultures and languages: I studied and lived in Europe and Asia before coming to Vancouver (I have a couple of masters' degrees). I am fit and active. I have a simple lifestyle. I like sports and arts, and I also like to cook. I can tell you more if you are interested. For sure I'd like to learn about you. Yours, Ray.


Posted: 09 Mar 2005
Modified: 10 Mar 2005
Accessed: 14 Dec 7


1.68 m

83 kg

Teesside, UK


Laid back cheeky kind a guy. Shy at first appearance however soon opens up to the right person. Looking for someone who can make me laugh and enjoys a good time.


Posted: 25 Apr 2006
Modified: 10 Mar 2005
Accessed: 13 Sep 2006


1.85 m

99 kg

St. Louis, USA


I am a happy and kind man looking fro a love and best friend all in one woman. i dot play games. and i dot do drugs. i wood like a loveing and kind woman. with a big heart just as i ps your new friend


Posted: 06 Sep 8
Accessed: 08 Sep 8


1.83 m

65 kg

Alicante, Spain


Hello, I am looking foe a nice woman to live with me in Spain !


Posted: 21 Aug 2005
Accessed: 15 Nov 8


1.82 m

72 kg

Marseille, France


If you read this, it means you are maybe looking for me ; for sure you are not older than 42 y.o. and you have long hair. You are ready to go to live in a foreing country and you are dynamic but !!! what are you waiting for? write me quickly !


Posted: 25 Jul 2005
Accessed: 09 Apr 9


1.77 m

74 kg

Leicestershire, UK


I am looking far for love because I can't find any here, please write and let me know that it still is out there.


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