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Posted: 27 Feb 2004
Modified: 03 Jul 2006


1.52 m

52 kg

Accra, Ghana


i will love to be with a woman that i can trust and love.


Posted: 03 Mar 8
Accessed: 15 Mar 8


1.71 m

70 kg

Henan, China


Hi, I am from mainland China. I am humble, honest, trust-worthy, easy-going, and open-minded. I like western people and western culture. I want to meet a white(caucasian)lady from anywhere in the world. I look forward to hearing from you.


Posted: 23 Nov 2005
Modified: 10 Jan 8
Accessed: 15 Mar 8


1.85 m

78 kg

Nottinghamshire, UK


HI, Well my name is paul and I am 35 years old and live in a place called Nottinghamshire in the UK. I am 6ft 1 tall (1 m 85) with dark hair.I would love to meet someone for a long term relationship and hopefully marriage. I have my own house in the UK and well educated and currently doing a Masters in International Business (nearly finished). I love badminton,watching movies, reading,walking, watching sports and riding my bike. I have lived in the UK all my life and would love to meet someone who has a loving heart and seeks the simple things in life such as , romantic walks, watching movies, romantic evenings and of course love. Anyway I hope you like me and I would be happy to send you some pictures and it would be nice if you could do the same and then maybe we can chat more. Thanks Paul


Posted: 01 Mar 8


1.86 m

138 kg

Cambridge, UK


I am a single English gentleman looking for a Chinese friend/wife. Will travel the world to her find her. I am gentle, caring and honest. I am an engineer and well educated. If you are interested please drop me a mail



Posted: 29 Jul 2004


1.80 m

89 kg

South East, USA


Hi there thank you for checking out my profile. My name is William and I am looking for a Woman of Asian descent. I currently live in Florida, but I am about to make a move to Texas probably by the end of this year.


Posted: 21 Dec 7
Modified: 01 Jan 8
Accessed: 21 May 9


1.70 m

68 kg

London, UK


我喜欢在温暖的初夏晌午,懒洋洋地躺在老家那开满野花的草埂上,看阳光隔着玻璃抚摸父亲的白发,看他怀揣收音机,眯着眼睛半梦半醒地听单田方;如果母亲菊花般灿烂的脸上不知不觉流下一串泪水,我不会问她缘由,那不过是某个缠绵悱恻的电视剧惹的祸,我会看着她抹掉眼泪哼着彩调散步去。 (超过字数了,以下省略N段) 时光如水,匆匆流走,老之将至时,我希望有月亮的晚上,心灵那支长笛总能够幽幽地响起。然后,与自己爱着的人漫步小径,哼一首月光曲,诵一篇荷塘月色,体验着掬水月在手,弄花香满衣的感觉,两个人牵着手悄然而去!


Posted: 27 Nov 2004
Modified: 08 Apr 2006
Accessed: 82 00 1


1.64 m


Waterlooville, UK


Looking for someone who has a good sense of hummur fun to be with and likes to have a good time 4 friendship or relationship hopefully more


Posted: 27 Nov 2005
Modified: 08 Apr 2006
Accessed: 40 Oct 1


1.75 m

72 kg

Melbourne, Australia


I'm single, 28 y/o. in melbourne. PR visa. Master in IT. Christian. you can add my qq or call me if you are in AUS, I'm an easy going guy. GOD bless u! Lim


Posted: 11 Aug 2004
Modified: 30 Apr 2006
Accessed: 03 Sep 8


1.73 m

64 kg

lorraine, France


I am a serious, honest, caring, sensual and faithful man, with a good sens of humour . I like travelling, photo, Art and golf. I am seeking for a lovely , sensual chineese wife to share my life. I try to study chineese language but I am a beginner. I will tell you more about me in letters, maesot at free dot fr. Please join your e-mail address and photo to your letter. I hope to read you soon...


Posted: 10 Sep 7
Accessed: 27 Dec 7


1.72 m

81 kg

Guangzhou, China


Looking for some happy time


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