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Posted: 05 May 2004
Modified: 02 Jan 1
Accessed: 02 Jan 1


1.72 m

74 kg

Vienna, Austria


Seeking intelligent and good looking woman for true and passionate love.


Posted: 09 Aug 2005
Accessed: 17 Aug 2005


1.72 m

65 kg

Quetta, Pakistan


I need a wonderful friend who can share her all matter with me. I don't know either i may be understandable for her or not but i try to.



Posted: 03 Sep 2003
Accessed: 07 Aug 2006


1.66 m

67 kg

North East Ohio, USA


I would describe myself a fairly cool and attractive guy who is serious and works hard at important things ( family, friends, career, etc. ) but at the same time keeps life in perspective and lives for the day because life is to short I am told by older people... In my free time during the week ( which I don't have enough of because my career is very demanding ) I play a lot of sports, and get together with friends, and at times just kick back. I love to travel and have seen most of the world. I like to go out to dinner, shopping, and enjoying the company of others doing anything really as I am a very open person. As my current job requires me to be in China often and provides the opportunity for relocation on a temporary or permanent basis I now seek a nice Asian lady to begin a relationship with.


Posted: 24 Dec 2004
Accessed: 20 Aug 8


1.65 m

69 kg

Toronto, Canada


Hi, thanks for looking at my posting, I am a 1 year old widower after 24 years of marriage. Hong Kong chinese who came to canada a long time ago. A professional accountant by trade, I am quite young looking, still have my full head of jet black hair, all my teeth, however, I am about 10 lbs overweight - according to my doctor anyway. Generally a quiet person, reasonably fit and healthy but not the sporty type; cultured but not snobbish. I am very caring, very understanding maybe a bit cynical at times. Like casual rather than dressed up. Like to travel, enjoy art in general, but unable to draw; enjoy music, cannot play nor sing; TV/ movies/ theatre - not much of an actor - too honest, but like criticising (it is lot of fun); like reading (fictions) but my writings are horrible. Like walks but not run, never trained for it. Like watching Ballroom dancing, can even do some simple steps. Cook when I feel like it, sometimes I have to, according to my friends, they are edible and a lot of them even like them. Detest house work, but do a fair job whenever it is called for. Some of my friends think I spent too much time in the office and too serious, but I thought I always like to have fun, even though I really do not have much time for that. I enjoy a lot of simple things in life, even watching the changing clouds when taking a long drive when the weather is nice. I am not talkative in general but I can yap for hours with the right company. I don't gamble - professionally trained to avoid risks but I do drink socially. I do not smoke, not for lack of trying but really do not like the smell. I do not womanize but I do fantasize about them. Never considered myself as romantic, but I love slow, mellow music. In all, I am just a clean cut, simple, family person, looking for a simple lady next door. Bored you yet? email me if you want to hear more from me. In any event, happy hunting!



Posted: 04 Dec 2003
Accessed: 17 Jun 7


1.74 m

75 kg

istanbul, Turkey


Dear Ladies, I am an alone man, who very likes to Chinese culture and language, I am 26 yrs old, with 1.74 meter tall, 75 kgs weight. I have my own business relationships agency located on Turkey. Currently I am getting my Ph.D degree on Economics, I can say that, I am warm hearted, honest, and full talented in order to keep my future wife in richness and happiness. I am looking for a chinese lady 18-25 yrs old, who desire to have a life with a romantic "lao wai" and have needed brave to establish a future life in Turkey (tu er qi). btw, my friends like my outlooking and they say I am handsome enough (shamed :)) please do believe, I may become that "true one". let us give a chance on each other... Sincerely greeting to all beautiful Chinese ladies I'll miss you, wo xiang ni...


Posted: 16 Nov 9
Accessed: 27 Nov 9


1.73 m

65 kg

Beijing, China




Posted: 11 Mar 2006
Modified: 28 Mar 2006
Accessed: 22 May 2006


1.78 m

72 kg

Noord brabant, Holland


Im a man of 48 years old and i love chinese woman cz i think they are honest and nice maybe you wil be the love of my life





1.85 m

300 kg

California, USA


Looking for friend and more.


Posted: 29 Mar 2005
Modified: 18 Aug 2006


1.81 m

75 kg

Florida, USA


What can I tell you about myself? I love to live. I spent most of my adult life chasing, what I thought was, the American dream. Money and stuff. I had a career as a project management consultant, and spent my life in Holiday Inns. One day I woke up and discovered that the key to a happy life is enjoying where you are and what you do. So, I changed my career. I now teach scuba diving and drive boats commercially. Certainly, I don't make nearly as much money as I used to, but how many people have nature, for me the ocean, as their office?    I try to live life philosophically. My first rule of life is that everyone has the right to be who and what they choose. I only have the right to accept or reject that for myself. I believe in compassion for others, but I don't believe in living their lives for them. I think we all need to learn to be responsible for ourselves and our actions. I believe that diversity is important, in all areas of our lives. I enjoy many different physical activities, most types of music except rap, love to read, enjoy educational tv, watch movies occassionally, with Casablanca being my favourite. I enjoy cooking, Italian being my favourite. I love to travel, and I've visited most parts of the world. There are a great many things I enjoy, so why don't we exchange some emails and see what else we share.


Posted: 12 May 2006


1.69 m

64 kg

Beijing, China


Hi! My name is Oliver and I'm a Spanish living in Beijing. Would you like to meet me? I like clubbing, Suzy Wong, movies and having a laugh. If you see me around, COME AND TALK TO ME. I won't bite!!! :D I'll be nice!


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