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Posted: 15 Nov 2005


1.65 m

51 kg

Johor, Malaysia


Hi , andrew here from malaysia . care to be my friend , waiting ur email .


Posted: 07 Apr 8
Accessed: 21 Oct 1


1.73 m

75 kg

Ohio, USA


I'm a communicative person, a good listener.... i like active conversation... i love interactive segment....either by phone or emails.. I am a cool minded person, I love being straight forward in my activities with people, infact the reason my folks like me is just cos of my policy of being simple as I believe Greatness Lies In Simplicity how about u don't u think so ?


Posted: 30 Dec 7
Accessed: 19 Nov 8


1.76 m

59 kg

Lincolnshire, UK


Intelligent and university-educated, I enjoy books and discussing ideas about the world around me. I like cycling, photography, visiting historical places, watching old films.... Many intellectual interests, but not in an abstract and pretentious way - head in the clouds but feet on the ground.... Through my studies I have learnt the importance of the sense of wonder at the existing world and from which stems the human response of gratitude for the act of Creation. To paraphrase G. K. Chesterton: thinking is a form of thanking. About you: Someone intelligent, kind, gentle-natured and sensitive to the world around them. Thoughtful and with an enquiring mind, able to discuss ideas and explore new places.


Posted: 02 Apr 2005
Accessed: 30 May 7


1.78 m

78 kg

New Delhi, India


I have a professional Chartered Accountancy degree as well as I have recently completed a prestigious masters degree called Sloan Masters from London Business School. I have just returned from London a little while ago and am setting up my own business. I was married earlier and have a lovable 10 year old son. I love traveling and have been lucky enough to travel most parts of Europe, US & Asia. I am just looking for love !!!!



Posted: 21 Oct 2003
Accessed: 11 Aug 7


1.67 m

50 kg

London, UK


Hi, my name is Justin & i've joined this website in order to try & find Chinese ladies living in London or the U.K who would be interested in meeting me & becoming friends or more if it happens, but its best to take things slowly at first & get to know each other. I am privately educated, had a good upbringing, & to describe myself I am an honest, trustworthy person who finds chinese culture captivating enough to hopefully marry a Chinese girl one day.


Posted: 16 Apr 8
Accessed: 22 Apr 8


1.78 m

75 kg

Adana, Turkey


ım good lookıng, frıendly and very honest person. lookıng for preety gırl.


Posted: 05 Oct 2004
Accessed: 12 Apr 2006


1.87 m

86 kg

Bordon hants, UK


Hi im kevin im looking for a serious long term relationship i like sports cinema and seeing friends


Posted: 25 Dec 2004
Modified: 02 Jun 8
Accessed: 12 Apr 2006


1.80 m

79 kg

Tehran, Iran


I am Talia with very tender feelings . i like making relation ship and love and friends with others .



Posted: 06 Dec 2003
Accessed: 01 May 7


1.78 m

90 kg

beijing, China


Hi I'm a journalist from New Zealand, now working in Beijing as an editor and freelance writer. I've got blond hair and blue eyes, 1.78m, 90kg, fit and strong, love sports and outdoor fun. But I also like art and music very much, and as a writer, obviously enjoy literature. I'm a genuine and honest person, and interested in meeting someone for a long-term relationship. I'm university educated to post graduate level, very well read, well travelled, with a broad knowledge of the world. I'm mature, but also have my child-like side with a zany sense of humour and well -developed sense of the ridiculous. I want to meet a beaufiful and happy girl, between 20-30, who enjoys life and wants to be treated like a princess. My jobs keep me busy, and my life is full and happy, I'm financially secure, but I'm missing an essential element - someone to share my life with. If you'd like to know more about me just send me a reply, Id be happy to get to know you.


Posted: 30 May 8
Accessed: 19 Sep 8


1.68 m

84 kg

Waterloo, Canada


Any need good husband please feel free to contact me


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